Anti-Islam signs appear outside Islamic Center and primary school

What the media are calling an “offensive placard attack” on a Dee Why Primary School and Islamic centre has attracted the ire of the ­Attorney-General, but the perpetrators are rightfully unapologetic.


Daily Telegraph (h/t Nick Folkes)  In the past week the Islamic Society Manly Warringah mosque on South Creek Rd was bombarded with hateful messages posted on a telegraph pole which said: “Islam = terrorism” and “Sharia free zone”.

And last week at Dee Why Public School, children celebrating Harmony Day were confronted with signs saying: “Harmony Day is a racist attack on Australian Culture” and “Multiculturalism = division, hate and preference.”

Fire & Rescue have nothing better to do than take down signs?
Fire & Rescue have nothing better to do than take down signs?

NSW Attorney-General and Wakehurst MP Brad Hazzard slammed the sign attack as “pathetic, yesteryear xenophobia”. “It was atrocious that they were put up outside one of most multicultural schools on the northern beaches,” he said. “It’s even more atrocious that it was put up the week after the school celebrated Harmony Day.”

Mr Hazzard also praised the Dee Why Islamic community. “Our local Muslim population are extremely peaceful, respectful and respectable people and clearly they have a substantially better outlook on life than the people who put these signs up.”


Islamic Society Manly Warringah management Faris Bawazier said the sign was “disgusting” but the response was heartening. “I’m very, very thankful for the people who support us, especially our neighbours,” he said.

The man behind the placards, Nick Folkes, contacted the Manly Daily to defend his actions.


Mr Folkes said he was the chairman of yet-to-be-registered political party the Party For Freedom. “It wasn’t intentionally targeting a primary school, it was targeting the adults behind the day who are using it as propaganda,” Mr Folkes said. “It’s a subtle way to get into children’s heads, saying all cultures are equal. Why don’t you celebrate Australian culture?


“Some of today’s parents will be upset but I’m sure equally, some will be going ‘yes, finally someone is speaking up’.”

Mr Folkes said he didn’t believe the signs in front of the masjid were racist. “That’s an erroneous, hysterical ad hominem argument, It’s not racist because I’m not talking about races. I’m not saying I’m against Arabs or Chinese. Islam is not a race.”


Police removed the signs by the masjid, deeming them offensive and vilifying Muslims while they were assessing the signs erected at the school.

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