UH OH! TV show ‘The Real’ panel of leftist feminazis accused of ‘Islamophobia’ for banishing Muslim bagheads from front row of the audience

According to a complaint lodged by designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), the show recently discriminated against two Muslim women wearing hijabs (headbags). In February, the two women allegedly attended a taping of The Real and were asked to “move out of camera view during a show taping.”


LBScott  According to the complaint, their banishment from the front row was “in accordance with studio policy.”Fatima Dadabhoy, Senior Civil Rights Attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations Los Angeles branch, released the following statement.

“Warner Bros. has no legal justification for removing the hijab-wearing women from the camera’s view. No studio should maintain such a discriminatory policy that prohibits people wearing religious head coverings from being seen in its studio audiences. It’s especially baffling that this particular show would want to hide their visibly-Muslim viewers, when the show purports to cater to a wide-ranging audience with its diverse cast.”