Islamic State (ISIS) savages release latest photos of another man stoned to death allegedly for homosexuality

rayaThey also beheaded a man accused of being a spy for Bashar Assad. New images have been released by the Islamic State showing the jihadis savagely stoning a man to death after accusing him of bestiality and ‘having a homosexual affair.’


UK Daily Mail  The graphic photo report shows a man being bombarded with rocks in a remote stretch of the western province of Homs in front of crowds of bloodthirsty onlookers.


Images of the murder show a man accused of ‘having sex with animals’ and ‘having a homosexual affair’ being led past a large crowd by an ISIS officer.


Forced to wear a scarf over his eyes, the man’s hands are bound behind his back. The all-male crowd appears to include several young boys, watching the impending atrocity from the front.


A number of ISIS fighters stand guard, monitoring the crowd as the man is forced to stand alone in the arid field next to a freshly-prepared grave.


The final photos show the man being stoned to death by a dozen ISIS fighters. Large rocks are shown being hurled at the victim whilst the crowd watch on.


Graphic close-up shots of the man’s broken body were also published, revealing the horrendous injuries sustained in his final moments of life.


The savage Muslim extremist group also published images of a man being beheaded in the Syrian desert. According to the captions, the second man was a prisoner of war and had been caught fighting and spying on behalf of the Assad regime. 

Unusually the victims were not forced to wear orange jumpsuits of the sort frequently worn by ISIS prisoners before their death as a reference to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.


It is possible that due to the sheer number of prisoners being executed by ISIS, the brutal regime did not see the need to identify the man, nor force him to wear the uniform before his death.

Driven to what appears to be a hurriedly constructed fort, the man is shown being led out from a brown pick up truck.  Forced to wear a green blindfold for his execution, the prisoner is seen kneeling down on the rubble-strewn ground near the concrete building.


Several ISIS jihadis, dressed in winter jackets and carrying AK47s, are shown standing menacingly in the background. All of the ISIS fighters have their faces covered with balaclavas or thick scarves.

With nowhere to escape, the victim can only wait as a senior ISIS fighter, who appears to be white, stands directly behind him. The ISIS fighter yanks the man by his hoodie, causing the prisoner to completely crumple to the floor. His hands can be seen still handcuffed behind his back and a wedding ring sits on his finger.


Drawing a dagger from the sheath attached to his khaki combat trousers, the executioner bends down close to the prisoner.  In the final two photos, the victim can be seen screaming in agony and his legs thrashing in the air.

The murder epitomises the blood thirsty nature of Islamic State militants, who boast about their indiscriminate war crimes and love of capital punishment.