UK MUSLIMS plead not guilty to setting up a stand on Oxford Street in London to hand out pro-ISIS (Islamic State) leaflets to shoppers

Shah Jahah Khan, 62, and Muslim convert Ibrahim Anderson, 38, both from Luton, each deny charges of inviting support for the banned terrorist organization.


UK Daily Mail (h/t siegen2)   The court heard that the charge relates to an offence on August 9 last year, when the pair are alleged to have handed out leaflets about ISIS on the busy shopping street. Anderson also denied one charge of possessing information likely to be useful for the preparation of or carrying out an act of terrorism, when police searched his property in December last year.

‘Although the leaflet doesn’t mention ISIS in Iraq or Syria, an expert in Islamic studies has concluded the only circumstances the leaflets could possibly be making reference to are the declaration by ISIS and its leader of the establishment of an Islamic State last summer.


‘The leaflet sets out that Muslims have a duty to further the causes of the caliphate. ‘One of the men was challenged by members of the public as to why he was handing out leaflets calling for support of this organization.  ‘He responded by saying in general terms that non-believers, or Kafirs, should be killed.’

Anderson and Khan remained standing throughout the hearing, ‘in accordance with their religious beliefs’, defence counsel Tony Lodge said. Senior district judge Howard Riddle granted the two men conditional bail and they will appear at the Old Bailey on May 15.