“Does this headbag make my head look big?”

OREGON: Hood River Valley High School unveils new Muslim-themed play called ‘Does My Head Look Big in This,’ and it may very well incite the controversy that Muslims and their leftist allies love to provoke.


Oregon Live  The just-published play tells the story of a Muslim-American teenage girl, Amal, who has made the decision to wear a Muslim headbag full time. She goes through the motions of high school — studying, dating, going to parties — but struggles to connect with a faculty and student body who suddenly turn against her and her religion.

It’s a statement on judging people by groups instead of as individuals. That judgment has been particularly stark for American Muslims since 9/11, and its persistence threatens to derail shows like “Does My Head Look Big in This” that paint Islam in a positive light. (Let’s hope so) 

That’s good to hear, because for people who rally against Islam based on accurate stereotypes — that it’s sexist, violent and hateful — there’s plenty (of lies and obfuscations) in the play to be upset about.