Did you know that 42% of Muslims in Canada admit that Islam is NOT compatible with Western culture?

Isn’t it time to stop allowing Muslim immigration into Western countries and start deporting many Muslims who are already here? No-brainer.


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  1. Ezra I normally agree with you but not this time. Islam is not compatible.42% of muslims openly admit that. How many more feel that way but did not admit openly. We have a big problem.

  2. You are as fooled as anybody else. Islam is the cause that erects Muslims. Hadith, Sita or Sunna and Quran have to be all followed by a Muslim, you cannot choose, you are NOT allowed to choose. So Islam is Islam, a moderate Muslim is not a Muslim as far Islam is concerned.

  3. Muslims conform to western values?! Never ever ever ever! Don’t know what’s gotten into this usually smart articulate guy… If they come from the sharia shit hole they will want it in Canada, usa, UK whoever it’s been proven over n over,, granted there are very few who adapt to wetern lifestyle etc but you always have to ask why they would follow such a hate filled race baiting murderous ideology.. How western in their heart can they be, really?!? Hmmmmm?! I say deport the most recent and ones on benefits and vet and scrutinize the ones left to see just how integrated they are or if they ship money to their cousin jihadi johnnie…

  4. There is a big fault in his speech. He said that Attaturk (Turkish leader at the turn of last century) was a glowing example of moderate Muslims.

    What he did not research before praising Attaturk, is that he was the leader of the Ottoman Empire at the time they genocided the Armenian people!

  5. What we fail to do is look at how we got into this mess.

    Oil for one in funding Islam and we all bow to filling our tanks.
    I always think of Nikola Tesla and his free energy, and how he was stopped. This would have stopped us relying on oil especially buying from overseas.

  6. “42% of Muslims in Canada admit that Islam is NOT compatible with Western culture” and the other 58% know that Islam isn’t compatible with Western culture but just aren’t admitting it.

    It shouldn’t take two brain cells to figure out that a culture that believes “rape, rob, and kill the infidel!” is never going to be compatible with any other culture at all. But apparently plenty of idiots out there still can’t figure this out.

  7. Well WTH, I guess I’m just ‘one of those right wing extremist pislamophobes’ because I would have to say to the muslimes over there: “If you want to bring your ass lifting ways here, then keep your asses there and lift them there; stay the hell out of America and the North American Continent!….

  8. Obama courts a relationship with the Castro brother..no concessions..
    Obama courts a relationship with Iran..no concessions..
    Obama deposes THREE KINGS (Daniel 7:8), and instigates an islamic uprising in the middle east..and evades any responsibility (Daniel 11:36)
    Obama does nothing while Christians are raped, beheaded ( Revelation 20:4) and slaughtered..
    Obama mocks the Israeli leader, and deals with the enemy..
    Obama threatens to shoot down Israeli planes that target Iranian nuclear facilities..
    Obama promises that he will be “..more flexible after the election..” to a Russian official, and DOES NOTHING as Russia invades the Ukraine..yet he was handed a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE (Daniel 11:21, Daniel 8:25)

    This man bears a striking resemblance to ANTICHRIST.
    If this is true, he will also attack Christians HERE (Daniel 7:25).
    People need to PREPARE NOW.
    It is NO COINCIDENCE that the above quotes from scripture can be used in the same context as Obama.
    READ the scriptures for yourselves.

  9. That’s the 42% who admitted to the fact; but we all know at least half of the rest believe the same, they’re just lying.

  10. Western culture will never be compatible with islum. Western democracies where man made laws rule, will never be compatible with islumic sharia where allah, the moon god made laws rule. islumic sharia moon god made ‘lunatic’ laws will never accept gender equality in divorces, inheritance in wills, marriage of just one man and one woman, gay being legal and accepted, the rights of a person to change their religious beliefs and so on. Only ‘stupid’, would think that islum is compatible with western culture of man made laws. Canada’s future is in jeapordy if even 40% of Canadians stupidly think that islum is compatible with the Canadian culture. 60% of all Canadians get it. Almost 45% of the muslums agree that islum is not compatible with the Canadian culture. The other 55% are lying and using taqiyya to lull the liebral left into cultural suicide.

  11. Interesting. The 42% of Muslims that admit Islam is not compatible. Confirming what we’ve been saying for a long time. For Islam to become compatible, Mohamed must die in Mecca. No other way around this.

  12. No brainer, yes absolutely. Time to write my representatives again and demand all moslem immigration to America cease and desist. I’ll get the same boilerplate response, that’s why you have to keep trying.

  13. Then you get this report in British press “Three quarters of muslims polled said they believe the values of British society are compatible with those of their religion, one in seven said they were not ” – which I guess would be correct if we could just simply tolerate child rape, pillage, sex slavery, polygamy, death for apostasy and homosexuality, amputation for theft, as being compatible with our British values.

    Meanwhile the traitorous David Camoron says that “it is mainstream British which needs to integrate more with the muslim way of life, not the other way around”.

    There may be trouble ahead….as someone once sang….


    • If it is possible to ever be positive about anything to do with the Muslim sickness it might be that it won’t be long now before this cult of Kali locals will start to experience the outcomes it has created for itself.

    • So basically Cameron thinks that mainstream British need to “integrate more” with child rape, sex slavery, polygamy, death for apostasy and homosexuality, amputation for thef, etc.

      It would be interesting to see his legislative proposals for such things.