LONDON: PEGIDA anti-Islamization protesters attacked by Muslims and Left Wing Fascists for Islam


British supporters of the anti-Islamization group PEGIDA rally in Downing Street were met by angry, foaming-at-the-mouth, pro-Islamization counter-demonstrators as the two groups were separated by a heavy police presence.

INDEPENDENT  Pegida UK said the rally intended to “raise awareness of the detrimental affect radical Islam and slack border controls/mass immigration are having on our country”. Encouraging people to join the protest on Facebook, a Pegida UK member wrote that it would show “the world peacefully that the UK will never be dominated by Islam.”


Members of Pegida UK had planned to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, hear speeches and finish with a candlelit vigil “in memory of all those that have died at the hands of extremists.” Among the speakers expected to attend was Zahid Khan, a German author behind self-published books including The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohamed.


Muslim groups and Left wing fascists from Unite Against Fascism (UAF) called a counter-demonstration on Saturday to stop “Islamophobes (who) aim to recreate the hatred of their allies elsewhere in Europe”.

Men weat T-shirts as they take part in a counter-demonstrations against a rally by supporters of the Pegida movement in Newcastle, northern England


PEGIDA’s rapid growth in Germany from weekly marches numbering the hundreds in October last year to tens of thousands in January sparked resistance, from Angela Merkel condemning “hatred in their hearts” to leftist politicians dubbing its leaders “Nazis in pinstripes”. Yet PEGIDA continues to be rapidly expanding throughout Europe, Canada, and soon in the US.