Awwww…Sabotage suspected in mosque fire in northern Greece

A fire broke out at a mosque just before Friday prayers in Komotini city in northeastern Greece that left the roof and interior damaged.


World Bulletin  An elected mufti at the Komotini Ibrahim Sharif told the Anadolu Agency that it was not yet known what exactly caused the fire in the mosque, but there was suspicion that it was an act of sabotage. He said that the fact that another masjid in the same area was attacked at the same time was deeply suspicious.

Unidentified people had damaged trees at a courtyard of another mosque in the same neighborhood. A number of freshly-planted saplings and trees in the rear of that mosque had been uprooted. “These two incidents cannot be a coincidence. Personally, I think that this was sabotage,” the mufti added. (Greeks haven’t forgotten the genocide of 950,000 Greek Christians by Turkish Muslims not that long ago)