NRA says: Islamic extremists have seized control of U.S. cities

dearborn-michigan-has-the-highest-concentrationIslamic extremists have seized control of cities like Dearborn, Michigan across the United States and have begun enacting sharia law, according to a speaker at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting who spoke about current and emerging threats to American gun owners.


Mint Press News  Author Steve Tarani said during a presentation in Nashville on Sunday that he has witnessed the alleged “no-go zones” — areas where non-Muslim police cannot enter — while shadowing a friend who serves on the Detroit Metro SWAT Police on a drive in Dearborn, MI. He described pulling up to one of the alleged Muslim-controlled areas:


The street signs suddenly went from English to Arabic. There wasn’t a single English word on any shop or any street sign. And in fact, these little yellow signs were posted all along the edges. Jeremy said to me, ‘this is it. We don’t go past this line.’ And I said to Jeremy, ‘what do you mean? You guys are Detroit Metro. You’re the SWAT team. You can go anywhere you want. What if you get a call over there?’ He said ‘this is it, it’s hazardous for our team if we go past this line.’

I have seen it with my own eyes, witnessed it in the backseat of a car and it is for real. No-go zones exist in the United States.

Sharia-compliant HOME DEPOT allows designated terrorist group CAIR to give Muslim sensitivity training to non-Muslim employees
Sharia-compliant HOME DEPOT allows designated terrorist group CAIR to give Muslim sensitivity training to non-Muslim employees

Dearborn, Michigan is not the only place that these settlements exist. They are spread out over the country in various cities. There’s an estimate of over 5,000 known terrorist cells in the United States. However our most persistent and significant threat, right now, to us here today this morning, is the homegrown violent extremists.


Tarani’s comments were part of an hour-long seminar in which he discussed what he claims are the threats Americans face on a daily basis. The frequency and intensity of “mass murders, beheadings and suicide bombings” are increasing, he said. After detailing the events of a number of mass shootings and terrorist plots by an “endless supply” of militant groups around the world, Tarani told the audience they should be prepared to respond to all kinds of threats.

And this happened to Christians in the middle of Miami
And this happened to Christians in the middle of Miami

Tarani also warned that the country’s “porous borders” are letting extremists and terrorists into the United States. “It’s possible that at least 20 percent of what comes over that border — that’s a big number, guys — is Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ethiopian al shabaab, known gang members and supports of the cartel,” he said, warning people to arm themselves to respond to threats before law enforcement can.


The story of no-go zones was also spread earlier this year by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), who said in an interview that there are Muslim areas in Europe that are dominated by extremist Muslims where the police refuse to enter. Fox News previously made several mentions of no-go zones, prompting British Prime Minister David Cameron to publicly refute the claim and even call one pundit “a complete idiot.” But as you can see at the link here, the story is not only true, it is spreading to all countries in the West. MUSLIM NO-GO ZONES


There are more than 20 Muslim terrorist training camps in America according to FBI reports. Islamic Terror Enclaves in America


The largest Muslim population in America is in Dearborn, Michigan, better known as ‘Dearbornistan’ where more than 30 percent of the population is Muslim — but despite the rumors, the city is not governed by Sharia law. (Not officially maybe, but try protesting against sharia law there and see how how fast you get arrested by the Muslim police chief) According to the far left rag, the Daily Beast, the myth of no-go zones in the city is “a phenomenon that baffles Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly.”

“The people who perpetuate it use it for their own gain,” O’Reilly told the website. “There are certain sites and individuals who like to perpetuate fear of Muslims — the people who like to suggest Muslims shouldn’t remain in the U.S.” (A feeling supported by nearly half of all Americans)

Dearborn, Michigan has emerged as the leading U.S. city where Islamic hatred for and intolerance of non-Muslims proliferates.