BE THERE! Fight Islamization, attend one of several ‘RECLAIM AUSTRALIA’ rallies on April 4, 2015


Organizers of next month’s Reclaim Australia march in Brisbane say they just want a peaceful event to “have their voices heard” as they campaign against “Islamic extremism”, including halal.

Brisbane Times  Reclaim Australia marches are being held across the nation on April 4, with each community encouraged to hold their own event to “stand together to stop halal tax, sharia law and Islamisation” as “patriotic Australians”.


Organizers of the marches say they have wrongly been labelled as “racists” and “bigots” by those who disagree with them and they are only exercising their right to free speech.

“Whatever country you go to, you respect the traditions and customs of that country. We would like the same. Halal is no longer a choice that is given. A lot of the products in Australia that are halal, people have no idea, are. Shouldn’t people be given the choice to consume halal?”


The anti-halal movement has gained traction in recent years, with claims it helps fund terrorism and is pushing Islamic beliefs by stealth.

Officials say a code of conduct had been developed and “any slightest indication of trouble will be stamped out” during the event. Cheryl said claims of racism, xenophobia and bigotry were incorrect. “We are everyday people. We just want our voices heard.”


“We love our country. We are very proud Australians and we are very welcoming to other people from other countries. We are a multicultural country and there are cultures who have come to our country and have adapted and fit in with society and we love having them here as much as they love being here.

“We just want our voices heard. We want the right to be able to say no, we don’t want this, just like they have the right to say that they do want it. I think it has to be equal bearing, don’t you?”


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