NOT rescuing Muslims who left America to travel to Yemen – the first good thing Obama has ever done

They were warned countless times by the State Department not to go to Yemen, then warned again in February to get out if they were already there. Yet they chose to stay, and now are demanding that Obama use the U.S. military to rescue them. So far their demands have been falling on deaf ears.

Obama wouldn’t rescue 4 Americans including an ambassador and a Navy SEAL in Benghazi, why should he rescue you?


CNN  Muna Mansour  is from Buffalo in upstate New York. Her family is among the dozens of Americans caught in the crossfire of warring parties in Yemen. And although many other countries evacuated their citizens, India most notably ferrying out around 5,000, the United States has said it is too dangerous for them to directly evacuate American Muslims.

“I was there when the Indians picked up 200 of their people from the port. It was embarrassing. We were just sitting there waiting for someone to come and say ‘OK where are the Americans, let’s pick them up,’ ” she said. “I called the Riyadh embassy,” she adds, referring to the U.S. Embassy in neighboring Saudi Arabia. “I told them there were about 75 families here waiting at the port. My family has been waiting there for two weeks. We ran out of money, we ran out of food.”


The State Department said it is too risky to conduct an evacuation of citizens from the area. “We have to make a decision based on the security situation and what is feasible to do,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said earlier this month. “And given the situation in Yemen is quite dangerous and unpredictable, doing something like sending in military assets even for an evacuation could put U.S. citizen lives at greater risk.”

A group of U.S. organizations, including designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination League, have filed a lawsuit against the State Department and Defense Department over the government’s stance on evacuations.