APPLE CEO Tim Cook who sells iPhones in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia known to execute homosexuals bashes Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law


The United Electronics Company, better known as eXtra, has announced the opening of Apple’s first new generation stores in Saudi Arabia.


Arabian Business  The Apple outlets will be located in eXtra’s shops in Riyadh and Al Khobar, the retailer said in a statement. The Apple store openings follow successful three-year collaboration between the two companies, the statement added. Apple will continue to provide the kingdom with products and solutions along with expert guidance from staff.

Separately, the new Apple store planned for Dubai is expected to open in February next year, according to reports. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the UAE in February this year, meeting with Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed, as well as a number of Apple resellers.


And that’s not all: companies-cities-plan-to-boycott-indiana-while-doing-business-with-gay-hating-countries