INDIA: Dhimmi media downplay violent acid and rock attack by Muslims on a Hindu parade

At least 25 people suffered heavy injuries including 10 of severe acid burns at Jawad town in Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch district when Muslim Jihadi miscreants pelted rocks and threw acid bombs at a Hindu religious procession being taken out on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti in state in Central India.


Hindu Existence  Soon both sides engaged in fighting, forcing police to lob tear gas shells and cane charge to disperse the clashing crowd. The incident happened when the Hanuman Jayanti procession reached Khurra Chowk Mosque where Muslims targeted the Hindu people in procession from different sides.

Though a few policemen tried to bring the situation under control, all efforts turned out futile as the situation went out of hand slowly.


Heavy violence flared up, with the Muslim mob setting fire to residential buildings, vehicles and the shops which left many people, including police personnel, injured. When Hindus started retaliation, police appeared to want to save the Jihadis.

This attack upon Hindus on Hanuman Jayanti procession happened in a state ruled by a BJP Govt in Madhya Pradesh seems to be incapable for providing the safety security of the Hindus in their religious festivals.

Nearly a dozen shops in Neemuch-Darwaja were set on fire. By the time fire tenders reached the spot, fire had gutted shops and a lot of damage was already done.  45 people have been arrested and heavy security has been deployed.

OP India  Sadly, there has been near total silence in mainstream media about this incident, with TV channels not giving any coverage whatsoever. In all the cases, no media report was willing to name the “specific group” or “community” although it was pretty obvious. Online media did carry some reports, but they were extremely vague in nature, as seen below:

Zee News: “where stone-pelting between two communities left at least 20 people injured”

Business Standard: “incidents of arson and stone-pelting involving members of two communities”

New Indian Express: “…when some miscreants pelted stones..”. “Police said members of a specific group hurled stones at a religious procession”

Times of India: “Some miscreants on Friday threw stones at a procession”

The Hindu: “Some miscreants on Friday threw stones”