MUSLIM AFFIRMATIVE ACTION?: God help NYC if the FDNY is forced to hire a 5-ft tall, 105-lb Muslim woman who insists on wearing a bag on her head

This 18-year-old baghead wants to be the FDNY’s first female Muslim firefighter. As a New Yorker, this is absolutely the last thing you’d ever want to see if your building was on fire and you needed rescuing.


Village Voice  Ahlam Ahmed is determined to become a New York City firefighter. The petite eighteen-year-old of Yemeni descent stands five feet tall, weighs just 105 pounds, and is well aware of the physical challenges inherent to the job. But she is resolute.

In a dining room at the FDNY Academy on Randalls Island, Ahmed is the only observant Muslim (observant as in disobeying the dress code and considering the need to pray during working hours more important than the requirements of the job) in a group of about 60 women.

A baggy bag on your head under your fire helmet…what could go wrong?
A baggy bag on your head under your fire helmet…what could go wrong?

They range from military veterans and teenage members of the department’s Explorer program to college athletes and hopefuls who have already taken the department’s most recent firefighter exam. They’re all here to participate in the FDNY’s first-ever Women’s History Month Female Outreach Event, created to help inspire more women to join the department. (Idiotic leftist affirmative action for unqualified applicants)

“I want to see what the FDNY has to offer,” Ahmed says matter-of-factly. She is dressed in jeans and a red sweater. A white scarf artfully conceals her neck, ears, and hair. (Not to mention her vision)

A Muslim firefighter - what could go wrong?
Just what a firefighter who lost hundreds of colleagues on 9/11 wants to see running into a burning building

Ahmed, a senior at the Islamic Al-Ihsan Academy in Queens, signed up for the event last year while attending a career fair at Kingsborough Community College. One persistent recruiter at the FDNY booth inspired her. “At first, I was like, ‘I can’t do that,’ ” she says. “I’ve got strict parents and I’m a girl and I’m small.” (Not to worry, cupcake, Mayor dhimmi deBlasio  will lower the standards for you)

Not a lot of women have similar experiences. There are more than 10,400 firefighters in the FDNY, and only 44 of them are women. Srisakul counts the event, which her group organized in conjunction with the department, as one of UWF’s successes in addressing the scarcity of female firefighters.

This is what we want to see in theNYC Fire Department
What will her “strict” Muslim parents have to say about this?