AUSTRALIA: Toowoomba mosque was seriously damaged overnight in second arson attack

A SECOND suspected arson attack on a southeast Queensland mosque has been labeled by some as a shocking and outrageous crime against religious tolerance. (NO, not against religion tolerance, against the most intolerant religion on earth)


Courier Mail  (h/t Larry A) Spokesman for the Islamic Council of Queensland Ali Kadri said it was an obvious attack on the Islamic religion and community.  “The Muslim community are living in constant fear,” he  said. (I guess that’s the idea) “There are people who are motivated by hatred of Muslims.” (Apparently)

Speaking from Toowoomba, Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller said the violent attack had appalled the Queensland Government and would not be tolerated. Police are investigating the second suspicious blaze at the Toowoomba mosque in the space of three months. “We are totally disgusted by it,” she said.


The community must rally to outlaw those who disrupt others wanting to practise their religion peacefully, she said. (Peaceful Islam is an oxymoron)

Islamic Society of Toowoomba founding president Professor Shahjahan Khan said the mosque had not received any explicit threats before the attacks. “We have nothing against you – we haven’t done anything wrong against you,” he appealed to the perpetrators. (So you say)


“We are happy to forgive them if they come forward.” (They don’t need your forgiveness, they need you to get out of Australia)

The congregation acknowledged their actions did not reflect the broader community, he said. (Are you sure about that?) Mayor Paul Antonio seconded the sentiment, and said the city was determined to uphold its reputation for peace and harmony. (Only if you reduce the Muslim population)


But the suspicious fire has also inflamed tensions with anti-Islam groups, such as Reclaim Australia. The group hit the headlines earlier this month after holding nationwide – and at times, violent – rallies to oppose “sharia law, halal tax and Islamization”. 

Its Brisbane Facebook page was swamped with comments praising the apparent mosque attack after administrators posted a news article about the blaze. “Just another ‘False Flag’ to make themselves look like the victims of hate crimes,” one man wrote. Another went so far as to congratulate those responsible: “Whoever lit it up is a champion.” “Damn I’m all out of marshmallows,” another said.


The president of the Toowoomba Islamic community Professor Shahjahan Khan has also asked the suspected arsonist to think about the damage they have caused to the community. “Think of the consequences you have done,” Prof Khan said. (Yeah, I”m sure they can think about nothing else)

Islamic Society of Toowoomba founding president Professor Shahjahan Khan said the latest attack had left the Muslim community without a place to worship.

Muslims don't need a mosque. They can lift there asses to allah anywhere they want and they do.
Muslims don’t need a mosque to worship in. They can lift there asses to allah anywhere they want and they do, unconcerned about how much this offends non-muslims

It is the second such attack on the mosque this year. In January, a man tried unsuccessfully to burn the mosque by starting a fire in a bin and turning on gas in a neighbouring building.

Police have doorknocked the area and collected CCTV footage to try to track down those responsible. The mosque site has also been declared a crime scene as scientific officers pore over the damage.