Islamic State (ISIS) in Sinai Peninsula executes Egyptian soldier and beheads a civilian in latest video

rayaThe Egyptian branch of ISIS released another execution video, entitled “A Message” from the Sinai Peninsula. The video released by Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis, which recently pledged allegiance to ISIS, has shown the execution of an Egyptian soldier and the beheading of an unidentified civilian.

Egyptian Streets  Identified as Ahmed Fathy Abou Al Fotouh Salam from Daqahliya, the Egyptian soldier had been part of a tank battalion and was stationed at a military outpost that was ambushed on April 2, leading to the deaths of 15 soldiers and two civilians.

Ahmed Fathy Abou Al Fotouh Salam
Ahmed Fathy Abou Al Fotouh Salam

The terrorist group claimed to have captured and executed Ahmed, whose age was not revealed, over what it called the “military’s crimes” in North Sinai.

In the video below, Ahmed is seen reading a script from a Teleprompter while under clear duress, often on the verge of tears. “I want to tell my mom that Ibrahim, my brother, should not join the military so that what happened to him doesn’t happen to me,” says Ahmed to viewers as his eyes drift towards what appears to be a Teleprompter. 


“My guilt is in on President al-Sisi. The guilt of all soldiers is on al-Sisi. And the burning of hearts of their mothers is on al-Sisi…Soldiers for the Military are just numbers.”

The start of the video shows the capture of Ahmed and ends with the ‘execution-style’ killing of Ahmed by a masked militant carrying an AK-47. Prior to his death, an unidentified man is beheaded by the militant, who wears white latex gloves while carrying a large knife.