ISLAM = NAZISM…And the Conservative party in Denmark has declared war against ‘Nazi Islam’

Finally, a political party in Denmark with the guts to say ‘the emperor has no clothes.’ “Islam and Nazism are in the same family,” says party chairman Søren Pape Poulsen and Parliament candidate Naser Khader.

party chairman Søren Pape Poulsen and Stop Nazi Islam poster
Conservative party chairman Søren Pape Poulsen and Stop Nazi Islam poster

Jyllands Posten  Politicians are awakening to the fact that there are a lot of votes to be gained by not being afraid to criticize Islam.  The Conservatives’ controversial new campaign and declaration of war against ‘Nazi Islamism’ has leftists and Muslims in an uproar on Facebook. But Søren Pape, leader of the Conservatives, who admits that ‘Nazi Islamism is a strong word to use’ –  states that ‘Islamists and Nazis basically share the same mindset’.

The Conservatives are really popular today. And while party chairman Søren Pape Poulsen has launched a new ad campaign with a number of political issues, the one that has gained the most attention is the one whose theme is“Stop Nazi Islamism.” 

Muslims in Denmark
Muslims in Denmark

The party’s chairman Søren Pape Poulsen and parliamentary candidate in Aarhus, Naser Khader (K), believe that there are great similarities between the extreme Islamism and Nazism. Therefore, the party will now say a clear ‘to “naziislamismen”.

JP ask Pape “What caused you to pull Nazi card?” Your ad mentions nothing of the majority of the world’s Muslims who practice Islam in peace. Your ad has only a heading that says Stop Nazi Islamism.” 


“The headline should make that people will want to hear a little more about what we mean. And that’s it, we will fold out all the places we possibly can get to it,” replies Pape.

He acknowledges that “Nazi Islamism” is a strong word to use. But he wants Conservatives to put the peaceful, Danish Muslims on the defensive, because the extremist Muslims and peaceful Muslims share the same, often violent and hateful beliefs found all over the quran. 

“They have hatred for the West and hatred of the Jews in common. Islamists use the same argument for their hatred of Jews that the Nazis did – the stamps them as subhuman and destroys cultural objects because they are considered evil.”

In this video, Denmark Muslims threaten to behead the elderly:

JP: Can you imagine any Danish politicians who are in favor of what you call “the Nazi Islamism”?

“No, but there may be a difference whether you want to go and be so neat and correct, as you have been for many years or whether they will put their foot down. This is about to say clearly that there are things, which means more conservative than others. It is an important value for us to take this showdown, “said the chairman and emphasizes that there can be a” proper debate “about the subject before you call things their proper name.

Terrorist-linked Hizb-un-Tahrir marches in the streets of Denmark
Terror-linked Hizb ut-Tahrir marches in the streets of Denmark

JP: The media usually ridicule people who “pull the Nazi card,” saying they have lost the argument. Are not you worried about that?

“No, we are running a special campaign over the next three weeks and this is just one of the things we focus on. I think it’s important that we are not trying to be politically correct and are calling things by their right name.”

The Muslim action:

Muslims rioted over publication of Danish Mohammed cartoons
Muslims in Denmark and all around the world rioted over publication of Danish Mohammed cartoons

The Danish Reaction:

The politically correct response to Muslim violence over Mohammed cartoons
The politically correct response to Muslim violence over Mohammed cartoons

JP: Do you use also the term to provoke?

“Yeah, that sometimes you have to shock people a little before it gets their attention. We could also have stood and held long talks about this, but I am quite sure that a word like Nazi Islamism course gives attention and hopefully it gives us the opportunity to tell you what we mean by it. “

In a letter to the editor in today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune  Pape and Naser Khader elaborate the concept of “Nazi Islamism under the heading” Islamism and Nazism is in the family. “


“Our choice of words is not taken out of thin air. Part of Islamism DNA is hatred of Western democracy and hatred for Jews. It has been possible to look at the two terrorist actions committed in Copenhagen and Paris. The first went for democracy and then the Jews, “wrote the two and continues:

“The Islamists are using even the same kind of argument in their hatred of Jews that the Nazis did in his time. They cut off the people they label the people.” Nazi Islamism as “the greatest danger we face today.”


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