OUTSTANDING! Bill Maher manages to infuriate ‘One Direction’ boy band fans and Muslims at the same time

During his show, ‘Real Time With Bill Maher,’ the comedian made a joke likening the former One Direction singer to Boston Marathon Muslim bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Fans from around the world have tweeted their outrage following the joke and several online petitions are now demanding Maher apologize for the ‘islamophobic terrorist joke.’ 

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And let the Muslim handwringing and whining from the left begin:

hooper-babyPeople  Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper, the spokesperson for the designated terrorist group CAIR says,  “Maher’s comments were out of line. It shows that he’s really not missing an opportunity to engage in his favorite ‘Islamophobic’ themes,” Hooper says. “He serves to legitimize Islamophobia on the Left which is one of the unfortunate byproducts of his intolerance of Islam and Muslims.”