SOUTH DAKOTA: After thoroughly infesting Cleveland, Muslims plan to spread their filthy cult to Sioux Falls

hisham-elgouhariDr. Hesham Elgouhari (photo right) says, “I came here from Cleveland where we have much bigger MUSLIM communities, MUSLIMS (sic) community centers, MUSLIM mega-mosques, ISLAMIC schools and indoctrination centers, and so forth. Now we want to offer the same thing for MUSLIMS coming to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.”


KELOland  Elgouhari estimates that around four or five thousand Muslims live in Sioux Falls, with a few hundred more scattered across the state. In Sioux Falls, they worship at two different mosques. The Muslims Community Center currently meets in a rented space. Its members are looking for their own larger, permanent home to serve the (breeding like rabbits) Muslim community.

“We are dreaming to have a permanent community center because the taste of turning this community into (another Islamic hellhole) that we have been having over the last four, five years since we opened this community center temporarily, is just very delicious, very beautiful, very fruitful,” Elgouhari said. Dr. Mumtaz Niazi is the general secretary of the Muslim community center.


Fatima Mohamed teaches Sunday school at the center. She hopes to help her students maintain their culture. “I need them to keep that because, some people they come here, and they lost their culture,” she said. “And I want them to keep it.”  (Allah knows, we can’t have our little jihadists in training getting too Americanized, now can we?)

“We like this place, it’s safe, it’s nice, it’s good and [we] want [to] stay,” Elgouhari said. (Not for long with muslims running around in it)

And staying includes maintaining that link to their religion. “We have to do everything we can to retain us and grow our families in this town,” Elgouhari said. (Thereby causing white flight when all the Christians in the town start fleeing)

One of the mosques already in Sioux Falls
One of the two mosques in Sioux Falls

No one knows when the new center will open or where it will be. One thing the leadership of the Muslims Community Center does know is that the new facility will be inclusive, and work to fight against misconceptions (the ugly truth) about the (violent) faith. 

“I think the perception of the Islam which is currently going on through the media, I will say particularly, is not true reflection,” Niazi said. “It’s the name, religion, is peace.” (Yep, keep pushing that crap, nobody but the media buying it anymore)

There’s already anti-Israel hate speech by Muslims in South Dakota. I guess they’re feeling right at home already: