SOUTH CAROLINA State House Bill would ban sharia law from being considered in state courts

Sharia, or Islamic Law, is used by many Muslim countries as their main system of federal and local laws. Oppressive Islamic fundamentalist countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia use such laws, as do terrorist organizations like ISIS and the Taliban.


Now radical Muslim groups are pushing for sharia law to be used by judges in American courts. There are at least 45 American court decisions in which judges have considered sharia law as a basis for their rulings. shariah-in-american-courts-the-expanding-incursion-of-islamic-law-in-the-u-s-legal-system

WLTX  “Radical Islam has declared war on the United States of America,” Republican Representative Chip Limehouse said. “They’ve captured journalists and reporters and cut their heads off, so a little small change in the law that’s pushing back and saying what were all about is kind of a good thing for South Carolina.”


It is not the first time lawmakers have tried to push for an anti-Sharia law bill. In 2010, a similar bill was proposed but did not pass. The federal government/Obama Regime deemed anti-Sharia Law bill unconstitutional in 2012, striking down a similar bill in Oklahoma (that was passed by an overwhelming majority of Oklahomans in a referendum vote)

But Republican representative Chip Limehouse, who proposed the bill, says it could still be a threat to the current judicial system. “I think in order to avoid the constitutional challenges that will certainly come, we’re gonna change the word Sharia Law to foreign law,” he said. “Its broader based but not so specific.”