SOMALI MUSLIM WOMAN: “If more Muslims would read the quran, more Muslims would leave Islam”

MonaWalterSomaliExMuslim“Allah is a god who hates and Islam is NOT a religion of peace,” says this Somali woman who is now an ex-Muslim.

Vdare via TROP  Mona Walter, an ex-Muslim living in Sweden who left Somalia for Scandinavia as a refugee, says she read the Koran for the first time and discovered the truth of what Islam is about. Her search eventually led her to Christianity, but her mission is still with Islam, namely to tell Muslims what the quran really says.

“It’s about hating and killing those who disagree with Islam. It’s about conquering. Mohammed, he was immoral. He was a bloodthirsty man. He was terrible man, and Muslims can read that in his biography — what he did to Jews, how he raped women, how he killed people. I mean, he killed everyone who didn’t agree with him,” she explained.

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  1. When one comes into the house of God, there is celebration. We celebrate u lady. May the love of God fill u n be with u in this mission….Can somebody say Ameen!

  2. To the somali woman,”NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!” Read the fine print on the book
    before u commit. truth NEVER tells you to lie.

  3. I genuinly hate islamists but what the fuck is US army doing in Syria supporting the Al Nusra front? Hillary Clinton admitted that US gov and Saudiarabia created the Taliban movement in Afghanistan to run the Russians out of the country back in the 80-ies…now they are supporting another islamist group influenced by Saudiarabian hanbali imams…Crazy. 9/11 to be repeated?

  4. If Muslims have not yet read the Koran, why are they so eager to force us to be familiar with the Muslim customs? Surely they should be forced to read the Koran before we are forced to visit the local mosque?

    If reading the Koran causes half of them to convert to Christianity as a result of reading the Koran, we can convert some mosques back to Methodist churches.

    If half of them join ISIS as a result of reading the Koran, then at least we will be able to draw the battle lines.

    Let us see who is for us and who is against us.

    • It appears from what the ex-Somali ex-Muslim woman implied is that what made her abandon Islam AND convert to Christianity, was not simply learning what the Quran says, but also the fact that she learned about the culture of the Western civilization (which includes Christianity).

      This is why new immigrants should be obliged (as part of the immigration law, punishable by deportation if they don’t cooperate), to study the culture of their adopted Western countries which includes Christianity, Judaism, and even Buddhism. When they realize that the other religions have much better ideas both in terms of human rights and a functioning society that causes less poverty and misery (than their feudal system which caused them to experience so much poverty), then, and only then they would start abandoning Islam. Note that even in the most secular and even anti-Christian Scandinavian countries, even the “socialist” economic systems are actually Judeo-Christian ideas re-formulated in more modern language, and the Muslims are in Europe precisely because of the Judeo-Christian ethics that give foreigners full equality despite their different cultures, which most Muslims won’t.

  5. What a bunch of intelligent people we have here. She hated Islam because she read the Quran for the first time. However, I saw no proof of her assertion anywhere in the write up. She should have, at least, outlined what she read to educate the people. I sincerely saw no message in the post and the multitudes are celebrating her courage to speak out. Against what, I did not see. Is it the mind set? Clear hatred for Islam and what it stands for? The Quran says truth stands clear from error. The Quran is an open book, read it for yourself with objective reasoning and you will never regret having such a wonderful opportunity. What I read in the post is a clear blind accusation with no persuasive or reasonable argument. Oh I wonder, of the billions that profess Christianity, I wish to know the percentage of those educated among them that understand the religion in its true language. Tell me what percent? Only through translations that could not be trusted 100%. With manuscripts of the word if God still being discovered, I wish to know how complete the religion is. Interpretations, editions expunging certain areas and adding others. I am keen to see what truly drove her out of the religion of truth and of common sense.

      • Very typical, all I need are corresponding examples which you failed to present, albeit woefully. Similar instances of people like you from the ancient abound in the Holy Bible. See they see not neither do they comprehend. What is so alien in the Quran that you find to fall out of reason? Is it to worship one true God, to be dutiful and obedient to your parents or to obey those in authority in as much as they don’t command you to partake in Allah’s disobedience. These are principally what the Quran enjoins the believers to observe. I advice you, read it with objectivity and you will never find the lies you were fed in there
        Of course, your ignorance of the contents of the Quran is very evidenced in the way you talk and also present your arguments. Your assertions are complete opposites of the Quranic contents.

        • You are an idiot, how’s that? I don’t have to prove what’s in the filthy quran to you. You know exactly where the hundreds of violent and abusive parts are. So get lost. We don’t want muslims here pushing their usual lies and propaganda.

        • Do u read the same koran as isis/bin laden/jihadi-jon…or is your copy upsidedown. Go punt your twaddle 2 asswipe chowdownmary & his merry band of imam idiots…allan snackbar

    • I read the Quran. I read all the stuff about hating and killing the unbeliever, all the stuff about how the unbeliever is treated worse than Muslims. I read the stuff about jihad and slavery. Did you somehow manage to miss these parts?

      Did you manage to miss Muhammad’s biography? All the killing, robbery, rape, genocide he committed? These are the actions of a fraud, not a spiritual leader.

      If you love this stuff so much, I hear that ISIS is recruiting. Their backward animalistic behavior is exactly like Mohammed’s behavior, which means they are the most compliant Muslims out there.

    • I know enough about Islam from reading just a few sections of the Quran to know it’s anything but peaceful. Islam is just a codified social system from the 7th century Arabian peninsula, and the Quran is its guidebook.

      Do you know what the 7th century Arabian peninsula was like? It was populated by a bunch of warring tribes who were largely Illiterate, a society we’d consider savage and backwards by today’s standards. Islam is just a codification of rules these warring tribes were supposed to follow, and it’s all in the Quran.

      A social code that dictates non believers are worth less than believers, that girls can be raped as soon as they start menstruating, or that the wives and children of slain enemies can be taken and sold into slavery is not something sane people follow in the 21st century. And don’t get me started on all the hocus-pocus nonsense…. Did you hear Mohammed flew on a celestial steed from Mecca to Jerusalem in ONE NIGHT!?!? Then he ascended TO HEAVEN!?!

      Give me a break!

      Islam is nothing but lies, and Mohammed is the snake oil peddler.

    • Why would anyone adhere to a religion that was founded on conquest and terror. Mohammed was a warlord who conquered and killed millions of people because they didn’t believe as he believed…Islam has been responsible for over 250 million murders since it’s inception. As Qu’ran being a book of peace, there are 109 passages that order the faithful to slay those who don’t convert to Islam. Why would anyone believe a book written by a blood thirsty warlord. Mohammed was a killer who bullied his people into believing he was the word of God. Muslims should read Mohammed’s writings of the Qu’ran and take into account that Mohammed killed anyone who disagreed. He reminds me of what Hitler did to his own German people. …obey my word or die. Do Islamist really think that Allah hates everyone that does not believe in Islam. My God is a God of love..he loves and cares for all His children…and yes I am Christian and no I don’t hate Muslims….I just think they are misled and the bloody warlord..Mohammed is still spreading his evil through his own word…not Allah’s (Gods) word.

    • What are you saying? That Allah didn’t have the foresight to see that the majority of the world’s population doesn’t speak Arabic? This argument is baseless.

      So, your Qur’an can’t be translated effectively into another language, and somehow that is a shortcoming of the non-Arabic speaking population, rather than an indication of the fact that Islam, like all other religions, is man-made, fallible, and inaccurate.

      One would think that an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing deity would be capable of revealing his word to everyone at once, in their own languages, on a regular basis, in a manner that doesn’t leave anything open to question. A true deity who loves its creation wouldn’t leave us in such a situation, and then blame us for the situation it created and stuck us with.

      No, your deity, Allah, is just as man-made as every other god. Your god is imaginary, and it’s only through man’s own ignorance that his “message to his Prophet” is still being spread.

      You are free, of course, to believe whatever you want. But the rest of us are free to call you ridiculous for doing so. And when we do, you have no right to respond with violence. And when you do, you lose your right to call yourself the victim of oppression.

    • I don’t trust her words, but the facts is true as she said. Most unrest have been committed by muslim terrorists. I wonder what they are inspired or lead. Why do muslim prefer violent in resolving conflict?

      • Conflict resolution is not involved. Islam is permanent war, it divides the world into Dar ul-Islam and Dar ul-Harb. War continues until Dar ul-harb is entirely subsumed.

        ‘Slimes are motivated to wage war by belief in Allah’s imperatives, threat & promise. Fight them until, sit at home and go to Hell; go to war and go to Paradise.

        They prefer intimidation & stealth, but resort to Jihad to intimidate prosepective victims and enforce their extortionate demands.

  6. What an impressive lady. She’s brave, intelligent and beautiful in every way. Very much reminiscent of another outstanding African lady: Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

    I pretty-much (generally) put Somalis at the bottom of the dumpster of human garbage. Mona Walter is a wonderful–and powerful–exception…

  7. Although I’ve seen it a number of times, I’m still amazed over how people even look different after they get Islam out of their brains.

    • Yeah I’ve noticed that.

      Suddenly the harshness and hostility to all other beings vanishes and they become normal fucking people. No longer do they look at you with cold compassionless eyes.
      Hell they even smile from time to time and greet you in the street.

      They also look MUCH HAPPIER, once that mental poison has been let go of.

  8. I have my favorite ‘hate’ versus from the quran written down in my wallet so I can read them out whenever somebody tries to tell me that Islam is a religion of peace. It is a very effective way to debate people.

  9. Mona Walters, like Bonni and Geert Wilders and so many others who have spoken the truth about islam, has been viciously threatened by muslim thugs (as she recounts in this video), yet she still continues to tell tens of thousands the truth about islam.

    Mona Walters on why Islam should NOT be respected –

  10. Actually, contrary to what this ex-Somali ex-Muslim woman said, at least in Arabic-speaking Muslim countries (where the language makes it possible to understand what the Quran without relying on translations even for illiterate people since there are sermons to listen in every neighborhood, and what the imams say are directly from the Quran and other Islamic teachings without distortion), most people are quite familiar with what Quran says, but despite this knowledge they still want to demote non-Muslims to second class citizenship. On the contrary, I would argue from my conversation with a lot of Muslim students in American universities, many of the well-educated and not very observant Muslims like the ideas in the Quran precisely because these are supremacist ideas and they feel good about themselves when they are told that they are superior! 🙂

    Moreover, although a significant percentage of Muslim women (who are supposed to be passive and obey what men say) might nonchalantly afford to be ‘lazy’ and neglect reading or even listening to the sermons about what the Quran says, most male members of the Muslim population are more active and they are certainly familiar with the ideas even if they are illiterate, since they listen to the imams who do follow the Quran literally, especially when they are flattered due to their superior status as males.:)

      • In other words, t is not that they don’t know what the Islamic teachings say: the supremacist aspects that are found in the Islamic teachings, are fertile ground for new Jihadi membership, because it is profitable both psychologically for people who have low self-esteem, and also in the more ordinary sense in terms of gaining economic and political superiority, by confiscating the property of non-Muslims.

        Thus, “educating” them about what their book really says, will not be sufficient because most of them know what their book says:)

    • Yes, you are correct. Arabs have accomplished very little historically except killing and conquering people, burning books, and destroying things. So they don’t have much to show for themselves in modern times. All the modern buildings and technology in Arab cities are things they had to buy or pay foreign infidels to build for them.

      So they cling to Islam because it tells them that they’re some sort of special superior people despite all the evidence to the contrary.

      This is like alcoholism becaus the Islam they cling to is the very thing that destroys them and keeps them weak and ignorant. They will never improve until they reject it.

      It should be easier for black Africans to reject it because Islam has traditionally enslaved them to Arabs. That’s nothing to feel good about so it makes sense to reject it.

  11. If I were a wombman …. I would be very proud …. of this courageous woman …. and she’s so sweet …. and polite …. what’s not to love ?

  12. According to the Quran …. Arafat’s widow …. should be stoned …. for stealing …. all the aid money …. we gave them for …. singing lessons !

  13. Thank You Bonni!! She is a very BRAVE Women who now knows the TRUTH!!

    The FALSE PAGANISM OCCULT-IDEOLOGY of islam is not a religion!! The FALSE PAGAN moon god allah-satan is NOT a god!! The FALSE prophet muhammad was a PEDOPHILE / CHILD MOLESTER / RAPIST RACIST / MURDERER of JEWS and CHRISTIANS / EXTREME PATHETIC LIAR!!!

    Only JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY is RIGHT as we have the same GOD who art in HEAVEN!!

    Am Yisrael Chai Forevermore!! SHABBAT SHALOM Everyone!!


  14. Most moslems are illiterate and have very weak cognitive skills, probably from 1400 years of inbreeding. This is why moslems foam at the mouth when islam is criticized, some bearded crotch imman tells them to react, and they react. moslems are totally void of any and all reasoning powers.

    The quran is such a forgery and a canard
    That anyone with an 8th grade education would come to this conclusion once read.
    Because moslems feel that muhammad is the” perfect” model and he had someone scribble in his quran, to marry your first cousin,this vicious circle will never end.

  15. Very powerful – What a fine, admirable woman – I’m very happy to welcome her to any Western country

  16. Wow, someone actually read the fine print and decided they didn’t want any. I think there’s a lesson here.

  17. I imagine there is a multitude of “Muslims” that feel this way, maybe millions across the globe, but are afraid to either push for religious reform to something resembling sanity or to leave their communities. Muslim women in MENA are simply incapable of that as they’re effectively the property of men with no resources of their own.

    This is a singularly courageous woman, not only for leaving the great death cult but for speaking out about it. Thats a double death sentence back in sharia land.

    Makes me wonder if there are groups that rescue people from Islam like the ones that rescue brainwashed cult members. There should be.

  18. The first problem is that 70 to 80 % of Muslims are illiterate, ignorant and poor because of Islam. They get their instructions and the fear of hellfire from the mosque.

    • This too. Kinda like how the pedophile-warlord Mohammed only found his first following among illiterate nomadic primatives while he was rejected by the educated people of the time. There’s hundreds of millions of the same illiterate sand monkeys across MENA who would hate the west, because their pathetic non-existence is our fault, no matter what a hard look back at their own history reveals , and would be willing to kill and die warring against us whether it was a “prophet” or a rainbow colored unicorn-goat telling them to.

  19. This is so encouraging. I wish the best for Mona Walter. Only 1. 6 billion more to go. She’s right, once you learn about Mohammed – who he was and what he did – you have to wonder how anyone could want to be a part of that.

  20. How come she read the Koran for the first time? surely women are allowed to read the Koran? Are they allowed to read the Koran? can somebody answer me?
    I am christian, but from living and working in both arab countries and Israel, I speak both Arabic and hebrew..but dont know if the muslim women are allowed to read the Koran..

    • I believe nearly all muslims memorize the entire qur’an in classical arabic as a requirement. But not all of them read it in their vernacular language. They rely on their imam to interpret it.

      Here’s another thing too. Muslim women aren’t required to attend mosque. Just the men. So they must not really have any idea what it says.

      • Just over 30 years ago, while stationed in Turkey, I was studying with a 21 year old university student from southern Turkey. Eventually he became a Christian. His family was middle class. They had an apartment somewhere in the city, but his parents and grandparents each had an abode on top of the small soda pop bottling company. One day this young man and I came to their place. The grandfather was sitting on a stool outside the plant reading the Quran aloud in Arabic. The young man said to me, he doesn’t understand a word he is reading. Muslims are taught that the Arabic Quran is the only true Quran, thus they must read it. Understanding it , evidently is not important.
        Uthman the caliph after Mohammed died, determined one copy of the Quran was correct in Arabic and that it alone was the acceptable Quran. In 653 ordered all others copies / versions be destroyed. Note one man determined what he thought was right. What credential did he have? None other than his own subjectivity. Now over a billion people follow that edict, except most can not or have not read it, they are nominal Muslims like most who call themselves Christian who have never read, let alone study, the Bible.

    • From what I understand, outside of Arabic speaking countries, the usual issue is that in poor countries the Quran is only available in “Arabic”. (At least one researcher believes that it’s actually supposed to be a mix of Syriac and Arabic written in Arabic script but it gets read as though it were supposed to be all Arabic.) The justification for the lack of translations being available is that the holy language of Arabic is the only true form of the Quran so it “can’t be translated.”

      It seems more likely that the real purpose of this idea is to keep people ignorant and dependent on imams (many of whom may also be unable to read Arabic and thus are just making stuff up.) This is very convenient for arbitrarily controlling people.

      So if there were any qurans available they were probably Arabic only. So she probably didn’t know Arabic and wasn’t able to read it until she got somewhere with translations available.

    • The language of the Koran is not the same as modern Arabic, it is 1400 years behind changes in vocabulary and idiom. Most literate Arabs would have trouble understanding it and would need a tafsir to help them out.

      Strict Wahabis would require the woman to perform wudu and wear white cotton gloves when touching a Koran and would not permit her to touch it during menses.

      The last statistic I saw was that 17% of male Muslims and 13% of Muslimas have read it.

  21. She is a hero for exposing the islamorealist truth. Hopefully she will receive much funding to spread her message.

    Ex-Muslims are the best of people!

      • 3 fatwa against me :
        While people say im a “dead men walking” , i feel very alive any time i m going against them .

        Resist , destroy and put islam to oblivion guyz ! thats the only way we can stop this shit .

  22. Barack Hussein Obama and his regime; Britain’s Labour and Conservative Parties want to silence all voices that warn and tell the truth about Islam and terrifying Islamic persecution of non-Muslim innocents.

    Obama blocks Iraqi nun from describing Christian persecution
    ‘Critical voice to awaken Church in West’ denied visa


    America and Britain were once great nations that believed in free speech.

  23. “Ninety per cent of Muslims have absolutely no idea about the Koran”.
    I.Q. al Rassooli, Iraqi ex-muslim, Islam scholar.

  24. I am glad there are those that find the truth and good she like many others put their own lives at risk to spread the truth.

    As much as one wants to snuff out all Muslims there are those that have not known what is written in the Quran and the love of Jesus Christ.

    Just remember there is a big difference between the Jesus of the Quran and Jesus of the Bible. Never let a Muslim say they are the same

    Two good videos to watch with Jay Smith.

  25. “Ex-Muslim: Qur’an revealed a religion I did not like”.

    Good for Mona Walter to have the stamina to tell the TRUTH, even with the False slurs of “Islamophobia”, in which the charge of ‘Islamophobia’ is only used to silence people.

    The Qur’an Reveals a “Religion” a Philosophy, and a “Prophet”, that is so brutal in it’s Words and Tenets, that ONLY Islam and Muslims can “Appreciate” it.

  26. This may be true. That’s why they prefer their populace illiterate, especially the women. Tell them anything and they’ll believe it because they have no other point of reference. Also why they forbid music, movies and anything else that would allow them to be informed. Also think that’s why so many low achiever westerners go there .. Fifth grade reading level pretty much guarantees you’re at the top of the food chain. Until you can’t read the labels on your explosives. I LMAO every time I watch their blooper videos. We should give them some more modern weaponry and we won’t have to fight them. They blow themselves and each other up all the time. Reminds me of a group of monkeys that find something new and play with it. No offense to the primates, but it is hillarious! Better than any Disney has to offer!

    • When I lived in Libya, we were told about the Muslim efforts to build a train system in the country. They had 2 trains, in different cities, and started them on their maiden journeys. BUT, the trains crashed in to each other, as they had only built one track.

  27. I’ve been telling people this again and again. Its so true. May God bless this woman.

    Its the idiots who’ve said they read it and still believe islam is as good a religion as any that I have a problem with. I’m still working on them though. There is always hope.

  28. This is a great story, encouraging, I am glad this was posted. Makes my day. This is a lovely and brave woman.

  29. Hence the prohibition of literacy & education of women in islam,which is reserved 4 so called clerics – satans apostles & the ultimate anti Holy Bible..namely The Evil Koran…which in hindsight was written/narrated in complete opposition to counter The Holy Bible in every aspect possible.
    The primary difference being the complete omition & denial of the one word that connects mankind to good from bad/evil…namely LOVE.

  30. This beautiful woman may never really know how happy others are that she “saw the light”…and how thankful to the Lord we are for His grace and love. Pray for her safety as she works to show others the truth.

  31. God bless and protect this extremely courageous woman.

    Please God, surround her with your Holy angels always. Thank You, God. Amen.

  32. Good for her ! But I think it’s still a fact that a lot of the headbangers and butt wavers that Obama is forcing on America can’t read more than a few words. So they must depend on what that saliva coated bearded mutton molesting “holy” man tells them.
    At least now days he can tell them it’s OK to use toilet paper.
    OH Goodie !

  33. OMG, this turns the world on it’s ear! There are muslims who THINK?

    Who’d have ‘thunk!’

    • As soon as she started thinking about what she read in the Quran she immediately became an ex-Muslim.

      If a Muslim starts thinking then it leads to being an ex-Muslim. Muslims know that so they frequently say stuff like “thinking is just the devil talking to you”. Muslims online told me that when I was talking to them just after 9/11.

  34. Thanks for posting this. I’ve always said the first step in awakening people is to address the issue of Mohamed. Muslims don’t like to hear this but it must be done.

    • Yes, teaching the truth about Mohamed is the Key. At least in the Western Muslim areas, in the Middle East, its UN-teachable. The killing and love of death is rooted to deep.