Collateral damage? What collateral damage? Civilian homes become ISIS breeding grounds.

A new photo has emerged that shows an infant next to a hand gun and grenade and draped in a blanket with the sinister symbol of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. These kinds of photos appear to represent a growing trend of support for the Islamic terrorist group in and around the Middle East.


Raqqa-sl  The image was posted on Twitter by an anti-ISIS activist in Syria with the message: ‘What will happen with this child?’ Abu Mohammed, an administrator for Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RIBSS)‎, believes the baby is the latest in a line of children being forced to pose next to weapons by their jihadi parents.

The image appears to have originally been posted on the Twitter account of an ISIS sympathiser whose other posts include The image comes days after another RIBSS activist posted a picture of a baby sleeping next to a grenade, a handgun and what appears to be a birth certificate.


It was uploaded by Abu Ward Al-Raqqawi, a self-proclaimed ‘founder of the Syrian revolution’, with the warning: ‘This child will be risk to you not just to us’.   The images bear strong similarities to earlier ISIS propaganda which attempt to radicalise the next generation of jihadis.


The post says the newborn child is called ‘Jrah’, while its mother’s name is ‘Om’ and its father’s name is ‘Abu.’ It claims the certificate next to the baby is an ‘ISIS issued ID for a child.’ The image was believed to be posted by Al-Raqqawi in the hope of garnering attention to the international threat posed by ISIS.


Australian National University terrorism expert Dr Clarke Jones told Daily Mail Australia the image appears to be authentic. ‘By showing the birth certificate, and the fact that the group are indoctrinating babies, I think ISIS are indicating they will be around for a long time.’


Last September, a harrowing image was released by the group of a baby dressed as a fighter lying on an Islamic state flag next to grenades and automatic firearms.

In August, notorious Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf posted a Twitter image of his seven-year-old son holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier with the caption: ‘That’s my boy!’

syria isis flag

ISIS has made it a policy to groom children to take part in jihad, brainwashing them from a very young age.

Online propaganda is an integral part of this process, with the group using scores of social media accounts to disseminate their messages to youths around the world.