Rev. Franklin Graham to Muslim crybabies: “If you can’t support the U.S. military, leave America and go live in a Muslim country

In response to the University of Maryland’s decision to cancel a screening of the hit movie ‘American Sniper’ because the school’s Muslim Students Association (MSA)* objected, calling it “Islamophobic and nationalist,” Reverend Franklin Graham said the sniper, Chris Kyle, “was an American hero” and Muslims who don’t think so should get the hell out of America.


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CNS  In a petition it sponsored to halt the screening of the film, the Muslim Students Association said “American Sniper,” which has grossed $541.3 million worldwide so far, is “war propaganda guised as art [that] reveals a not-so-discreet Islamophobic, violent, and racist nationalist ideology.”

Franklin Graham, 62, is the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse. He frequently speaks out against the intolerance and dangers of radical Islam and the genocide of Christians in the Muslim world.

*The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is one of several terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood front groups in North America