Islamic State (ISIS) in Sinai Peninsula executes Egyptian soldier and beheads a civilian in latest video

rayaThe Egyptian branch of ISIS released another execution video, entitled “A Message” from the Sinai Peninsula. The video released by Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis, which recently pledged allegiance to ISIS, has shown the execution of an Egyptian soldier and the beheading of an unidentified civilian.

Egyptian Streets  Identified as Ahmed Fathy Abou Al Fotouh Salam from Daqahliya, the Egyptian soldier had been part of a tank battalion and was stationed at a military outpost that was ambushed on April 2, leading to the deaths of 15 soldiers and two civilians.

Ahmed Fathy Abou Al Fotouh Salam

Ahmed Fathy Abou Al Fotouh Salam

The terrorist group claimed to have captured and executed Ahmed, whose age was not revealed, over what it called the “military’s crimes” in North Sinai.

In the video below, Ahmed is seen reading a script from a Teleprompter while under clear duress, often on the verge of tears. “I want to tell my mom that Ibrahim, my brother, should not join the military so that what happened to him doesn’t happen to me,” says Ahmed to viewers as his eyes drift towards what appears to be a Teleprompter. 


“My guilt is in on President al-Sisi. The guilt of all soldiers is on al-Sisi. And the burning of hearts of their mothers is on al-Sisi…Soldiers for the Military are just numbers.”

The start of the video shows the capture of Ahmed and ends with the ‘execution-style’ killing of Ahmed by a masked militant carrying an AK-47. Prior to his death, an unidentified man is beheaded by the militant, who wears white latex gloves while carrying a large knife.




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  1. Climate is such a big issue, everybody tries to do something, because we want to give a nice planet to the next generation.
    Cleaning this planet of ISIS is in my vision more important for the next generation then the climate.

  2. I’m not a Muslim and so do my friends, but it’s really spooky… Maybe Isis wants to express sth. Well, killing ppl who are not believe in the same God is not a good method. That will just make ppl upset and disappointed.

  3. Does jihad really mean to fight against others who are not believe in the same God? I don’t understand what it likes but it’s really spooky to many ppl….

  4. Its seems to be a common-day occurrence now… almost dare I say it as common as saying getting run -over by a bus or car – though of course it shouldn’t be! Yet that is how the leaders of the world seem top be treating it, which of course is utterly & shamefully disgraceful.. Killing machines that’s all they are ! Killing machines for allaha in order to go to that brothel in the sky.. As good ol’ Churchill said: Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.” And they now have a quire accompanying their videos.. what for ? For better sound effects??? LOL DISGRACEFULL BARBARIC MUDEREOUS BASTARDS….And Obama YOU have a lot to answer for..

  5. Another chance for Meena and her fellow mozombs to understand moslem hypocrisy:

    “Where are the co-ordinated protests against the Islamic State? Where are the popular calls for an end to organised genocide by Sunni Muslim militants in Iraq?
    This is pure hypocrisy and double standards from British Muslims. Only last week, more than 200,000 people — a large proportion of them British Muslims — took to the streets of London and Manchester to protest against Israel.
    The Jewish state was denounced as a pariah, its military actions in Gaza condemned as disproportionate. Yet there has been nothing like this level of justified outrage over the senseless savagery of the Islamic State in Iraq.”

  6. The ISIS flag …. should be jump suit Guantanamo Bay orange …. almost Tangier Tangerine …. with crossed black knives …. a severed head …. and a pool of Pomegranate Red blood …. and some black barnyard chicken scratches Arabic verse ?

  7. Im Muslim too but i olso don’t understand with what that group doing.5 fingers r please people here don’t blame what stupid Isis doing with other Muslims.Here i can share with non Muslim,i have good business with them.N criminal not always belongs from Muslim people.from non Muslim people olso not,,,,,,,, violent just give trouble for all.

    • The difference between Islam and every other religion is that Islam commands all Muslims to be violent. For example, if you refuse to fight jihad against the kafir then you’re a “hypocrite” so Muslims should be violent against you too! This is why daesh is killing normal Muslims who won’t join them; Mohammed would kill you too! Daesh is just acting exactly like Mohammed did.

      Mohammed command you to be violent against kafir and against Muslims who refuse to fight. Why do you want to support a “prophet” who demands you fight or be killed by his followers? The only reason you’d do this is if you don’t really know the truth about Mohammed from the Islams own history books. The only lie is that Mohammed is a prophet. He wasn’t a prophet he was just a liar who was lying about Allah to manipulate people for his own gain.

      For example see

    • you mean you dont know your own religious edicts? just read the terror manual quran and isis will make sense. or you can bury your head and deny it.
      your prophet said that most women are in hell and are half brained compared to men, etc, etc, go read them and have fun with your cross dressing prophet who was the first womens right champion

    • You don’t understand Meena? Read “The Book of Hate™”, it’s ALL in there, its SAVAGE commands are PRESCRIPTIVE for all time, unlike the DESCRIPTIVE passages about alleged genocides in the Old Testament. Oh yeah, and the BoH is FULL of contradictions and repetitions of HATE, not to mention SATANIC VERSES*. And it’s supposed to be IDENTICAL to the original which exists at the right hand of allah. So why did she put in all those mistakes? Something smells.

      Is it because she is the GREATEST DECEIVER. She has deceived over 1.5 billion people, most of whom were born with a brain. We know that the vast majority were brainwashed since before birth, but that a small percentage have freed themselves from that intellectual SLAVERY (moslem means slave). Many people comment here after reading the BoH, (as your fellow zombies are always exhorting); how about YOU educate yourself about your DEATH WORSHIPING CULT?

      In addition to the millions of ordinary people who have reverted to CIVILIZED HUMAN BEINGS there is even a wiki page for (about 100?) well known apostates:

      “The following is a list of notable people who have been Muslims part of their lives, but left Islam for another religion or a non-religious worldview.”

      So, as a moslem, a GOOD moslem, you don’t just BELIEVE that the world is flat, that the sun sets in a muddy pool, you absolutely KNOW in your heart that it’s TRUE. And if you would stray, think for yourself, the DJINN on your right shoulder would help you!

      Let me posit a couple more questions:

      What did you and your ‘good moslem’ friends do about all the moslem atrocities like 9/11, which was by no means the first in modern times? Did you all demonstrate? Did you all write letters to newspapers UNEQUIVOCALLY denouncing THOSE events.

      We know ALL about your damned taqiyya. A few imams say: “We denounce ALL acts of terror” conflating everything that has happened anywhere, any time with those particular moslem incidents. In their black hearts they are condemning only those acts which have been against the umma, (especially ANYTHING which Jews/Israel do) and the umma knows that, and therefore agrees with their lies and deceit.

      What did you do about the Danish cartoons? Did you protest vehemently against the accurate portrayals of the caravan bandit, you and 1.5 billion others WORSHIP?

      Did you and your ‘good moslem’ friends bother to look up the facts:

      Basically, the vast majority of the umma was lead by the nose, by their imams and rabble rousers, as they invariably are. So instead of being fatuously called ‘the religion of peace’ it should be called “The CULT of KNEEJERKS”.

      We are still waiting for those ‘Million Man Marches’ in say 15 major cities declaiming: “Not in MY name. I don’t riot over drawings or words. Don’t you DARE intimidate, let alone KILL people in the name of my religion.” (CULT). That would be only 1% of the umma. But, it hasn’t happened. It ain’t gonna happen. Not ever. Not even if mecca freezes over.

      * As far as CIVILIZED human beings go, the whole bloody, putrid, stinking book is 100% SATANIC VERSES.

  8. Spain

    Islamic State group planned kidnappings, an execution and attacks on Jewish shops and public buildings in Spain.

    The jihadist cell broken up by police in Catalonia on Wednesday was planning to kidnap someone in Spain, dress them in an orange suit of the type used by Islamic State for its executions, and make a video recording of their “interrogation” before slitting their throat.

  9. The Egyptian soldier was put to death by ISIS fiends for his patriotism to Egypt and defending his own people. R.I.P.

  10. Translation from 3:05 to 4:55 : To the soldiers in the Egyptian army: I want to ask you and advise you: who benefits the most from what you do? Islam or Israel? I advise you to escape from the army. If you can’t escape, give our back to the sea and keep walking forward till you meet someone from the Islamic state in Sinai. You can join the Islamic state if you wish, if you don’t wish to do so, they will return you home safely. To the soldiers who will not redeem themselves and leave the Egyptian army, your fate will be the same as mine. Save yourselves and learn from my mistakes. Our leaders kept telling us that the Islamic state are just takfirists, but they’re not. They just want is to free Jerusalem and us, the Egyptian army, are the ones stopping them. Our leaders are making us support Israel.”

    The part in the end with the daesh soldier: “To Al Sisi: do no just send reinforcements to Sinai, send all your army. We have the power to destroy ten armies like yours.”
    The rest is the part translated by the Egyptian street. Can’t imagine what kind of torture they put him through to make him say this. RIP.

    • Pete,

      As far as coercive torture is concerned, since the Egyptian soldier almost certainly knew how he would be tortured if he did not cooperate, it is very likely that the IS thugs did not have to make a demonstration to convince him to say what they wanted. It appears from the video that the IS made a deal with him so that in exchange for his cooperation, he would be executed in a relatively painless and more honorable way for a soldier. The executioner shot him in the chest to immobilize him, and then he immediately shot him in the head with a powerful rifle, which would instantly cause him to lose consciousness due to the shock wave in the brain. And by keeping its word (in this case of course), IS can now build the image of a “fair” government.

      The IS thugs are masters of psychological warfare.

    • As I have mentioned before, el Sisi is the one sane voice in the region calling for a Reformation of Islam and fighting the common enemy. Obama has more or less disowned him. Big Foreign Policy mistake.

  11. So… We have a bloody ARMY of sadistic, serial killing MONSTERS but there is nothing we can do about it?
    Obama isn’t even subtle about working against the US anymore!
    Muslims will continue to be inspired by ISIS to commit savage murders all over the west, and there is nothing we can do about it? That’s bullshit! . At the very least, we could stop more Muslims from immigrating here. The Muslims are nothing but trouble, wherever they are in the world. They bring nothing good, only serious problems.

  12. Death to All ISIS and supporters. Sick bastards. Egypt and all coalition members should pull out all the stops. Release the hounds of war on this plague on humanity. Cut off not only the legs of this Hydra but all of its heads as well.