UK: “Good Muslim Son” of Rochdale* Labour party Muslim councillor arrested, along with 8 members of his family, for trying to join the Islamic State

In case you forgot, Rochdale* is home to many of the recently exposed Muslim paedophile sex gangs that have been raping and prostituting tens of thousands of young British white girls for many years.

Waheed Ahmed, arrested with 8 relatives trying to join ISIS
Waheed Ahmed, arrested with 8 relatives trying to join ISIS

UK Daily Mail  The leader of a family of nine caught trying to get into Syria to join ISIS was revealed last night to be the son of a Muslim Labour councillor. Waheed Ahmed, 21, was arrested with eight relatives – including four children – in a remote Turkish border town.

The politics undergraduate is the son of a local politician photographed with Labour leader Ed Miliband just weeks ago (below). 

Rochdale Labour councillor Shakil Ahmed, pictured with Ed Miliband
Rochdale Labour councillor Shakil Ahmed, pictured with Ed Miliband

Shakil Ahmed, 45, spoke of his shock after being told that his son is suspected of being a militant Islamist.  He told the Daily Mail: ‘All I know is that they were on holiday and then the next thing I am told is that they have been arrested.’

The nine British Muslim, who include three men, two women and four children aged between one and 11, were seized in Hatay province, in southern Turkey. It shares a border with part of Syria controlled by rebel factions including those linked to Al Qaeda and ISIS All those held are from Rochdale and are the biggest family group caught attempting to enter the unstable territory. 


A senior officer questioned why anyone would take anyone so young ‘and vulnerable’ into a war zone. (Well, duh, it’s because they are muslims, you fool)

Photographs showed Waheed Ahmed, dressed in traditional robes and wearing heavy boots, leading the group from a minibus into a police station.


Several women, all wearing headscarfs which covered their faces, could be seen carrying children. Most of the party were wearing walking boots, perfect for trekking across the rugged region.


Shakil Ahmed, a bakery delivery driver, is a councillor in Kingsway and served alongside Karen Danczuk, wife of Rochdale MP Simon Daczuk, until her resignation in January.  Speaking as he delivered election campaign leaflets yesterday, he said he recognised his son in online newspaper reports of his arrest.

Neighbours described the former pupil at Rochdale Sixth Form College who is now an undergraduate, as ‘very religious’. He is particularly close to his brother, Moin, 22, who is still at home and was not among the group in Turkey, and the pair wore similar traditional Islamic clothing. Neighbours said he has not been seen ‘for some time’.


Mohammed Sharif, who lives two doors down from the family, said: ‘I know the family quite well. They are really quite normal so this is very shocking. The boys are both quite religious and have beards.’ Mr Sharif said that Waheed prayed five times a day at the Gungol Sharif mosque, in Derby Street, Rochdale. He said: ‘He always seemed quite polite. I can’t believe this has happened.’

His older brother Moin follows many Islamic extremist preachers on his Facebook page, including Dr Bilal Philips, who has condoned suicide bombers in the past and is banned from the UK for holding extremist views.