DISGUSTING! Offensive, eardrum-shattering Muslim Call to Jihad to be forced on 50 states

makeitstop1-225x300Americans, please bring amplified rock music to drown out this loud and offensive Muslim supremacist noise attack on every state in America. On April 3, 2015, this Muslim scumbag will begin his attempt to become the first enemy of America to call the Adhan (Muslim Call to Prayer Jihad) in all fifty states. 

Muslim Link Paper  Called “Project Muaddhin” is the history making journey by Jameel Syed from Michigan. He intends to share the beauty ugliness of Islam, stopping to collect stories in each state, making the Adhan and delivering the Last Sermon of the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alyhi wa sallam at each stop. (This is why you need to bring your boom boxes)

11008057_344446079080038_5346970802373936301_n “I made my intention to become the first Muaddhin (Caller of the Adhan) in history to make the Adhan in all fifty states across America. Instead of reacting to headlines, they’ll be creating their own by building a positive negative and offensive story around the community,” said Syed. 

It’ll be a journey that gives the international Muslim community the opportunity to dictate the terms of their own narrative across the world.

Starting from Farmington Hills, MI, Syed will stop and the ADAMS Center in Sterling, VA and Islamic Community Center of Laurel in Maryland on Friday, April 10, 2015. The Grand Canyon and Harry Potter World are also on the schedule.

This very American tradition (Just because you live here doesn’t make you an American) of driving across the United States will be a world record, but for Syed it is also a spiritual journey to gain the pleasure of Allah. (Let me not say what I am thinking here)

For more information, email info@muaddhin.com and to follow the journey, go to Facebook.com/muaddhin or on Twitter/Instagram: @themuaddhin.

Take a listen to this disgusting Muslim Call to Jihad, something Muslims want to make a permanent part of every mosque in America. Poor doggie.