An American Mosque…BURNING!

The ultimate “Oh, pity me, I am a Muslim, a victim of Islamophobic ‘racism’ (even though Islam is not a race)” mockumentary about a mosque that was burned down in ‘Caliphornia’ way back in 1994.


An American Mosque is a sickening documentary about the first mosque destroyed by arson in United States history and the Muslims affected by this hate-crime. In 1994, arsonists broke into a newly constructed mosque in Yuba City, California, doused prayer rugs with gasoline, then lit the building ablaze. The mosque was reduced to ashes.

The community re-doubled their efforts and constructed a new mosque by 2000. . .(followed, even more dangerously, by the construction of about 2,000 more new mosques since then…many of them hotbeds of Islamic terrorism)


One mosque arson in 1994. And ONLY one mosque arson in America since 9/11. How many churches have been burned down by Muslims around the world since 2001? Hundreds? Thousands? Four churches were burned down in heavily Muslim Melbourne, Australia this past Easter. No documentaries about any of them. obama-rebuilds-mosques-while-churches-burn-all-over-the-middle-east)