Muslim mother of ten, yes TEN, alleges that a man with a gun harassed her because of her religion

Designated terrorist group CAIR is already calling for a ‘hate’ crime investigation. (Sheesh, I wonder how much that family is costing Washington state taxpayers?)


KUOW  SeaTac police are now investigating a report from an Ethiopian mother named Asha Gobana. She claims she was outside a 7-Eleven store earlier this month when a man made anti-Muslim comments, then pointed a gun at her. The man allegedly told Gobana that all Muslims are killers and that he doesn’t trust them.

Gobana says “I can’t even answer when he say the f-word, and he’s holding the gun … I can’t even talk what happened to me in that time. I’m completely shocked.” She says her life has changed since the attack. She’s afraid to walk anywhere. And she no longer lets her kids ride the city bus.

(Gee, I bet there are many people who would be willing to contribute to plane fare for you and your herd of 10 to go back to Somalia where you’ll be much safer)