RENSSELAER: Another college bows down to Islamic jihadists, postpones screening of “American Sniper”

rpi_msaThe campus movie theater at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) has postponed an April 10 screening of “American Sniper” after the Muslim (Jihadi) Students Association (MSA), a North American front group for the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood, pitched a bitch and demanded an all-out cancellation of the hit film, reports Campus Reform.


Daily Caller  RPI has long upheld the values of respect and coexistence, thus it is only our highest concern that this screening would not create any tensions or hatred among students at RPI,” explained a Thursday afternoon run-on sentence Facebook post from the Student Union-run movie theater on the Troy, N.Y. campus.  (You mean like the terrorism supported by Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups all over the world?)


Look who else belonged to the Muslim Student Association in Boston:


“We realized that this movie has caused heightened tension across communities and college campuses nationwide, including violent actions and even murders. We decided that instead of showing the movie as a regular Friday Night Movie, it should be coupled with an educational forum,” the Facebook post further stated.

similar situation happened earlier this week at the University of Michigan when the school’s Middle Eastern and North Africa (MENA) and Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) condemned the movie as offensive and asked that it not be shown. Since the controversy, the university has reinstated the showing of the film.


Back at RPI, a petition demanding that “American Sniper” be shown on campus before the end of the semester has garnered over 250 signatures at the 7,000-student school.