EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY: Four Muslim student jihadist wannabes arrested for trying to disrupt showing of film ‘American Sniper’

EasternLogo_365204_7Four out of 40 of the Muslim student thugs were arrested after disrupting the planned showing of ‘American Sniper’ Friday evening in the EMU Student Center Auditorium. The film had begun but was stopped and eventually cancelled because of the latest in a series of Muslim attacks on our Constitution in order to deny the free speech rights of Americans in America. The 10 p.m. showing was cancelled as well.


Eastern Echo  Following similar attacks by Muslims at other American universities, Muslim students Ahmed Abbas, Layali Alsadah, Jenna Hamed, and Sabreen Dari, barged in with about 35 other Muslim students to shut down the 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. showings of the Academy Award-winning film.

The protesters filed onto the stage under the screen and held up two signs. One read, “Is this your idea of dialogue?” and the other one had the definition of propaganda.

“We are never allowed to challenge [administration]. When we do, we get arrested and we are taken in,” Abbas said. “That is the issue here that we have. Administration that says Campus Life is supposed to be about students [and students] have no right to challenge them in what we want and what we should be watching.”


Abbas said administration does not care about public safety. (Yes, they do, which is why YOU were arrested)  “The reality is, this is about a process of not allowing cultural appropriation for the movies being allowed into the university,” Abbas said.

“This is not about freedom of speech, this is not about freedom of expression, this is about pubic safety and people being respected with dignity. That’s the reality – that’s why we’re here. If you want to voice yourself, students shouldn’t be protesting.” Someone began playing music over the sound system and Abbas could not be heard over it.

According to Sergeant Thompson the students arrested are being referred to the office of Student Conduct and Community Standard for possible university sanctions.

These islamofascist insurgencies are popping up at universities all over America. Don’t jail them, just send them back to the Islamic hellholes they or their parents crawled out of.