DAMN IT! STOP apologizing to the ungrateful, self-obsessed, supremacist Muslims already

muslim-cnd-e1413618372888In blunt remarks to a radio station in Ontario’s cottage country, Conservative MP Larry Miller told prospective Canadians wanting to wear a niqab at their citizenship ceremony to “stay the hell where you came from.”

Canada’s foremost Muslim asskisser, leftist POS Justin Trudeau, is horrified by the remarks.

In a conversation with a caller to CFOS in Owen Sound, Ont., Mr. Miller said he was baffled by a court’s decision to strike down the Harper government’s ban on wearing face coverings during citizenship ceremonies. “I’m so sick and tired of people wanting to come here because they know it’s a good country and then they want to change things before they even really officially become a Canadian,” said Mr. Miller. “Like, frankly, if you’re not willing to show your face in a ceremony that you’re joining the best country …. if you don’t like that or don’t want to do that, stay the hell where you came from.”