NEW YORK STATE Senator proposes ‘Terrorist Registry Act’ that would necessarily target Muslims

Needless to say, Muslims are outraged and calling it a “witch hunt.” CAIR is activating its army of Muslim Brotherhood litigation jihadists as we speak.


HUFFPO  Designated terrorist group CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations of New York board member Zead Ramadan says, 

“If there was someone who was an Islamophobe and they know they can make your life miserable, they can just accuse you,” Ramadan said. “They can call the authorities and accuse you or accuse of having seen you say or do something that might be adequate to get you on a list like this.” (One can only hope!)

New York State could have a new terrorist registry if senator Thomas Croci has anything to do with it.


Croci proposed the bill on February 25 to create a terrorist registry modeled after the Registration of Sex Offenders which could apply to thousands of individuals tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

If passed, the registry would give the public online access to a list of individuals in their area who may or may not be convicted terrorists. Stephen Downs, founder of Muslim advocacy group Project Salam, responded to the proposed bill in an interview with Capital New York, saying,

“We work with people who have been called ‘terrorist’ merely for donating money to a (Muslim terrorist-linked) charity, or for offering social hospitality to a friend, or traveling abroad (to Muslim terrorist-supporting countries) without any intention of engaging in violence against anyone.”