BOKO HARAM joins ISIS and will be known as the ‘Islamic State in Africa’

NIGERIAN terrorist group Boko Haram has changed its name to ‘Islamic State in West Africa.’ following its affiliation with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


ABNA  Boko Haram pledged its allegiance to fellow terrorist group, Islamic State (ISIS) in March 2015. ISIS accepted the pledge and encouraged members to extend operations to West Africa. The group is said to have released new photos of its members and announced its new name.

Over the last six years, Boko Haram have killed thousands and kidnapped hundreds in a battle to establish an government in Nigeria.

"Sorry, Moochelle, we are NOT bringing back 'your girls'"
“Sorry, Moochelle, we are NOT bringing back ‘your girls.’ We have already sold all of them off as sex slaves. We are hoping to capture your Sasha and Malia in the near future'”

Meanwhile the military said on Thursday it was still advancing in Boko Haram’s last known stronghold, dismissing reports that land mines had forced them to retreat.

A pro-government vigilante and a security source had earlier said troops pulled back from the Sambisa forest after three vigilantes were killed driving over an anti-vehicle mine.