Designated Terrorist Group CAIR strong arms LA public school into replacing accurate teaching materials about Islam with lies and propaganda

15795758_8028937685405463688_o-vi1Despite being named to the UAE list of designated terrorist groups, and exposed by the FBI for its terrorist ties, Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group, CAIR, welcomed a dangerous decision by an Orange County high school to stop distributing academic materials that provided historical facts about Islam and the decision of the publishing company to replace them with updated, whitewashed materials supplied by CAIR.


CAIR  In February, the parents of a Muslim Orange County high school student reported to CAIR-LA two handouts entitled “Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah” and “Explaining Islam” that were distributed to 11th grade world history students as part of a lesson on Islam. The lesson included historical information and discrepancies and was framed in a manner that perpetuated stereotypes (stereotypes grounded in historical facts).


Both handouts drew faulty conclusions about Islam and about the Prophet Muhammad. The handout called “Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah” includes an excerpt from a 1979 TIME magazine article, which provides misleading and inaccurate information about the prophet and is written in a condescending tone.



Similarly, the handout “Explaining Islam” had misleading and inaccurate information about the concept of jihad and the sectarian split following the Prophet Muhammad’s death. Topics of terrorism were also introduced to the students without prior discussion in class, likely causing students to falsely conflate terrorism with Islam. Like this?


CAIR-LA notified the school using the materials and the company that had produced them about the inaccurate content. Both the school and the publisher responded quickly to these concerns, ceasing distribution of the materials and agreeing to print updated, accurate content. Like this?


CAIR-LA will continue to work with the parties involved to ensure accurate information on Islam and Muslims is being used in school curricula. Like this?


“We welcome the quick response from the school and the publishing company and applaud their commitment to providing students accurate information on a topic about which misunderstanding and stereotypes abound,” said CAIR-LA Senior Civil Rights Attorney Fatima Dadabhoy. “Such bias in the curriculum exposes Muslim students to contempt and ridicule among their peers and subjects them to unnecessary marginalization.” (Justifiable bias based on documented Islamic beliefs)



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  1. The arrogant American-hater parents of a Muslim Orange County high school student reported to CAIR-LA two handouts.

    America, what infidel American parents think is no longer regarded as relevant. Wanting the truth to be taught to your students is NO longer allowed.

    The school authorities no longer runs and controls the school. The school is now totally run and controlled by MUSLIM immigrants and terrorist linked CAIR.

    Lying and deceiving for totalitarian, colonialist, imperialist, supremacist, racist, barbaric Islam is now practiced to honor the commands of mass barbaric murderer and huge sex slaver, Mohammed.

    Is terrorist-linked CAIR threatening the school personnel with death if the school doesn’t OBEY CAIR?

    The FBI must immediately investigate.

    The entire nation must take to the streets and protest vehemently that the school is now controlled by Muslim parents and terrorist linked CAIR.

    This must not be allowed to stand.

  2. The truth is the truth. Let the violence that makes up 90+% of the coran verses speak for themselves. Simply keep repeating the 129 violent verses from the coran to tell the truth about the violence of islum. A muslum will not say the coran is not true. So simply read the verse and ask if what it says it true because the coran is always true.

  3. Why do people back down to CAIR? Surely not because they’re a legitimate organization–between their documented terror-ties and their history of jailbird employees…they’re anything but respectable or legit. So, it’s all about lawsuits?

    What if this school district, for instance, accepted the challenge and ended-up in court? CAIR would have to prove that the material in-question was not factual. But…it IS factual–it’s in their books–who can deny or disprove it? Do muslims really want to put their religion on public trial–and risk losing–with the precedent that would set?

    Yes, litigation is expensive. But somebody, somewhere has to stand-up and stop this nonsense…don’t they? One legal loss for CAIR would be huge to stop their crap.

    Of course…if CAIR has the right state and local officials in their pockets? And, if facts don’t really matter in our courts? And, no one has the resolve to “afford” it–whatever it takes? Then, guess we can just get used to the idea that CAIR will dictate curriculum. And speech. And dress. And…

  4. The only reason these assholes are exerting their influence is because they’re being allowed through pc.
    Parents should be up in arms against this but, unfortunately, they’d have get up off their couch, put down the Cheetos, and speak in their kids’ defense.
    Kalipornia get’s exactly what it deserves. I just with the San Andreas fault would let go and rid us of this liberal pariah.

  5. Wow! Now these assholes are pushing their nazi-like propaganda down the throats of school administrators! These schools need to take control of their own curriculums,and tell the truth about Islam.Why is CAIR being given so much freedom to dictate what is taught about Islam in schools,anyway? I guess the truth can hurt! Too damn bad!

  6. William Lucas Harvey Jr. says

    April 22, 2015 at 8:19 am

    To those who may call the “AFDI free speech victory”, such as “What bigoted garbage!”, may I remind them, as to “Bigotry”.

    1. Islam and Muslim’s WILL themselves, “Blaspheme” and “Degrade” ANY NON Islamiic Faith, Religion, or Prophet with their typical expected Impunity, while themselves Playing the “Victims”.

    2. Islam IS attempting to enforce “Blasphemy Laws”, to “Criminalize” ANY speech, about Islam, the Qur’an, or their Prophet Mohammed, which exposes the TRUTH about Islam and Muslims.

    3. However, on the other hand Islam and Muslim’s feel that THEY have the Allah, Mohammed and Qur’an given “Duty” , to FORCE Islam on the entire World.

    4. Islam and Muslim’s WILL utilize Islam’s “Grand Deception” (called Taqiyya and Kitman) – the Islamic acceptable “Art of Lying and Deception”, to advance the cause of Islam by gaining the trust of Infidel non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them , OR if the “Deception” is NOT achieved, then through Forced “Jihad” Holy War.

    5. Islam and Muslims feel that Islamic Law (which IS Antithetical to the United States Constitution), superseeds the Laws of ANY Country, even America, in which the Constitution IS the Supreme Law of the Land.

    A FEW of MANY available Links:–islam-doctrine-of-deceit-to-further-islam

  7. i didn’t see any inaccurate information and as far as marginalization goes islam hasno one but itself to blame for preceptualization problems