AFGHANISTAN: Foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim savages beat mentally-challenged woman to death & burn her body for allegedly setting fire to a quran

CAeT3jrWMAA_4jv.jpg-largeUNCENSORED! Shocking video has emerged of a woman being beaten to death by an angry mob in Kabul, Afghanistan. The 27-year-old victim, named only as ‘Farkhunda’ and who is believed to have been mentally ill, was savagely beaten and stomped on by a rampaging mob of Muslim barbarians after she was allegedly seen burning a copy of the quran.

IB Times  The video of the attack shows the woman being battered, stamped on and beaten and struck with a piece of wood. One of the attackers hurls a brick at her as she lay on the ground, and others are seen kicking and punching her lifeless body. Her body was then taken to the Kabul river where it was burned.


Several of the men in the video can bee seen filming the attack with their mobile phones. The footage later surfaced on social media websites.

Speaking to the BBC, an eyewitness described the incident saying: “I heard noise, I went and people said that a woman is burning Koran. When I went closer I saw angry people shouting they want to kill the woman. They beat her to death and then threw her on the river side and burned her. Firefighters later came and put out the fire and took the body.”

Bystanders take video of the burning woman

Bystanders take video of the burning woman

The head of Kabul’s criminal police General Farid Afzali confirmed reports of the incident and told AFP: “A woman burned a copy of the Koran in the Shahi Doshamshira neighbourhood.”

The woman’s body was then thrown into the Kabul River, Afzali added. Officers arrived at the scene and dispersed the angry crowds made up of ‘thousands of people’ in the area as the incident unfolded.


The victim was accused of setting fire to pages of the Koran, however her parents have told Kabul police that their daughter had suffered with mental illness for many years and had not meant to burn Islam’s holy book.


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  1. Typical islamaniacal uneducated dopes , why,why,why . someone explain please . For quite a while now i will not knowingly spend any money that in my view has an islamic connection , in some small way i feel i am protesting against the most evil religion that had the misfortune to walk this beautiful earth. If we as normal thinking people dont do something to stop this, i’m afraid all future generations will blame us for not putting a stop to it while we had the chance .

    • @ normyboy,
      I agree with you %100! It is hard to get much done however with the “Muslim in chief” sitting in the white house, i cannot wait for his tyrannical reign to be over

  2. Lol your a fag cuz you dont want people see my comment … lol anyway…what your doing is up to you bru but you got to accept that your a bloody faggot…

      • Dear barenakedislam, don’t really know your previous experiences with Islam, as a religion or just culture it self, therefore I would like to think that u are using this blog not for your personal benefit but to show the crude reality of this world…
        If that’s the case , I would really appreciate if u could please not delete any more messages from people coming to this website to share their personal experiences in a respectful manner ..
        Because in every situation there are many points of view, I respect your side showing that unfortunately not everyone understands what Islam is all about ….therefore would like u to respect mine as we’ll and let me show everyone my real and first hand personal experience with this religion…
        As I previously mentioned , I would like everyone who is reading this to please ask face to face to a Muslim what is Islam… What values do they have… I know it may be scary at the beginning because, human nature is to feel afraid of the unknown…but that is just something we should overcome in order for us to understand other people…

        This tension between cultures is produced because we can’t accept that there is no right or wrong in religion… Muslims, Christians Jews, Hindus , Budists…. All have things in common… OUR VALUES… We all believe in peace, in respect for each other, in the kindness and the good, we all want to improve as human beings…

        Every religion carried to the extreme can be missinterpreted, and manipulated for our own benefit, which is what happens unfortunately in society now days… But not only in Islam… Also Hindus, Christians and Jews… And that’s exactly what should be punished, not the religion itself, but the people who take advantage of it, to get something from it.

        The actions presented on the videos of this blog should be definitely punished, based on our laws and constitution, because unlike the people In this video, we do respect human kind no matter what (otherwise we wouldn’t be better than the people in this video itself wouldn’t we?).

        Again I would like to please please please ask all of u to find a Muslim, and ask him or her about what ever u think would make u understand more their point of view… they won’t mind explaining their believes at all, In fact they will really appreciate u showing interest for their culture .
        I can assure u 100% that your concept of Muslims will change in seconds.. Of course I won’t generalize positively saying all Muslims are good ,,, cause that would be obviously lieing… But the same as with Christians and other religions, and we still don’t judge them for that .
        Life is hard it self, we don’t need to waste time arguing and judging each other by actions made by a few…
        If we all want the same… Why don’t we just try to understand and respect each other in a way that we can all work together to become a better race?

  3. Why did remove my commentt…lol I assume you want people to hate islam…well its up to you so why dont you go and do the sane thing to islamic women and men..will that make you satisfied lol…

      • if u want people to hate islam then you are an idiot and you are just as bad if not worse as isis because you are promoting ignorance and basically doing the exact same thing Hitler did to the jews, condemning anyone who believes in Islam. What you need to realize is that not all people who believe in Islam agree with ISIS. These are a small fraction of people who are murderers, claiming they are doing it in the name of Islam, do not put ISIS’s crazy notions and acts onto all the islamic people because thats just wrong. We do NOT hate Islam we hate EXTREMISTS who try and make a point by killing innocent people brutally. We do NOT hate Islam, we hate EXTREMISTS who think it is ok to punish people for their beliefs.
        The sooner people can learn to believe what they want without enforcing it on anyone else in any way the sooner the world will be at peace. Who gives a shit about the colour of your skin, your religion, your sex, your sexuality or where you come from???? All that should matter is how kind, loving and forgiving you can be, even to the stranger in the street.
        Anyone who believes they are worth more than another is sick. End of.

        • And what do we have here? Avi, a self-hating Judenrat in the UK defending Muslims. Are you looking forward to living in an Islamic state because that’s what the UK is becoming. Or should I say Islamic cesspool? Not to worry, Avi boy, they will cut your head off first. And I look forward to posting the video.

          Muslims ARE extremists. As Erdogan of Turkey says, there is no moderate Islam.

      • Trying to convert people to your way of thinking by excluding the comments and opinions of others makes you no better than the people you hate…don’t pretend to open a topic for discussion and then censor or delete the comments or factual information given by others. One of the basic rights of the people of this country in our Right to Free Speech which you seem to only respect when it’s you speaking. Insulting and calling people names who have a different point of view makes you a hypocrite and completely discredits anything you say…that’s a shame, no matter how closed-minded or ignorant your comments are, you are still entitled to express them and should allow others to do the same. From what I’ve read so far, your next move should be to call me a Muslim and block me…that’s what children do when don’t get their way. In closing, I am not Muslim…I’m a college educated, Southern Baptist, American born citizen. No need to block me, I will never waste another minute of my time or brain cells reading or commenting on such hypocritical bullshit. Keep hiding behind your computer and bullying anyone who challenges you, better yet…Get a real life, you obviously have very little going for you if you have the time to spew your ignorant hatred as much as you do…

  4. Feminists, world leaders, men, everyone must speak out loudly and repeatedly against the following:
    1) Female genital mutilation
    2) Punishing rape victims
    3) Honor killing
    4) Strapping bombs to children
    5) Sexually enslaving women
    6) Murdering homosexuals
    7) Child marriage
    8) Domestic Violence
    9) Disciplining or Punishing Wives

    • I agree 100 percent, and thank you for saying this.

      (10) Burning people alive
      (11) Cutting people’s heads off
      (12) Doing “murder suicides” and calling themselves “martyrs.” However, martyrs do not kill other people. That’s not part of the definition of the word. These people are evil criminals, deranged, hypnotically programmed from birth, and not worth a tinker’s damn. And they cannot think. They’re heartless.

    • To reply to your comment would like u to see the figures shown in Wikipedia regarding certain aspects of the accusation u just made @word696969:
      1) Female mutilation: is not a religious practice, it’s cultural, which means is not related to Islam.
      Countries such as :Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Guinea or Cote D’ivoire are countries where this practice is done, however it’s predominant religion, is not Islam,( which is always present in less than a 50% of population) which just shows that this kind of procedures are not related to religion (like Islam ) but culture.
      3) Honor killing, it’s definitely not something restricted to Muslim societies, as there are many documentaries that explain that is something very common in Russia, Ukraine, Rumania ,etc where whole families have been involved in honor killing scenarios for generations.
      4) Strapping bombs to children: In certain Latino countries, they get kids to carry guns to fight and kill in the different Latino mafias, which have no relation at all to Islam.
      5)Sexually enslaving woman: I have no clue of where u got this information from, but what could be more enslaving in Western societies that the way prostitutes are treated by everyone?
      7) Child marriage: is a practice that is almost prohibited in most of the countries, however still practiced, buT definitely not in Muslim countries but in India, where by the way it’s practiced (illegally ) by Hindus.
      Another thing is the underage marriage, which is done in Central America, Latino America, Eastern European countries,( non of them Muslim) Turkey, different countries in Africa( some Muslim , some Christians or tribal religions), Arabic Gulf (Muslims), India (Hindu ) Pakistan, Bangladesh (Muslim ) and some areas of Asia (not Muslim)
      8) Domestic violence: we all know , unfortunately for all of us, that this is occurring all over the world regardless of the religion they believe in.
      9) Discipline or punishing wife’s: occurs in many countries regardless of their religion, and if u doubt that ask any European, African, Asian citizen (can’t speak for the USA as I have no information about that).
      11) Cutting people’s head off: I have a question about this accusation.. If u mean as a way of punishing when the law is broken… I would like to recall the fact that in the USA, Central America , South America,Africa, only 1 European country, Asia and Indonesia, punishment by death is a legal option… And cutting a head off as a punishment is as bad as injecting a chemical component into your system to kill somebody (which by the way is practiced in non Muslim countries )
      12) “Murder suicide” is dine by terrorist not Muslims… Please do not mix the both concepts.
      Non of the actions listed above should be ever allowed now days in society as they represent a degradation to human kind, therefore should be punished. However all of u should know that all this practices are done in Muslim and non Muslim countries, which means that are not based on the Islamic religion, but Just people’s stupidity.
      So please before judging a whole religion ask, get informed, try to see by yourself waters these things are true or not…
      Thank u very much for your time and understanding and I really hope I could bring a bit of clarity to the situation .. and remember we are all the same, humans trying to find the meaning of life in its whole… No matter religion or culture,,,all we want is a better future and for that we have to work it out together…

      • “Fearsome culture mix”:

        Your ability to blithely LIE and whitewash your SICK religion is breathtaking! It’s so obviously mendacious that it’s not worth the time and effort to refute it–easily as that could be done.on every one of your falsehoods.

        I find the taqiyya you’re spewing here both insulting and offensive. You are either hopelessly deluded or an intentional liar and deceiver. Either way, be assured that your laughably-absurd (and transparently dishonest) nonsense will get short shrift here….

        Hope that helps…

      • @geo
        In non of my previous explanations I was neither offensive or a lier, as my porpoise here is to be completely honest and transparent about what been a Muslim is all about.
        In order for me to be more respectful to u, would like to know which part did u find offensive and also which part u think I was liying about, as my intention here is to learn from u as we’ll. all the information I posted was previously searched on Wikipedia and other internet documentaries exposed on internet so if u have any doubt of my credibility I would encourage u to please search yourself all the information I previously exposed. Oh by the way would love to know why u think I’m deluded, and in which section of my exposition u thought I made non sense.
        I’m opened to any opinions but would like to know what is your personal experience with Muslim religion in direct contact. Thank u very much for your attention.

      • Culturemix, your fact gathering is very lacking and very funny. First and foremost, South America is very very religious society. Child marriage is not an acceptable practice by any means in any of the Central and south american countries. And there are very strict laws against such activities. The two massive problems that Central and South America faces that involve children is the overcrowded orphanages and child prostitution. The corrupt governments, the lack of work, the power of criminal cartels, lack of help for single mother’s and the church’s stance on contraception are all factor’s that play into this crisis. In fact, the Pope is starting to see the issues with an outdated mandate in Cannon law for the first time in the church history, the contraception issue is being discussed and possibly ratified. Both the Catholic and Muslim religion have man made laws incorporated into secular law. For the longest time, both the Catholic and Muslim religions were a backward thinking religion unable to adapt to the changing world. Your so called perfect religion does not and will not ever have the capacity to fix the issues of the world unless it addresses modern problems with modern ideals. Ideals of a thousand years ago have no place in this modern society. It was only recent that I heard the Catholic church was looking at change. I commend the Pope for his forward thinking, his forward thinking does not deny the existence of god but only allows his people and his religion to flourish in an ever changing world. Before the existence of Judaism, Islam and the Christian religion, all cultures worshiped earth type deities. We had no understanding of the world we lived in at that time and those religions filled in the gaps of our understanding. As our understanding increased and those religions became irrelevant and all of a sudden, boom, we have the big three books, the torah, Q’oran and then the Christian Bible. Again, another filler for the missing parts of our world we did not understand. As, time goes on and we learn and understand more, these 3 books will also become irrelevant. Instead something else will takes it place. All I can say, it was free thinking that advanced the world and it is free thinking that will save this world. Your Islam does not empower it’s followers to be free thinking people and only exists to enslave it’s followers to a particular way of thinking.

        I would suggest you get off of your soapbox Culturemix and get real facts before you go criticizing other peoples beliefs, no matter how misguided you think they are.

    • I would think that most people don’t need to be told these things are wrong! It pains me to say it but I wish we could just go back to a time when all we had to worry about were soviet nukes! At least they were at least fucking human unlike the followers of a dirty pedophile.

  5. What would happen if a United States citizen burned a copy of the Quran, took a video of it and posted it. What would happen if the person came from the suburbs of any town USA?

  6. I wish I could have saved her. That beating was an act of pure evil. It’s sad to see Muslims behaving so savagely, always in the name of religion. It discredits Islam and the entire Muslim religion.

  7. That video make me sick to my stomach. is this what your God wants you to do. if that’s the case your God is nothing but the devil.

  8. It’s time to use atomic weapons to wipe out such coutries as afghanistan with their whole population. In the course of this some good people will also die, but 99% are anyway just dirty pigs, which live there. Afghan people have never done anything good for the world.

  9. Seventh century barbarians. They are beating, kicking and throwing stones even after she is dead. Shows how much hatred the death cult can instill in the hearts of the people. Religion is made for man, man is not made for religion. Islam should be annihilated. About time!

  10. I use to feel sorry for Muslims, but after seeing the killing of this woman by all Afghani men, I no longer have any sympathy for ANY Muslim male regardless of country.

  11. Salam
    Typical, when people dont understand something they go for the easiest explanation because it is just too hard to actually think logically and to try to find what is the real problem.
    I will tell you something, Farkhunda was a muslim woman, she finished her studies very recently. In fact she was a teacher.

    She was teaching the Quran.

    She actually didn’t burn the Quran, but then again If you were properly informed and weren’t trying to find something new to blame on islam, you woud know about this.
    What she burned were papers wich contained black magic. She burned it because it is forbidden in Islam to do black magic.

    It is also forbidden to kill a poor woman let alone kill her this heartlessly.

    It was barbaric, inhumane, revolting. It is just not acceptable.
    Not for me, not for anyone.
    We have the same opinion on this.
    But Islam doesn’t approve of this either.
    It isn’t written anywhere in the Quran to go and kill poor innocent woman. It isn’t written in the Quran to atc like animals. It isn’t written in the Quran to murder the defenceless.
    No, Islam is based on peace, respect towards one another, love, forgiveness.
    Farkhunda isn’t dead because of Islam or because of Muslims.
    She died because of lack of critical thinking. Afghan people need help, they need proper education, they need access to knowledge.
    murderers, these animals, these savages didn’t do this for Islam, they did it because they thought they will get something out of this, they thought that it would be honourable and that later people will tell them that they defended but they didn’t. And that is why justice will be done.
    For farkhunda, for every other woman who ever suffered this atrocious way, may Allah give them peace
    Please don’t blame I on something as pure as Islam when you don’t even know how Islam actually is. Because there are bad people everywhere and in every religion.
    People who actually are good Muslims, you don’t hear about them because now this world revolves around violence and war. We don’t talk about the good things in Islam or even in general.

    Thank you for reading this.
    I am an Afghan woman and a muslim
    Je suis Farkhunda, que justice soit faites pour toi et pour toutes les autres femmes qui ont souffert.
    On ne t’oubliera pas

  12. I am from Afghanistan and i can tell that all man who call themselves muslim in Afghanistan are devils. They dont feel empathy and as you see from this video they enjoy the scene as if nothing is happening. I hate ISLAM and i want to burn Quran in name of Farkhunda even if i die and get prosecuted i know that i stood up for a poor girl. God is one and fuck Mohammad bullshit. I am Muslim and I say Farkhunda was an angel in earth. Please guys help me to do something to stand up for this girl for humanity. Lets make this ppl more mad and burn the shit again.

    • You’re a stain on islam. If u were really muslim you would not dream of disrespect god and his messenger (pbuh) farkhunda was a muslim..she was a qari quran she was wrongly accused! And if she were here to see your stupid comment she wouldn’t spit on u! Smh! If you were muslim you would know that these animals are not muslim because they went against the teachings of islam! Don’t say u want to stand up for farkhunda when u are disrespecting her religion!

      • asal .. in the name of Jesus be quiet and shut up.. You are more preoccupied with what this man wrote .. then what happend to this woman. Your sick.. Yes the GOD we serve Jesus Christ will have the ultimate vengance..

    • (( I am from Afghanistan and i can tell that all man who call themselves muslim in Afghanistan are devils. They dont feel empathy and as you see from this video they enjoy the scene as if nothing is happening. I hate ISLAM and i want to burn Quran in name of Farkhunda even if i die and get prosecuted i know that i stood up for a poor girl. God is one and fuck Mohammad bullshit. I am Muslim and I say Farkhunda was an angel in earth. Please guys help me to do something to stand up for this girl for humanity. Lets make this ppl more mad and burn the shit again )) you are fucked up mr ……. Mohammad is our massanger and if you are a muslim you know how to control you smelling mouth by abusing prophet mohammad .. you are cursed shame on you bitch (Farkhunda )

  13. People trying to say its not all Muslims that are animals its just a small minority well how comes I see videos of a whole town watching people slowly have their heads cut off,iv heard “ye but they are forced to watch the few animals force women and children to watch” but iv looked around the crowds and in every video no1 in the background watching looks scared worried or not even like they feel a bit sick, they are all enjoying it like a show all running around over excited filming it shouting ala akbar doesn’t look like a minority to me when a whole town or village gets involved,,, you would never see anything close to that on say a street in the UK you might get one sick person kicking a woman around and everyone else dragging him off the woman or if they aren’t helping her it’s because they are women or children themselves and are scared stiff of what is happening not joining in on the animals side filming it or acting excited about the fact a defenseless person is about to be killed or atleast maimed by a big group of “people”.. it’s just weak and cowardly that many people on one person anyway you all must be so strong to have beat a woman to death with atleast 30 other men it’s just perfectic and no matter what the reason

    • what she actually did, was burning a paper which contained black magic scripts on it. I think she did a good thing (black magic is banned in Islam). on the other hand this shows how much Afghanistan is still a failed state. also to make sense of how much lies are there in this matter to cover up the murder of an innocent woman, one should read the book “every man in this village is liar”. and as Kevin said, Bomb the hell out of them

  14. Terrorists attack Jammu police station, 3 army men, 2 civilians & two militants were killed. Traitor Kashmiri Muslims chanting Death to India every time. I wonder why India instead of striping them of their citizenship gives special provisions, rights to them.

    Here’s the link

  15. Every single person who sees Islam for the cult it is should video themselves ( face disquised,of course) burning a Quran!!!! Maybe burn a Quran every time a story like this hits the news..I thought of doing it but I am afraid that my video would be traced back to me. As a woman who has suffered from a mental,illness (depression) I cant find the words to express how horrified I am. Poor, poor woman……….Je suis Farkhunda!!!

  16. When I clicked on the link for this video, the wording below is what showed up: – American Democracy In Afghanistan

    The barbaric creation of the American government. A women is beaten,
    stoned and then burned to death for burning the Quran.

    I find it rather disturbing that this is being blamed on the American Gov’t.
    What I’d like to know is what is the supposed connection….?

  17. I am seriously starting to think they are turned on by torture, violence and murder. She is NOT the mentally ill one here.

    • Oh yeah and how the hell do you know he’s a paedohphile were you there around that time, you deserve to burn in hell.

      • Madina, was the ISIS there at the time mohammad was born, was your ilk present when mohammad got his divine revelations? Yet you muslims want to kill all infidels, behead all those who talk against your death cult, treat women as domestic animals, rape them and take them as sex slaves. All this because it is written in the koran. He being a pedophile is clearly mentioned in the koran, only that a divine revelation is used to cover up his act. And you rag head, mohammad consummated his marriage to Ayesha when she was nine and he a 54 year old. What a dirty old man! If this is not pedophilia then what is?

      • @bare naked Islam u have banned this Madina from commenting, but have your liberal scum bag politicians of europe have enough balls to ban these from entering europe, 5.8% in Germany, 9.6% in France, albania 79.9%, austria 6.2%, denmark 4.1%, greece 4.7%, neatherland 5.5%, sweden 4.5%, UK 4.6% Europe averge 7.8%, and that hell lot is 56.19 million…..oopsss

        guys wake up!!!! seriously the day wont be far when u all will see these kinda lynching things in ur European country…………

        sad!!! but guys seeing the conditions today, i foresee Europe will also have same problem which India is facing today. ours is 18% (some of them are good).

  18. Even though she was mentally retarded she did the ‘RIGHT’ thing.

    But look at what the crowd did to her fully knowing that she was mentally ill. It is these bastards who are ‘MENTALLY RETARDED’, like their paedophile prophet.

  19. a bunch of cowards attacking and killing a woman who ALLEGEDLY burned pages of a koran
    apparently they don’t need proof. just somebody who can’t read seeing something that they had no idea what they were seeing

  20. These animals are just born bloodthirsty, just can’t wait to vent there hatred on anyone. This should be sent to all Western Govts as an example of what they are letting into our land. So much death so young, many are just kids. How can they be expected to assimilate with our values. They can’t, so clearly they should not be admitted.

  21. Oh how peaceful the mooslims are. See how peaceful they are? Our mooslim president tells us they are peaceful all the time.

  22. Savages that our president loves to honor, while calling Israel evil for wanting only to survive & live in peace.
    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter Is 5:20

  23. Part of me is enraged at this. Another part simply wishes her to rest in peace now that she is free, being released from the bonds of a life imprisoned in Islamic savagery. Odd, isn’t it, saying that “she” was mentally ill?

  24. Muslims don’t care that the poor woman had been mentally ill for many years. Any excuse or no excuse is needed for thousands of Muslim savages to partake in satanic barbarism. Another innocent savagely offered up as a human sacrifice to their Blood Cult Death god.

    And what is scary? Millions of Quran-obedient Muslims have been imported into our nations by Western leader God-haters. 52 million Muslims are now in Europe and Britain brought in by the EU and European and British leaders who lust after Muslim conquest over our people.

    Liberty GB patriotic, anti-Islamisation party says on their Facebook page about the following article (

    “Had this been British whites killing Muslims it would have made the front pages, and of course the crime would have been racially and religiously motivated.

    As it’s the other way round, Daniel Kirkwood’s murder barely gets a mention.”
    Four men have been charged with the murder of a man who was stabbed at a Coventry nightclub.

    They are accused of killing Daniel Kirkwood, 18, who had knife wounds to the neck and was found outside the Society Club early on Sunday.

    Along with Mr Kirkwood, who died in hospital, another 18-year-old man was stabbed in the back and a teenager, 17, was slashed on the arm with a knife.

    The four charged are due to appear before Coventry magistrates, later.

    Saker Shireen Khan, 24, of Belchers Lane, Small Heath, Hasham Muqtaz Ali, 18, of Amberley Green, Great Barr, Ramez Murtaza, 20, of Bordesley Green East, Bordesley Green – all Birmingham – and Tobijah Thompson, 24, of no fixed address, are charged with murder and wounding.

    The two other victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

    The fourth killer is very possibly a Muslim convert.

    • Muslim men are cowards when they come to western countrys look at what they do gangs of them prowl the streets and attack and gang rape women and little boys

  25. Beating a mentally retarded woman to death, then burning the corps, while most likely everybody in the mob is getting away with it…, for alledgedly burning a book with bloody fairytales… only islam, the religion of peace can make people do utterly sick things like that. Let’s face it, muslims are ALL mental patients.

  26. I think a group of soldiers should set a trap letting one woman put a choran on fire and wait for the lynchmob to attack her, then the soldiers would kill everyone in the mob on the spot. Just spray them with bullets. Then repeat the process untill all these evil creatures are exterminated!

  27. Like a feeding shark frenzy, these inbred death cultist take depravity to a new level every day. They think that they are so brave massacring a poor defensive and vulnerable lady. I truly hate these people with all my heart.

  28. Typical.. Kill the defenceless .. Animals, kids, mentally ill. These sick assholes can’t help themselves, they thrive on blood!

  29. if anyone in the uk sat and burned a copy of the bible nobody would’s like burning a copy of a harry potter book….i find it hard to believe that anyone can believe in storybooks which is what the quran is..a storybook for the insane

    • dont worry when they wont find find anybody else to kill they will kill themselves, thats what they are doing in syria, and iraq and now in yemen…….

      • I (unfortunately) can understand the language they speak. they are talking proudly about it and even the guy who is bein interviewed is an afghan minister who says if she’s really burnt the Quran those people have done the right thing

  30. Fricking scum bags! no holy book or anything is valuable than a human life!
    P.s- Quran is guidebook for the evils!

  31. Dear Farkhunda. If you burned the Quran you are NOT mentally challenged. You are Brave, Sane and Wonderful! RIP Darling Heart. At least you’re free now.

  32. Sickos!
    Wouldn’t you just love a drone to drop a 1000lb bomb right on the bastard with the stick, what a pleasant weekend that would be.

    • Luci, I just went to the link you gave. There’s different things on the site. This is one of the things I found on the site:

      “At last, the book that proves many of the most important characteristics of the gospel story of Jesus and the Christian religion could be found in ancient Egypt for centuries prior to Christ’s alleged advent!”

      A professional archaeologist endorses Christ in Egypt:

      “Your scholarship is relentless!”

      “The research conducted by D.M. Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration.” END OF QUOTE.

      I haven’t read the book, Christ in Egypt, but I want to state that if “the gospel story of Jesus and the Christian religion could be found in ancient Egypt for centuries prior to Christ’s alleged advent!” this absolutely does NOT DISPROVE the New Testament Bible, Jesus Christ, his life, death and resurrection!

      The Old Testament Bible, the Eternal Word of God, centuries before Jesus Christ came to the earth, speaks of Jesus Christ many times without mentioning Him by Name. Psalm 22, Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 53, etc.

      Isaiah Chapter 19 concerning Egypt, is very interesting. At a future time, God is going to do a mighty work in Egypt with the Egyptian people. God’s enemies want to prevent this from taking place. They will not succeed:

      Isaiah 19:24 In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom the Lord of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people and Assyria the work of My hands and Israel My inheritance.”

  33. This is SICKENING from these muslim SAVAGES!! The FALSE PAGANISM OCCULT-IDEOLOGY of islam is evil!!

    Only Judaism and Christianity is RIGHT as we have the same GOD who art in HEAVEN!!