INSANITY: Liverpool Football Club to take action against fan who posted a photo of Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the stadium, calling it a ‘disgrace’

Stephen Dodd tweeted a picture of Asif Bodi and Abubakar Bhula worshipping on their knees in a stairwell of Liverpool’s Anfield ground. He added the caption: ‘Muslims praying at half-time at the match yesterday #DISGRACE.’

Muslim supremacists sticking their asses in your face at a stadium
Muslim supremacists sticking their asses in your face at a stadium

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  Mr Dodd’s post, made after Liverpool took on Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup last month, was met with widespread condemnation on social media, with users branding him a ‘bigot’ and ‘disgrace to humanity’. The tweet was reported to police, who investigated but decided no criminal offense had taken place. (Criminal? For speaking the truth? It’s not only a disgrace, it’s disgusting) They have referred the matter back to the club. 

Last night, Liverpool promised to take ‘appropriate action’ against the supporter. It is not known if Mr Dodd is a season ticket holder, but he could have this revoked or be banned from future matches.


Yesterday Mr Bodi, 46, a solicitor from Preston, told the Daily Mail that it was not the first time he had prayed at a match. It was during half-time that we needed to pray,’ the lawyer said. ‘We have a small window in which to pray. That day, the time came for prayer and the window would have closed before the game finished so we did it at half-time. 

Muslims are required to pray five times each day – between dawn and sunrise; at midday when the sun passes its highest point; in the late afternoon; just after sunset; and around nightfall. (But if they miss the prayers, they are allowed to make it up in the privacy of their own home or in the nearest toilet)


Bodi said, ‘He should be given a talking to and made to go on an awareness course or educating.’ Mr Bhula, 37, who is also a solicitor, said he would happily meet with Mr Dodd to explain the importance of prayers in Islam. (Nobody gives a damn what is important to Islam. You are in England, not Crapistan. Act like it)I would be quite happy to meet with him to explain why we pray and when it needs to be done.’ (I’m sure he’d like to meet with you too, to explain what needs to be done with muslim supremacists scumming up his country)

In a statement, Liverpool said discrimination would not be tolerated at the club and it would ‘take appropriate action against the individual involved’. In 2013, a group of West Ham Muslims were abused by onlooking fans because they were praying behind the main stand at Upton Park during a match. Campaigners have called for football clubs to install prayer rooms so Muslim fans can pray in peace and avoid the possibility of anti-Islamic abuse.

Apparently, this disgraceful behavior happens often at stadiums: