Hey, Muslim girls in the West: JOIN ISIS and find a husband

Not only that, you could have a different new ‘husband’ every week. Women who join ISIS are being passed around, bought and sold, by older jihadists at the rate of one per week in Syria. Girls under 15, with blue eyes and good teeth, are especially popular.


DNA India  A former Islamic State (IS) militant has revealed that young Muslim women travelling to Syria to marry jihadists are being passed between men at the rate of one husband a week.


While describing the shocking conditions in which young women lived in war-torn Syria, a 33-year-old former IS fighter named Hamza said that the girls were forced to marry and sleep with older commanders in marriages that lasted for just seven days, before being divorced and partnered with a new husband, reported The Daily Express.








The revelation has raised concerns over the fate of three British schoolgirls who are believed to have travelled to Syria to link-up with the extremists. Shamima Begum, Amira Abase, both 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, flew first to Turkey from U K before travelling by land to the Syrian border. 

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  1. Sex hungry Muslim girls find sex condoned by their ‘sharia’ and risk their lives just to have it abundantly.

  2. you could have a different new ‘husband’ every week……….

    Why ‘every week’? With a burqa ‘ON’ they can have a different ‘husband’ each time, as the men cannot see what’s under the ‘shroud’ anyway.

  3. Who cares? Let them go over, be No 3 wife and brood bitch, and drudge out the rest of their days washing socks and cleaning baby bums.

    Just don’t let them back into the Civilized World.

  4. Good for them. Let them go and become islamo-whores, it’s probably the best for them. They’re no good in the West, that’s for sure. Let them spread their legs to barbarians, every week another one. Let them feel proud of themselves. As long as these filthy bitches don’t ever return, it’s fine with me.

  5. The fathers honour kill their daughters for showing skin or lo and behold for even talking to a western boy.

    Yet these girls for a start, firstly are having sex underage, with multiple men. To me that sounds like a prostitute.

    So who’se the biggest WHORE here Mr Muslim, the western girls you rape because you say they have no morals, or these whore Muslim girls. (Always a double standard for them)

    I rest my case!

  6. You too can become an Islamoslut, but be careful you will have to share your new husband with his favourite camel and goat and the STD’s that you might get could make you unacceptable to your next husband in the rotation.

    • Tanya, speaking of camels, I received an email today from a pharmacy in China today that said they now have Camel medicine in stock. I wonder if they’ve been looking at the stories here about barbaric halal slaughter of camels? LOL

  7. that’s the insane thing here.
    what is the purpose of stopping jihadi wannabes from leaving civilised countries.
    we should encourage them to go and make it clear that its a one way ticket.
    put it this way, if you see a rotten apple in a barrel you fish it out.

  8. Sounds like a fate worse than death! However it is in keeping with how muslim men treat women from western countries. If you aren’t from their bloodline or country then you are for whatever they can get out of you whether it is money, sex, residency or kids (the kids are considered from the husband’s family, she is merely the baby making machine) when your usefulness is ended then you are gone. I’m not at all surprised to hear this story but the only question I have is that with their strict adherence to Islamic law ISIS fighters must know that after a divorce a woman has to wait 3 monthly cycles to remarry- proving she isn’t pregnant by the ex husband. If these girls are getting a husband a week (and I’m sure these losers aren’t using condoms given muslim’s penchant for having a bunch of kids) when she finally realizes that she’s pregnant there would be no idea which inbred moron is the father.

  9. Who has concerns over the 3 British girls? I don’t & nobody I know cares, it’s only the leftist media who gives a shit.
    I hope the stupid bitches get shared around till their teeth fall out!
    We (ie the vast majority of sensible people) don’t want them back.

  10. I say after reading this, that ALL that might for whatever reason do this, be told that if a rescue is made ONCE!, that there will be NO 2nd attempt, and if they attempt to return, they will be erased from the family tree, including being TOTALY erased from the memories of ALL that have better things to do than worry about someone so STUPID!!!.

    • Funny thing about Muslim men. If their “female property” is returned to them non-virgin then it is the “man’s duty to murder her in order to restore his honor.” Like in Bosnia when women were put in rape camps and then returned to their muslim families-the men of their families, instead of welcoming the return of their daughter, wife, niece, etc. they would murder them in order to restore honor to the family- F’D UP MINDSET those mudslimes, eh?

  11. why worry about them? to some people this sounds harsh but they are getting exactly what they deserve. if they become sex slaves or baby machines with no doctors or any type of care

  12. Well, you make your bed amd have to sleep in it. or the next one or the next one or the next one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Sorry but i have no pity, good riddance