UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA flips the bird to Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper of designated terrorist group CAIR

HonorDiaries.jpgUniversity of South Dakota professor is refusing calls from radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups to cancel the screening of  ‘Honor Diaries,’ an irrefutable fact-based documentary, that depicts the widespread brutality against Muslim women by their own families.

News Times  The “Honor Diaries” is to be screened at the university’s annual women and gender conference April 10. Some staff and faculty members want the showing canceled, the Argus Leader.. The film goes against USD’s desire for “inclusive excellence,” said Musheera AnisAbdellatif, a MUSLIM professor in the health sciences department.


Conference coordinator Miglena Sternadori, a media and journalism professor, said she won’t bow to the pressure because the film depicts issues that are relevant to the conference. “It’s just the wrong thing to do to censor a movie,” she said.

“We’re talking the worst form of anti-Muslim bigotry couched in terms of a legitimate issue,” said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “You don’t have to help promote the agenda of Islam haters. That’s what you do when you promote this film.”


The film features women activists who work in a culture that condones female genital mutilation, forced marriages of young girls and other abuses of women. “Honor Diaries” has been praised for bringing attention to the plight of women in Middle Eastern cultures but is also criticized as anti-Muslim propaganda.

Sternadori said she disagrees with assessments that the film is anti-Muslim. Other Muslim groups support the film, and Muslims helped create it, she said.