APPLE CEO Tim Cook who sells iPhones in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia known to execute homosexuals bashes Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law


The United Electronics Company, better known as eXtra, has announced the opening of Apple’s first new generation stores in Saudi Arabia.


Arabian Business  The Apple outlets will be located in eXtra’s shops in Riyadh and Al Khobar, the retailer said in a statement. The Apple store openings follow successful three-year collaboration between the two companies, the statement added. Apple will continue to provide the kingdom with products and solutions along with expert guidance from staff.

Separately, the new Apple store planned for Dubai is expected to open in February next year, according to reports. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the UAE in February this year, meeting with Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed, as well as a number of Apple resellers.


And that’s not all: companies-cities-plan-to-boycott-indiana-while-doing-business-with-gay-hating-countries

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  1. Not to mention that most of construction and manual labor in those countries is done by slaves. I have refused to buy any apple products for years due to how they treat American employees. I will never buy anything from Apple. Morally corrupt company.

  2. the gays and christians staring daggers at each other too damn stupid to see what a green light this is for muslims , burka class and their ass mooning mates can set up in your own front room and you will go to jail if you try and stop them , double strength discrimination law for muslims this in your face religious freedom law is how I see it being used

  3. this is just more proof that being politically correct is all that really matters – NOT lives, not human rights, nothing. It’s just the appearance of being politically correct, that’s all that matters.

    Most gays appear to care more about belonging to the politically correct club than they care about horrific murder of gays by muslims.

  4. Tim offered his internals to Steve…I would like to extend me offering Tim my Cerebrum…looks like he need it

  5. Saudi Arabia is on the Caliphate map. The way things are going for Islamic State, I wouldn’t open up any business in SA.
    Incredible how people lose their moral ethics when money is involved.

  6. This guy is serious moron, ah, what do countries like Iraq, Syria, doing to gays??? Not to mention Russia, what an idiot.

  7. Holy hypocrisy….

    Tim Cook is an out and a proudly outspoken ” in your face” type of homosexual but as we often see money trumps all- in this case gay rights and lives – when that middle east cash is offered to Apple/Tim Cook.

    It is safer for Tim to stay safe in the USA and just bash the folks in Indiana .
    All that will cost Tim Cook is my and others (both gay and not gay) their utter contempt.