NEW JERSEY: Did Muslim terrorists place a statue of a person in Muslim garb holding an assault rifle at a Hindu-owned gas station?

Considering that Muslims have slaughtered approximately 80 million Hindus in the world, it is reasonable to assume that.

17556241-mmmain  Burlington City police are trying to determine if a crime was committed when someone left 3-foot statue of a figure holding a gun in some bushes near a gas station Friday night, police said. “It shows a person that could look like its wearing Middle Eastern garb, possibly a burqa, and holding an assault rifle,” Sgt. John Fine said Monday.

The statue was found near the corner of Route 130 South and High Street, outside the Burlington Gulf Station, Fine said. Police were alerted by a resident who contacted police after seeing a video of the statue that had circulated on Facebook. As of Monday, the video had about 15,000 views, Fine said. 

Police spoke to the gas station owner, Gurmeet Singh, and station employees Saturday morning. None had any knowledge of the statue or how it got there. The statue was placed far away from the employee area and out of view of the gas pumps, Fine said.

Fine said the statue had only been there a short time and there was no indication that there was any harm to the business. “We’re trying to determine if this is a hate crime or not,” Fine said. “We want the community to know that we stand with Mr. Singh and his business.”

The Burlington City police posted a photo Saturday on the department’s Facebook page of officers and the gas station management shaking hands.