DEMOCRAT MUSLIM Congressman honors Muslim woman for setting up a branch of designated Islamic terrorist group CAIR in Minnesota

HONORING LORI SAROYA: February 12, 2015, Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) honored Lori Saroya in the Congress for her leadership and advocacy efforts in promoting the Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR in Minnesota.


Star Tribune  Says Ellison: “Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Lori Saroya for her contributions and tireless efforts in promoting justice, civil rights and mutual understanding among the Minnesota Islamic community and all peoples of faith. As Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) Mrs. Saroya has been at the forefront of building coalitions and improving Muslim relations across the state.



  • Recognizing a lack of Muslim civil rights advocacy groups in Minnesota she decided to fill the void. In 2007, she co-founded the Minnesota chapter of CAIR. The organization has quickly become a powerful voice for Muslim civil liberties and advocacy across the state. CAIR-MN successfully fought for and won the establishment of the Abu Huraira Islamic Center in St. Anthony, MN despite misguided local opposition. CAIR-MN asked the Justice Department to investigate, which led to a negotiated agreement with the city and the opening of a magnificent new center for gatherings and prayer.
  • In 2014, Mrs. Saroya along with members of CAIR-MN led the first ever Jewish-Muslim Youth Day at the Minnesota Legislature. This ground breaking interfaith program trains students on successfully engaging in dialogue with legislators on the pressing issues of racial profiling, immigration, and safe schools. CAIR-MN has become the go-to legal source for those in the Muslim community. Since 2007 the organization has provided hundreds of Muslims with free legal aid and has become a driving force in fighting unlawful discrimination and bullying in work, schools, and the public sphere.
  • Thanks to Ms. Saroya’s outstanding efforts and hard work, CAIR-MN has immensely benefited the Muslim community in Minnesota. I applaud Ms. Saroya’s extraordinary work in advancing the civil rights of the Muslim community and fostering a more vibrant and culturally understanding Minnesota. On behalf of the people of Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, I wish you continued success and impact in your future advocacy work.

A little information about this Hamas supporter for jihad, Keith Ellison, Muslim convert and US Congressman:



Ellison accused the U.S. of breeding terrorists by somehow persecuting Muslims.

“The reason that we are susceptible to violent extremism is because we have not deepened opportunity in our country enough. Now it’s true that, certainly, economic deprivation makes people susceptible to being lured and seduced. That’s a fact. But it’s also true that not only is it economic deprivation, although it is certainly part of it. The other part of it is social deprivation as well and legal deprivation as well,” he said.

That Muslim terrorism is America’s fault is a frequent theme in Ellison’s speeches. In 2009 he said that “violent extremism with a Muslim veneer is essentially a post-colonial reaction” (i.e., a reaction to Western colonialism of the past) and a manifestation of a “political environment rooted in grievance.”


Ellison tried to downplay Islamist violence last week by suggesting it was on a par with religious violence committed by members of other faiths Islam may only enjoy a near-monopoly on violent extremism but it is very close to cornering the market outright. Outbursts of violence from the occasional deranged Christian are outweighed by the tens of thousands of atrocities committed every year in the name of Islam. No other religions have such bloody track records in the modern era.

And although Ellison may now say he believes Muslims should be held accountable according to law that didn’t seem to be his position in 2008. In a radio interview that year he urged listeners to support University of South Florida professor Sami al-Arian. Al-Arian confessed to conspiring to supply goods and services to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group that carried out numerous suicide attacks on Israel. Al-Arian supports suicide-bombing and is known to have chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” at events. After two jihadist suicide bombers murdered 18 people in Israel in 1995, al-Arian referred to the killers as “two mujahidin martyred for the sake of God.” He was recently deported.


Ellison also thinks that law enforcement goes too hard on his fellow Muslims. The police should be more gentle and restrained in their investigations, he suggests.  In Ellison’s view it’s not fair when FBI agents pose as terrorists and work with would-be bombers in order to put them behind bars. Perhaps Ellison would be happier if FBI agents sat at their desks and waited patiently for terrorists to turn themselves in.

When Ellison won his first congressional election on Nov. 7, 2006, at his victory party several of his supporters shouted “Allahu Akbar!” which is the traditional battle cry of jihadists.

ELLISON insisted on being sworn in to Congress on a quran
ELLISON insisted on being sworn in to Congress on a quran

Ellison was a longtime member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He described Farrakhan as “a role model for black youth,” “not an anti-Semite,” and “a sincere, tireless, and uncompromising advocate of the black community and other oppressed people around the world.” He is also a regular at events sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), two groups the Department of Justice has identified as co-conspirators in terrorism financing schemes benefiting Hamas. 

It’s not that Ellison is actively plotting attacks against the United States; he’s making things easier for Muslim terrorists. He’s enabling them. He’s got their back.