DEARBORNISTAN: Michigan Judge orders Muslim cleric who supports ISIS and advocates violent jihad to disclose the sources of his income

Ahmad Musa Jibril Muslim Fraud ArtistA controversial Dearborn Muslim hate preacher, on probation for fraud, and on the U.S. government’s radar for his Islamic extremist views, must tell the feds where and from whom his income is coming. He owes $250,000 in restitution charges and they believe he is hiding assets and information.

WXYZ  Ahmad Jebril has failed to pay the majority of the nearly $250,000 in restitution he owes after facing 42 charges of financial fraud, they say.


Jebril’s probation is set to come to an end in mere days. He has refused to answer the U.S. Attorney’s questions, they claim. His attorney was fighting the call that he be forced to testify to his financials. Its believed he may have lied to his probation officer, and testifying could lead to new charges.

Judge Rosen said today—too bad. He wants Jebril to testify, but with some protections. That’s to be discussed tomorrow in further detail. Jebril, who was reading what appeared to be a copy of the Quran in court, refused to comment, and walked away from 7 Action News cameras after court.

The 7 Investigators have reported extensively on Jebril over the past year. He is known for advocating Jihad and influencing hundreds of thousands of ISIS followers on social media.

The Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence released a report in April that said Jebril was the most popular inspirational figure for Western fighters flocking to join ISIS. Jebril’s “popularity is particularly strong among groups like ISIS.” Among the militants the center surveyed, more than half of those who liked Jebril on his Facebook page and followed him on Twitter were with ISIS.