UK Muslim hate preacher, Abu Izzadeen, released from jail early on terrorism charges, says “If you’re not a Muslim, you’re just like apes and monkeys”

stream_imgIzzadeen, who advocates sharia law for Britain, once said: “He who joins the British Army is a mortal kafir (unbeliever) who deserves to have his head removed.” He also believes the 7/7 bombers who killed and injured many people in London were “completely praiseworthy.”

Trevor Brookes, better known as Abu Izzadeen, 39, has been quietly released from jail after the Appeal Court cut his 4½-year sentence for inciting hatred and raising funds for terrorism.



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  1. The mistake that these people make is that they assume the apathy shown by our spineless politicians is representative of the mood of the general population.

    If these inbred throwbacks think that we are just going to lie down why the death cult tries to compromise our way of life he is sadly mistaken.

  2. I bet you he misses prison. he gets to dress like maryln monroe while other “monkeys” treat him like they would a cheap hooker.
    put him back in jail so he can preach all he wants…bending over.

  3. I must be not be up with the new fashion trends but everywhere I look on tv in the city I work in, men are going for the 7th century pedophile pirate warrior child molester prophet look, dirty long hair or completely bald and a horrible unkempt beard, some have a turd like brown stain/bruise on the forehead.. It must be the in thing, maybe it was in GQ and I missed it.

  4. This pathetic piece of Islamotrash should take a look in the mirror sometime if he wants to see an ape or a monkey! Another brilliant observation from an the wonderful world of Islamocrap!

  5. The Muslim fundraiser for terror attacks declared, “Disbelief is the biggest crime”. In other words, if decent, normal people don’t believe in the Muslim Blood Cult god and believe that the commands in the Quran to behead, forcibly convert, kidnap, perpetrate satanic atrocities, commit barbaric mass murders, torture and capture non-Muslim women and girls for sex slaves — is EVIL, they have committed the biggest crime.

    Muslim God-haters have barbarically murdered hundreds of millions of non-Muslim innocents — Their blood cries out from the ground to God.

    Bible, Psalm 7:11 God is a righteous Judge, and a God who has indignation every day.

    Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord.

    The Islam-adoring authorities couldn’t bear to keep the Muslim monster in jail for 4 1/2 years and were desperate to release the Muslim fiend so that he could preach, hate, violence and death and raise funds for terror attacks.

    No doubt the savage is rewarded by ruling elites with all welfare benefits and gifted with a lovely, free expensive home on a leafy lane in an upscale, wealthy neighborhood in London.

    Join EDL and PEGIDA stree rallies! Join and Donate to Liberty GB patriotic, anti-Islamisation party promoting Christian civilisation, Western freedoms and British culture.

    Join in the fight for our freedom and survival! Help get Paul Weston, Liberty GB leader elected MP for Luton South, UKIP’s candidate for Luton South is a Muslim.

  6. wonder if this fool knows that he is considered a slave because the color of his skin?
    I would rather be considered an ape or monkey than a barbaric muslim
    appeals court should be ashamed of themselves for letting this man out early they should deport him

  7. kaffir ‘you have free choice to convert to islam’! But if you refuseYes, then “we keel you!”…..This muslime POS has an especially hot spot reserved for him and his bros in the heart of Hell!..A really hot spot, the lowlife piece of pig feces says is reserved for us ‘dirty kaffur and the Jooooos!”

  8. Abbu Izzadeen wil be on licence from prison, by saying “we are not Going To take it anymore “he as just breeched that licence if we all make a complaint to our local police they are bound by law to arrest him.

    I am phoning the police now now please do the same.

    These bastards are calling for our deaths and complaining when we react.

    • And our so called leaders and police protect them and demonise us for standing against them. This vermin shouldn’t be allowed in our once great land.

  9. Typical retarded muslim, can’t even say one sentence without getting it backwards!

    If you’re a muslim, you’re just like monkeys and apes–only not so intelligent!

  10. Yep,and once he’s back with his usual contacts(other TOTALLY innocent sand fleas)he’ll be marching up and down shouting and foaming at the mouth…..all with the usual police protection.Then we wonder why we find ourselves attacked by them.So he’s had his sentence cut? He’ll be living in a rent free house,top notch benefits,no pressure to look for a job,all the time in the world to hatch evil against us.

  11. Wow wee, why is a turd like this ever released at all ?

    ” Can somebody tell me this,here & now ! ” For if they have nothing good to say (?) then maybe his mouth should be shut forever more….

  12. That’s just insane that they let him go. This scum probably had nothing goingin his life so he jjoined the biggest gang in the world that gave him attention and notoriety. The more hate he incites and recruited more like him then he moves higher up in the gang. The prison system probably were worried he was recruiting more in jail which caused them more problems so they cut him loose to get him out of their hair. He should have been tried for treason and executed. But they are too cowardly. Western law enforcement can learn a few things from China. Hopefully some wise person will take him out.

  13. ..much rather be a monkey or an ape than a demented incestous muslim.
    Even apes don’t fornicate with their young , or their mothers or siblings.
    Spoken like a true jar pickled clot..

  14. Riiiiight, so Abu (ape like name) who happens to look not too long out of the trees himself, accuses us Westerners as being apes? OK Tarzan, I have a talking-bone it can connect to our spiderweb and download pics of nude jiamizza. What do you think about that? Fuckwit Muslim. Again.

  15. trevor brookes, how can you say that we are apes and are the closest I have ever seen to resemble a f—–g ape. go take a look in the mirror.Orang utang is very similar to you in appearance, with your thick lips and bald head, you could be a cousin or even a brother….yeah take a good look at yourself…hmmmmmm on second thoughts I should not be insulting apes or orang utangs..sorry ape world.

  16. I just wish some brave squaddie who has balls would eradicate this piece of shit,,preferably behead him, and leave a message something along the lines of…All muslims who dont believe in christianity deserve to be beheaded. Trevor Brookes should be eternally thankful that he is still alive..

  17. That’s why they bloody have ” absolutely NO FEELINGS or THINKING OF THEIR OWN ! ” with the clear need of being led down the garden path of getting 72 virgins in hell … That will never ever be paid

  18. Well, then I now have so much certainty of being as like a monkey or ape 4 bloody ever more ! As long I ain’t a lunatic with 2 penis’s as like those of PisSlamic faith

  19. Who the fuck let this dog out????? I hope he gets hunted down and stripped of few personal appendages. Low life turd bucket. I bet he’ll be living off welfare paid compliments of the stupid tax payers who voted Cameron in.

    • BR
      Not to get political but do you think the opposition wouldn’t with their lefty liberal policies not have let him out earlier and given him a new 5 bed house?

    • You’re completely forgetting that it was the traitors Blair & Brown who deliberately & with malicious intent sent teams of people to Porkistan & Bangladick to deliberately recruit these lowlife motherfuckers to UK to force “diversity” on the “Establishment” & “rob their faces in diversity”, enforcing extreme Political Correctness so that no one would dare name Paki moslems when they commit crimes (remember Rotheram?) etc etc
      Got rid of the treason laws & death penalty before doing so & then unilaterally joined the EU & its’ Human Rights Commission so that criminals/muzzturds can’t be sent back to the shit-holes they came from.
      Where patriots are labeled as “racists” for daring to voice concern about this forced colonisation & muzzcunts are given free rein.
      It was the same stupid people that voted in those traitors for 11 years that has now turned England especially into a sewer.
      Camoron has simply done nothing about it – even though he promised too. But what choice did UK have 5 years ago? More of the same from Liebour?
      And sure as hell you can’t vote Labour in again – ever!
      At least now there is a chance to change direction with UKIP. The LibDems are going to be further decimated & will not be in a position to form a coalition with the Tories.
      A coalition between UKIP & Tory is far better than any other outcome – except for UKIP to win in it’s own right & that ain’t going to happen this time around.