DENMARK: In Copenhagen, 84% of all criminal suspects are foreigners, and most of them are Muslim foreigners

Statistics don’t lie. The countries of origin of most criminals in Denmark are Muslim countries, with the most coming from Lebanon, Pakistan, Morocco, and Turkey, followed by Somalia, Iran and Iraq.

Muslims making the one-fingered salute of ISIS

10 News  The number of sexual assaults, violent crimes, and drug-related crimes have indeed increased nationwide. These serious crimes are committed predominantly byMuslim  foreigners who have immigrated to Denmark.

New figures show that 84% of those being presented in Copenhagen court with demand of detention, are originating from abroad. Only approximately 10 percent of them have Danish citizenship.

Detention of an accused can generally only take place when there is reasonable suspicion that the accused has committed an offense with a minimum penalty of at least 1.5 years. In other words: Those who are demanded to go in detention are accused of a serious crime.”