CENTRAL AFRICAN CHRISTIANS ROCK! After suffering years of Muslim persecution, the Christian majority has destroyed nearly all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic

46610570.cmsChristians in the Central African Republic decided not allow their country to be overrun by Muslim jihadist rebels who illegally grabbed the seat of power and were slaughtering, raping, and persecuting the Christian majority. Not only have they retaken their government, they have obliterated 417 of the nation’s 436 mosques and forced tens of thousands of Muslims to flee. Don’t for a minute think this was undeserved. It is justified payback for years of Muslim aggression and violence against the Christian majority…the UN be damned.


al-Jazeera  US ambassador to UN Samantha Power calls devastation in Central African Republic “kind of crazy, chilling” after visit. (Who sent for you? Stay the hell out of that country and let them deal with their muslim problem the only way that muslims understand)

Almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic have been destroyed by months of vicious fighting between Christians and Muslims, the US ambassador to the United Nations said.


Samantha Power spoke to reporters on Tuesday after a Security Council visit last week to the country, calling the devastation “kind of crazy, chilling”. She expressed concern about an upcoming possible security vacuum as European Union and French forces pull out and a UN peacekeeping force is still not at full strength.


At least 5,000 people have been killed since Central African Republic exploded into unprecedented violence in December 2013. Nearly one million of the country’s 4.5 million residents have been displaced. Many of those who have fled are Muslim.

Power said 417 of the country’s mosques have been destroyed. She visited the one remaining Muslim neighbourhood in the capital, Bangui, and described the residents as “a terrified population.”


Of course, Obama Regime spokesbitch doesn’t even attempt to understand why:

Shoebat  Bloodthirsty violence and the cruelest of murders have been done upon the Christians of the Central African Republic under the hands of the Muslims.

The Muslims, who are a part of an Islamic group called Seleka, bound five people and threw them into a crocodile and hippo infested river. 

CAR Christians fight back…and win!
CAR Christians fight back…and win!

Jislain Ngangaguende, who survived this brutality, recalled his horrid experience:

I started to drink water so I brought my head up, but a soldier saw me and tried to shoot me… I stayed down for minutes and when I came up they were gone. I bit on a branch and moved up the river but my hands were still tied behind my back. I thought I was dead but the power of God made me get out.

Now Muslims are fleeing CAR in drives
Now Muslims are fleeing CAR in droves

Entire villages have been reduced to ghost towns; one Christian man taking shelter in a hospital, in whose voice you can just sense the purest of pains, described the hell he is enduring:

We’re here because of the Seleka, who came to our village, looted, ransacked and killed … We’ve lost our houses, our fields, our goods. Houses were razed with all our things in. We are… I don’t even know what to call us. We have nothing now. I can’t even go to my house or fields. If they see me there, they’ll kill me.

A 22 year old blind man named Gaston Sanbogai, was left behind by his neighbors when they fled. He attempted to hide himself, but the Muslims seized him and ruthlessly murdered him. 

Payback's a bitch
Payback’s a bitch

About 34,000 Christians have sought refuge at the St Antoine de Padoue Cathedral in Bossangoa. One woman taking refuge in the Catholic compound holds a baby who she found stranded after the child’s mother was beaten to death. 

One man recounted how the Muslims robbed his wife, and then took his son and slit his throat:

My wife was in the field with our four-year-old, Richide … The Seleka took her money and gold and told her to leave and not come back. …They started to attack my son. They tried to shoot him but the gun was not working. So they slit his throat instead. What threat does this child pose to the Seleka? He is just a child. 

Christian revenge
Christian revenge

Muslims killed a woman and left her baby stranded, and the helpless infant was eaten alive by a boa constrictor; a woman was also shot in the leg, and a child’s stomach was opened and left with its intestines exposed. 

A woman named Nicole Faraganda gave birth to her newborn, and the next day, when the Muslims raided her village, she was slow to flee because she was recovering from childbirth, and so the heretics mercilessly slew her. 

Buh Bye!
Buh Bye!

The Anti-Machete also attacked the Mbororo Muslims, since these are notorious for raiding and burning Christian farm lands.

 Christians destroying mosques in Central African Republic: