Islamic State (ISIS) slaughters and beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya (WARNING: Extremely graphic)

The ISIS spokesjihadist in this video appears to have a North American accent.


Shoebat  A new video just discovered reveals ISIS taking thirty innocent Ethiopian Christians in Libya, and beheading 15 of them and shooting the other 15 execution style. In the video the ISIS terrorist affirms that they will continue killing Christians until “polytheism” is destroyed, that is, until the belief in the Trinity is destroyed. 


The video allegedly shows two groups of captives, one held by a subsidiary of the Islamic State in eastern Libya called Barka Province and the other held by a subsidiary in Southern Province Fazzan call.


A masked man wielding a gun says that Christians must convert to Islam or pay a special tax as prescribed by the Quran. The video then alternates between images of captives in the south who shot dead and others in the east to the beheading on a beach.


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  1. WordPress is not a good hosting service, they do not allow total free speech. If I were you I’d go with another hosting service, ditch wordpress. They are cowards.

  2. This is Islam stop trying to cover it up as if it’s something else. The truth is Muhammed was a violent man who committed atrocity after atrocity. My dear muslim brothers who are confused about your religion.It’s a religion of hate and war and you’re the victims simply because you were born in that part of the world. So from little kids you’re being thought how to kill anyone who’s against Allah or has a different faith than yourself. It’s the Devil’s religion. Mohammed raped and killed on sight and so you believe he was right to do so.he had many wives including some that were 12 years old. If this is your idol then seriously look at yourselves in the mirror and ask yourself do you want to follow this abomination that is ISLAM or die. Because I can promise you this will not go unanswered. Even though my religion is a forgiving one you have awoken a Sleeping Beast that will not forgive nor forget. JESUS is the only salvation and through him you can be purified. I urge every-single one of you to study and then study some more and may-be God-willing you’ll see the light. May peace be upon you

  3. You reported in a prior email that these people told ISIS to go to hell. That’s a lie and I hope you hold liars accountable. President Rouhani told Obamaqto go to shell in August 2014. Obama deserved it many times over! So please don’t make mockery of what was said then. It also makes this story on such horrific barbarism to seem like you treat it as entertainment.

    This is barbarism! Don’t attack Muslims! They brutally murder the most compassionate Muslims! You know this! Barbarism occurred under the umbrella of Christianity. Consider that, please. If you don’t hone in on the reality and report it, terrorism will grow. Maybe you figure it makes you more money. I would hope you place purpose first.

    • It IS entertaining when muslims behead muslims. Compassionate muslim in an oxymoron. There is no compassion in islam for anyone but other muslims. Please show us exactly where this same kind of barbarity occurred under Christianity.

      I only wish doing this would make me a lot of money. Why don’t you leave a donation so you can be entertained some more.

    • There are no compassionate Muslims. Just look at the way those Muslim “refugees” are behaving. They behave like rabid animals

  4. An Open Letter to the ISIS Leaders Who Beheaded and Shot the Ethiopian Christians: You Gave the Church 30 More Martyrs

    Who will ever escape from death? In case you haven’t noticed, blinded by the false sense of power your guns and knives have given you, one day, you will also die. To die is nothing new. To die a martyr is big. You gave our fellow men the chance of that meaningful death.

    You took 30 ordinary Ethiopians and overnight, turned them into martyrs, you showed us the beauty of a faithful Ethiopian who would rather die than deny his God. In the Easter season when they remember the sacrifices of their Lord and creator, you prepared the path for them to follow him even unto death. And in the season where we now celebrate his resurrection, you gave us more reason to believe in the God they saw beyond death – the God who told them they would judge nations in the world after this; the Christ who taught them, those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

    What a beauty an Ethiopian has – even at the footsteps of death. What a beauty the faithful Ethiopians have with pride written all over their face. And they deserve their pride – they just became the nation’s new heroes. They no longer pray for their souls. We beg that they pray for us. Every mass will now consider them saints, thanks to you, and will ask they pray for us that we may keep our faith if times like this arrive. You made them the envy of priests and clergy, partakers in the golden pages of history and the kingdom oblivious to your hateful eyes. Again, death is nothing new. No one gets to live forever. To die a hero is a rare gift you gave these 30 faithful Ethiopians.

    But let’s set one thing straight. You don’t know a thing about faith or religion. And you are doing Muslims world-wide, a huge injustice. And more importantly, you don’t teach Ethiopians about the Quran or about Islam. Long before your ancestors had the courage to accept it, Ethiopia opened its doors and provided refuge to the Prophet Mohammed and his family when they fled execution from Mecca. Long before your ancestors had the faith to accept the religion, Ethiopia constructed its first Mosque and declared Allahu Akbar, God is great. The Prophet sent his people to a Christian country, to the people of the cross, to seek refuge. And years later, you, who call yourselves his decedents, repay the gratitude by slaughtering the children of the cross. To the Muslims in Ethiopia, they are fellow brothers that they would never dream of hurting.

    Don’t trade in the name of religion. You can never teach Ethiopians about Christianity and the Muslim faith you are doing injustice to. The blood of the men you slaughtered and shot are evidence that faith runs in our blood – and we would rather die than deny the one who gave his life for us. No one escapes death; we all die. I would rather die a martyr than live a murderer.

    And the beatify of it all is this – in their last minutes, while taking their last breaths in this world, they probably have prayed what their loving God taught them to pray at the cross – they probably have prayed you be forgiven, for you absolutely know not what you do!

    For people of the cross, “to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Haven’t you heard? Death has been destroyed on the cross – not by the sword, but by love.

  5. To All Christian; Islam is preparing the slaughter and christians will be preparing the lambs for the slaughter

  6. They are coward people killing innocent people if they have dare they should come and fight with the soldiers .They are kidnapping girls and marrying against their will.
    they should be tortured in same way. They do not have faith and respect for other region. I request all the super power should wipe out these people. They are not spreading name of ISLAM but making more spoiled.

    • Too bad but ISIS is the absolute most Muslim group who can explain their behavior exactly according to the Quran and Hadith plus traditional scholars. They are the truest Islam, acting exactly the way Mohammed did (read his biography by ibn ishaq), doing all the same evil deeds that Mohammed did.

      The truth is that Islam is evil, you just need to read the scriptures to realize it. The only way out is to renounce Islam completely and refuse to bow to the evil black cube in Mecca. Islam is submission to evil.

  7. I’m so disturb by this! How can one do such thing to innocent people who are simply believing in God? What God is going to be pleased about this? I don’t understand why we can’t just live in peace and love one another. This world has become a scary place to live in. Why are we not helping the one’s in need? If they are trying to kill and get rid of all Christians no one is safe. They going to start making there way to where ever. United States is so concerned about its safety with the ISIS Group to the point they aren’t helping poor people like this. Something needs to be done as soon as possible.I just pray to God we can all unite regardless of race, religion and culture.

  8. This is what awaits us (non Muslims) if Islam dominates the world. We will be forced to convert or get our heads cut off in a similar way. We all non Muslims should join hands and start killing all these PIGS before its too late. PEACE will only be a dream if these PIGS dominate the world.

    • We hv to understand this IS Beyond any human understanding. U cant fight evil BY EVIL but we can protect those ones that are becoming a traget which is our young children, young brothers and sisters! Pls educate the young generatiion. there’s a saying (IF YOU WANT TO HURT THE MOTHER , THEN HURT HER CHILD)!It’s a war weall hv to fight by blocking Their strength which are the young children. brainwashiing , false promises …and all the rest!!! so lets fight this war by teaching and openly talking to our children. We might thing they’re too young to knowvor toobgraphic but my brother’s and sister’s TRUE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ,,, ALSO LITTLE KNOWLEDGE OR TWISTED KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS,!,!!!!!!!!!!

  9. WTF is wrong with these Islamic psychopaths. What have innocent peaceful ordinary Christians done to these evil demons to deserve this? Why do these mofos slaughter helpless victims as though they were killing animals (halal)? I am so enraged by all this. These assholes can only kill and slaughter innocent lamb like people. I hope these cowards get served asap. I hope Muhammad (piss be upon him) will see to it that these assholes are sent straight to Jahannum (hell). Die assshole Jihadis DIE!

  10. Its nothing to blame on each other or criticize what they did or what we did. Its pure evil slitting throats and killing of any innocent doesn’t matter he is Muslim Christian or Jewish. This is a sign of Dajjal or Antichrist is taking over the world. Other wise human life would never be that cheap
    May God have Mercy on all of us

    • Why are u living in denail Khan? These assholes are beheading innocent Christians in the name of Islam. This is purely a religious issue. These motherfuckers know nothing but hate and strife towards people of faiths other than their own (Shias included).

    • Do you not realize that they are just acting exactly like Mohammed did? All they are doing is trying to act exactly like Mohammed. Read the history of Mohammed, then decide if you still want to follow his cult.

      • A Cadillac with 3 Islamists goes over a cliff. What is the tragedy of this story? A Cadillac seats six.

    • D wang, Nimrod and Debbie are pretty much absolutely right:
      1: Muslims hate and will kill anyone not their religion.
      2: Mohammed loved to behead people. That perv liked to see people suffer.
      3: There might be a good muslim out there somewhere. Haven’t heard of him yet…..

    • thanks for making us non Muslims believe that your religion is a violent one. Stop saying this is not Islam, this is not the teachings of Allah. Your Koran recommends ridiculous one sided theories on how to handle others, who aren’t the same as you. You Muslims try to act as special and different from others. Wake up. The world isn’t made up of people who try too hard to prove the righteousness of their archaic religion. Coming from a Muslim country, I can see how oppressed non Muslims are. I’m getting out of here. Thank you, for showing your true colors, Muslims.

    • The Maitreya the false prophet indeed. It was said everyone will hear him and see him speak in their native tongue. All will understand the message he will send. Encouraging all to watch. Making it hard to look away by all of the horrific images all across the world.

  11. Muslim con-artists here in the West will tell us that, “These aren’t really muslims, they’ve “hijacked” a peaceful religion, this goes against islam.” These charlatans would have us believe that our nice muslims HERE…are different from those bad muslims over THERE. How many times have we seen these excuses from muslims right in these comments?

    So, I think it’s important to take from this:

    Muslims are muslims, wherever they are; this is what they do when they’re in control

    Their goals are the same–worldwide caliphate and subjugation to islam–only their methods differ, by circumstance and opportunity

    The “peaceful,” smiley-faced “civilizational jihad” practiced by “moderate” muslims HERE…is directly related, and leads to exactly what muslims are doing over THERE

    As the saying goes:

    A “radical” muslim wants to behead you. A “moderate” muslim wants a radical muslim to behead you…

  12. How many Indians visit this blog? You said you get second largest readers from India? Sounds like crap? Indians are most secular and tolerant though anti Muslim violence is increasing & Brewing. I m an Indian too.

  13. I believe that God is taking care of all of these people (Christians) being killed. I think its like the men in the fire (and Jesus was with them). I don’t believe these people are feeling a thing when they behead or kill them.

    • Stop talking crap! of course they feel it! It would be horrific! and your stupid god does not exist and neither does theirs. I have no patience with stupid and the stupidity of your post, and other’s like it.. floors me! I have no patience with cruelty and savagery so my hatred of all things religious, but islam in particular is immense.

      • I believe the victims are usually drugged so that they won’t resist and the propaganda video will go more smoothly. Otherwise the videos would have a tendency to show some defiant victims.

      • You are calling him stupid because you are stupid yourself. We all know they are humans and they feel the pain and as I am particularly their relative I feel their suffering more than you do. However what you don’t understand is this Christianity is beyond all these. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t die brutally but yet not afraid of death or gun or knife unlike you. They had a choice to denai Christ and live. But they didn’t. You know why? Because they knew dying with Him is better than living without Him or with these idiot Muslim. You have no right to speak of our God like this if you don’t believe in Him just leave Him alone. Nobody forced you. You’re not supposed to comment on things you don’t even know at all.

  14. …..and the pope is shedding tears and more concerned for the ‘precious’ lives of the filthy muzzCRAP who are trying to sneak into Europe, by hook or crook, from Libya.

      • I think we(USA) are willing. By that I mean every day Americans and soldiers. Our military wouldn’t bat an eye if they told them to move but the problem is the commander in chief is a Muslim sympathizer if not a Muslim himself. He will always take their side… no matter what. He’s shown it time and time again. He’s a laughable excuse for an American.

      • Obama really??? Funny how no one get’s it. This war has been going on for over 2,000. It will never end until one side kills the other or the stupid 90% of us say “ENOUGH” to all the religious zealots out there on both sides. Religious extremism is Satin’s way of mocking god. By pimping your religion you are proving yourself to be Satin’s little bitch. Apathy is our greatest evil so do something about it. Tell any religious nut case to shut the fuck up. If we all could grows some balls and stop being so damn polite to Satin’s bitches our problems would be over. Freedom of religion is not freedom to impose religion.

  15. These Ethiopian Christians were delusional enough to imagine that they could blend with the hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees on their way to Europe without being noticed by the Muslims. They were so wrong…

    Similarly, it was reported recently that Christian African refugees were thrown overboard from the boats by the Muslims when they were going to Europe.

    In both cases, the perpetrators think that Europe is too small to be shared with Christian African refugees, they want all of EU (sitting duck) for themselves. Avarice at its worst.

  16. I was reading the report in the AP and something suddenly hit me. It has to do with the arrest of the teenagers in Melbourne Australia. The name that caught my attention was “al Furqan” said to be a media arm of IS. That is very interesting because there is a very strong association between the Al Furquan “mosque” in Springvale, Melbourne and those who were arrested as well as the teenager who knifed the police and was killed. It is also linked to others who have gone to Syria and Iraq, including some who have already been killed. This is the first time that I have seen this very strong association.

  17. Meanwhile, Israel is demonised and blamed for all the ills around the world,whilst these savages are allowed to get away inflicting their barbaric 7th century religion on innocent civilians.

    • Judi there is no justification for killing of any innocent. It doesn’t matter killing of these 30 Christians or any Palestinian matter is innocent been murdered

      • There are NO PALESTINIAN people as “race” or tribe.
        The “philistines” of the OT were PAGANS, the Islamic Kings David & Solomon fought. Long since vanished in history.

        Why do people fall for the lies of muSlimes? Where was the independent state of the DISTINCT different tribe/race “palestine” under the rule of the ottman turks?

    • Hey that’s not right. Pakistan & Bangladesh blame India for everything whether its illegal immigrants issue or cease fire violation. They also claim we have armed the Pak Taliban & Peshawar was our handiwork. They whine that we are committing atrocities on Kashmiri Bandits while its other way round, while they can train terrorists to bleed India through a thousand cuts. While others blame jews & Israel everywhere.

      Recently leftist claimed Indian Mujahedin was formed due to 2002 Gujarat pogrom. Our former home minister of INC claimed Modi’s BJP was training Hindu terrorists. LIAR its they who are training Islamist jihadis.

  18. More like they will keep beheading anyone with an IQ over 80 or anyone with any goodness in them at all until the whole world is turned into a reflection of the hell where their demonic cult leader Mohammed is burning now.

    Even according to their own beliefs, I don’t get why they think that bowing to that black cube in Mecca is a good idea. Black is supposed to be associated with evil even in Islamic scripture, but the jihadi flag is black, their highest religious authorities wear black, and they worship a black cube. Furthermore, worshiping a black cube resembles pre-Mohammed arab pagan religion in which cube shaped stones were worshiped as idols, which they claim to disapprove of. But the cube shaped stones being worshiped weren’t black until Mohammed came along.

    The cube looks like a depiction of a gateway to hell from a video game or movie. Regardless, it seems to be having a hell-like effect on its true followers.

    • I highly recommend written y a Christian, it puts the Quran in chronological,order with what happened in Muhammeds life. Just reading the Quran is confusing. And a website and a book called The book, its all about muhammed is by FW Burleigh, available on Amazon. It is a biography of Muhammed, a little of the verses ofvthe Quran in jt butvmostly Muhammeds life, whatbhe did, said,, the people aroind him, how they reacted to Muhammeds ” religion” these are exelllent places to begin to understand Islam and Muhammed. We all need to know the truth of Islam so when Muslims start spouting all their lies we can throw the truth back in their faces. I have found Muslims really dont like non muslims ( those who arent learning in order to convert to Islam) to know so much about Islam, and it certainly does make Muslims angry when a non muslim can show a muslim to be a liar bybknowing the truth about Islam and being able to quote their reference books and Quran!!!! I just love getting into discusions on,ine with Muslims , who think I am interested in cahtting casue I want toconvert, then find out really quickly I make them look like three kinds of a fool!!!!!!

      • Talking to Muslims online is funny, because they think that the only reason the unbelievers haven’t converted to Islam is that they haven’t read the Quran. So you read the Quran, tell them you read the Quran, then tell them it’s a bunch of barbaric bullshit and why. Then they’re like “noooo! This is impossible! How could anyone read the Quran and not convert to Islam?” Lol! It’s typical of the stupid magical thinking among Muslims.

  19. im a muslim and i will take on 10 of those cowards who cover their faces, mother fuckers, im well pissed off, killing innocents, shame on them, they think they going heaven the only place they are going is in hell!

    • Don’t tell us – we’re not the problem.

      Go and actually do something concrete about it with your co-religionists instead of muslims telling us how wonderful and misunderstood islam is.

      ISIS can justify ALL that they do by reading the koran. So maybe a first step is to rewrite the koran, taking out all the bits that they use to justify their actions. But their leader is a PhD. in islamic studies don’t forget – so you’ll need to brush up o your ‘scriptures’.

    • They are imitating Mohammed as precisely as possible so they can’t be accused of not being Muslims. Basically they are trying to “out Muslim” all other Muslims.

      How are you going to fix this if Mohammed is considered the most perfectly moral example of how one should act?

  20. the dirty horrbile little smelly rats.
    bomb the lot of them they think they’re religious!! what a joke they dont even know the meaning of the word.

  21. And who is that ugly piece of garbage at the end? What the hell is he saying? “I”m an ugly piece of garbage please curb stomp me”

  22. Happy video was cut down from the original 29 minutes. I saw it this a.m. Action starts at 24-min mark. Lucky ones were shot.

    Profoundly offensive to see the words ‘Jesus the Son of Mary’ used in Islam to justify our deaths and the destruction of Christianity. This alone is Blasphemy.

  23. Not one American life is worth stopping the muslums from killing the muslums in the middle east. Our brave soldiers are sent to go to syria, afghanistan, iraq and so on to stop sunni muslums from killing shia muslums and vica versa the mayhem goes on and on. We can no more stop the muslum blood lust mayhem, murder and chaos that has been going on for over 1400 years than we can stop the earth from turning. muslums love chaos and we lose our soldiers trying to stop them from what they have been doing for and loving for years.

  24. It’s clear Sharia Law Jihad ISIS Muslims have been slowly invading our country and possess a fearful third-world uncivilized fatalistic tactical apathy towards Western culture and American values – America is already infuriated over their 9/11 terrorist attacks; Raping and enslaving young girls and women; Barbaric beheading of Christians; Benghazi torturous murders; Marrying off little girls to their mature pedophile men; Burning people alive; And the barbaric cutting away little girls clitorises is the utmost barbaric of their genocide torture!! And now they are rationalizing to devour wives is and their “enemies” as rational? How sick! We’re standing our ground and wont tolerate such third-world vulgar beliefs they’re trying to implement on our soil!! By no means will you barbarians “ever” succeed in America. They are very unsophisticated and stupid to undermine our culture and American values!! Open the season on ISIS Jihadist !!!

  25. It’s already 1400 years that innocent people are getting brutally killed by these animals..I believe the world must get United one day and eliminate this dangerous religion from the face of the earth just the same as they did in ww 2 … Either by military actions and educating Muslims.

      • It’s not just their problem. .if the world was thinking same as you, Europe would still be part of Nazis now ..we are living in a global village. .everything relates to everyone ..

        • The Germans and Europeans appreciated our help in freeing them from the Nazis. Muslims hate us no matter how much we help them. It’s time they helped themselves for a change. Muslims are not worthy of our blood and treasure.

      • I have 2 answers for you BNI, 1. Japanese were hating you too during ww2 but now they are your close friends.
        2. isn’t part of today’s iraqs crisis because of U.S. invasion and Then leaving there while there is still no solid army or governments?

        • The Japanese military government hated us, not the Japanese people. Their religion did not order them to kill all non-Buddhists. I’ve lived in Japan and there is no comparison between them and muslims. We spent 8 years training the Iraqi Army. They have a huge Army but if they didn’t learn how to fight in that much time, they deserve to die. We have them billions of dollars in weapons and equipment which they gave up to ISIS at the first sign of trouble.

  26. Muslims are psychopatic animals, which they show time and time again. They should be put down like dogs with rabies. Period!

  27. Muslim lust for infidel blood is insatiable. These are the savages that traitor Western leaders have/are colonising our nations with.

    Thanks to our Muslim-adorer traitor leaders, rivers of blood are going to flow in our streets.

    • Our Western politicians are so much in denial that it makes me wonder if they are living on another planet. Can’t they see that only one third of the Qur’an is about peace and the other two thirds is violent? No “moderate” Muslim will march in protest against the brutality of Islam and the horror of Shari’a Law. Many Muslims HAVE spoken against Islam and they live with guards around them, fearing for their lives.

      I have a whole library of books on this subject, especially the Life of Muhammad. In Mecca he was not that powerful however, he became very powerful in Medina and all those that did NOT convert to his way of thinking and teachings, were brutally murdered. This example of Muhammad’s reign of terror is being re-enacted now and people still say “the Prophet Muhammad PEACE BE UPON HIM”. WHAT A LOT OF GARBAGE. Islam, if not seriously addressed by Western politicians, will one day and not too far away, be the dominant religion and non-Muslims will be fearing for their lives. I

      n order to educate yourselves,, has a huge library of books on this subject. It is very accessible., Education is a MUST if Western Societies want to learn about Islam, the Qur’an and generally the History of Islam and Muhammad. “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” is their aim and they are getting great results and gains, thanks to our “blind” politicians who would not know if their arse was on fire and the “politically correct do gooders” who have no idea what Islam is all about. NO, IT IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE. If it were, these horrendous acts of violence would NOT occur.

      People who have no idea say, “All religions are the same”. Well, do we see Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists etc., carry out these atrocities in the name of their religion? NO. Do we see these religions have suicide bombers? NO. Do we see these religions brain-washing young children to the point that these children want to become suicide bombers so that they can be martyred and looked upon in their heaven, Allah, as good Muslims? NO, Do we have our mothers glorify proudly their sons who became martyrs? NO. Do we welcome death as they do in the name of Allah? NO.

      We in Democratic countries believe in “Freedom of Speech”. Unfortunately, our “Freedom of Speech” is, with the help of the Press, is being denied us, claiming we are bigots, racists, etc. etc. The Press is actually “aiding” these monsters. Muslims are breeding like rabbits compared to most Westerners and it won’t be long before they outnumber us. Once they have majority, their votes will put in place Muslims as leaders of our so called Democratic countries and Shari’a Laws will govern our way of life, the life that our ancestors fought and died for.

      I conclude in saying. IF our Western leaders don’t do something to curb the wave of Islam into our Western Democratic Societies and start by putting in place Laws to protect us against the encroachment of Islam, then there WILL be CIVIL WAR. THAT WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO PRESERVE OUR DEMOCRATIC WAY OF LIFE.

  28. Bonni, about how many of your readers are African American?
    It’s strange that it seems that the majority of Westerners against Islam are whites, especially when we are being beheaded and murdered the least. Maybe videos like this will convert a few more dhimmis.

  29. Is this ISIS idea of a fun day at the beach. But find it funny seen these orange suits before. They are the same the Marine had on in Iran on the fox interview of of the family. If they are can understand when we Bomb a location were ISIS is suppose to be they are else where. Like getting to the Northern border of Saudi Arabia. Has Obama changed from the Muslim brotherhood to ISIS.

    Think Congress needs to put foreign affairs committee on fast track to check this out. ISIS is not in the interest of the UNITED STATES. If he is with ISIS and Iran that is treason. Charges can be brought up to impeach him and he could be hanged by Christmas. This would show why the first lady and 30 of her friends used air force 1 to fly to Spain in the middle of the night to see a mosques. But even that is wrong air force 1 is for government business not for the royal family to fly with friends for fun trips to see shit-holes.

    • We who are Christian do not remain silent. Pope Francis has spoken out on numerous occasions. However, there has not been a peep from Christian churches in the USA.

      • The pope has spoken out against the killing if Christians by ” terrorists” or ” extreamists” not the killing of Christians by MUSLIMS…..and he should, he should saybthatbjs is MUSLIMS killing Christians, notvradicals, not extremests, not terrorists, but pious, Quran believing, following Muhammeds example MUSLIMS!!!! Stop pussy footing around, using euphanisms, call a spade a spade! Just sick to death of political correctness.
        I desperately want people to speak up and tell things the way they are instead of being so afraid that they will offend someone or hurt their feelings that they are taking away the freedom of speech from themselves!!! Its as if so many people are afraid thatbthe worstbthing in the world is to say something and be accused of being a racist, an Islamaphobe or whatever, because you said something.

  30. It is barbaric, no human can watch these pictures and videos. I have heard of terrorism but never heard terrorism like Islamic terrorism. Oh God, how can you let these devils live in this earth?
    The US and Western Governments cannot wait anymore. Just start bombarding those places. In the process there might be civilian deaths but at the end evil would be wiped out.

  31. How much longer are we going to allow this shit? I am all for isolationism and against Imperialism etc., but I have always believed the United States has a moral obligation to assist those in need. It is time to put an end to this.

    When ISIS makes the mistake of trying this crap in the US, especially the deep south, and they will….it will be open season.

    • USAF vet, aren’t you sick and tired of losing American lives in defense of muslims? We can kill them here when they threaten us. Let the muslims take care of the problem in muslim countries. They hate us either way.

      • I don’t think Muslims want to take care of this “problem”. It’s good you’re exposing it. I think the only way to get rid of this is constantly holding Western Muslims feet to the fire and not let them explain this away. They can’t do it forever before we just go back over there and take over again and again and again.

      • I don’t care if they murder each other due to the fact that I don’t consider muslims “human”. But when they murder Christians and Jews or atheists, Buddhists, or any other peaceful people, I got a problem with it. When we do nothing and we don’t even protect our own borders, it is most definitely coming as right now, The United States looks weak and quite frankly, with the current POTUS, it is.

      • But the Muslims are not just taking care of their own problems in their own regions: they are also expanding into Christian and other non-Muslim areas. Especially most of Africa is Christian, but these African Christians are not sufficiently armed and trained to stop the coming onslaught. This is why you are only partly correct: although we should not intervene in Muslim areas, it is important for the US to help the Christian territories that are under siege.

      • I agree, cannot do a thing until the grub in the white house is gone. How the hell can he be trusted not to give up information to the enemy? He is the enemy. I’m absolutely flabbergasted he got elected not once, but twice. WTF!!??

    • You are going to allow this shit to go on as long as you have a Muslim in the White House and keep on voting for people like him, who follow him and associate with him.
      He’ll be gone soon but do NOTvote for Hillary.
      Vote as far right as you can.

    • Too bad we can’t just do something to guarantee that all non-Muslims have firearms. If we could then they’d at least be able to go down shooting when attacked by Muslims. The Muslim attacks on Christians or Jews would stop really fast if the victims always went down shooting and always killed Muslim attackers any time they were attacked.

    • Your government doesn’t care about US soldier’s life … I have worked with ISAF alongside U.S. Army.. It’s all about politics … NATO invaded Islamic countries in the name of peace but they did nothing except making enemy and was a fail and total disaster…