Islamic State (ISIS) Muslim savages demand $30 million for release of Christian hostages


In ongoing negotiations between ISIS terrorists and the Assyrian leadership to free the 250-300 Christians abducted by the militant group in February, ISIS is demanding $100,000 per individual.

FOX News  Third-party Syrian Sunni Muslims from the local area are reported to be brokering the talks between the two groups.


“They know we cannot come up with this kind of money, so they are hoping other groups and countries will come up with the money,” the official said. A total of 23 hostages have been released to date, while the rest remain in ISIS custody after a Feb. 23 attack on villages in the northern province of al Hasakah.

The Islamic State has desecrated churches and Christian graveyards in wholesale fashion in both Iraq and Syria. Reports at the time indicated the Islamic State was using its Christian hostages as human shields in military confrontations.