MUSLIM FOOTBATH JIHAD: Reason #137 why you should NEVER hire a Muslim

8426626856-viAUSTRALIA: An anonymous building worker has sparked outrage by placing a sign on the men’s toilet of a Sydney city office block in an attempt to ban Muslims from washing their feet in the sink before their daily prayers. The sign, which has a cartoon of a man with one of his feet in a sink and surrounded by a circle with a slash through it, was placed on the door of the men’s toilet of an office block on Pitt Street, in Sydney’s business district.

UK Daily Mail (h/t BCF)  The sign is believed to have gone up on Wednesday, just days after a building worker queried one of the shop workers who use the toilet.


Mohammad Faisal (photos below), a business student who works 20 hours a week in the convenience store, told Daily Mail Australia that Dhuhr and Asr – two of the five daily prayers required by his religion – fall during his 10am to 4pm shift at the shop.

The 26-year-old Pakistan native, who is studying in Australia to fulfill his late mother’s dream, said earlier this week he went as usual to the first floor men’s room to do his pre-prayer ablutions prior to Dhuhr, the prayer just before midday which currently falls at 11.52am.


He said that, as was the custom, he washed his hands, his mouth, his head and his neck, as well as his arms, and then placed his feet one at a time into one of the men’s rooms’ two sinks.

‘I have done it when you bring water from the sink down to the ground to wash your feet, but it makes too much of a mess, it is not clean and it makes the floor slippery and dangerous,’ he said. 


He was washing his feet when a man he didn’t know entered the men’s room and asked him what he was doing with his foot in the sink. ‘He said “what are you doing” and said “I just washed my feet” and he said “okay” and left.

‘Then yesterday this sign went up. I don’t know, maybe he put it up because he didn’t like it. I don’t like to blame anyone. At first when I saw the sign I smiled, but then I thought why did he put up this sign, is it meant to mean we are not to do our ablution. ‘But I must do ablution or I cannot pray. It’s about being respectful to my religion.’


Mohammad’s boss, contacted his boss who alerted Muslim community advocate Zaky Mallah, outraged at the apparent attempt allegedly by the one of the building’s workers to prevent working Muslims from using the sink for their ablutions.

‘This country has freedom of speech but that cartoon is racist and it is taking freedom of expression too far,’ Mr Mallah said. ‘When was it a crime to wash up in a men’s room for Muslim prayers? It happens everywhere around the world.

Paul Culbi from Jamesons, the strata managers of the building, said the cartoon was ‘racist, defamatory and a breach of owner corporation guidelines’. ‘I would like to say that this racist item is against guidelines and I will be making a report to the owners,’ he said. ‘Apart from being a breach of guidelines to place anything up like that without owners’ permission, it is racist.


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  1. yikes those feet are nasty.i would hope that after washing feet they would clean out the sink. aren’t they allowed to cut their nails? i guess a fatwa needs to be issued for that
    many years ago I used to work in a fast food restaurant and i always hated cleaning the men’s restroom because it was always dirty. i would always go in there several times a shift to keep it clean

  2. Hi, Duke!

    I’ll bet that, like myself, you’re a fundamentally decent person–you know, based on CIVILIZED values and principles. But, I’m way past the point of “decency” with these criminal scum. There’s no moral high-ground here–it’s winner-take-all–and the bad-guys don’t play nice. Losing everything we hold dear is not an option. So, we can’t play nice, either. Not what we wanted–not the rules we would’ve written–but that’s the game that’s been FORCED on us. So be it!

    Go ahead, muslims–keep pushing us, keep pissing us off. You’ll see just how “uncivilized’ we decent folks can get!

    Nice to chat, Duke–take care, OK?


  3. They make portable foot massage/baths. Muslims should be FORCED to carry one with them. THAT is the only CIVILIZED compromise that makes not only sense, but protects us all from the ‘uncleanliness’ that they are trying to wash away with the baths in the first place. Because, you KNOW that the Muslims don’t disinfect the sinks when they are finished. UCH!!!

  4. We give in to this, and the worst is yet to come! According to their ‘Holy’ terror manual, they ought to use water to wash their behinds after doing business. If water is not available then three larges pebbles it is. The day is not far off, when washing their feet in the sinks is not what we would be discussing here!

  5. He never told the guy he was washing his feet for prayer. So how the hell would he know that the guy put up the sign because of religion? Maybe the guy just thought washing feet in sinks was gross in general. F’ing supremacist.

  6. They can wash their feet in the toilet. Some places are being forced into putting in foot baths at tax payer’s expense. We were concerned that a hair dressing salon was being run by a muslum looking male, using the name scott. We checked his face book and guess what a viralent muslum lover of isis and so on. Needless to say we have told everyone and now boycott the monster’s business.

  7. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll see this picture in my head for the rest of my life of this filth washing their feet in HAND BASINS! Pure filth and must not be tolerated. Not that I’m one for using public toilets at the best of time, but what McDonald’s, service stations etc.. Be aware … Muslims could have been there!

    • I use sanitizer a lot and generally won’t touch door handles with bare hands (use my sleeve or a paper towel) – guess I’m borderline phobic. And this sort of story doesn’t help!

      • Being “phobic” never hurt anyone. I do the same. You just never know who picked their nose or scratched their ass before touching the door handle or carriage bar. It grosses me out going shopping. You also never know who handled ANYTHING.
        “Money” is the worst disease spreader of all. If you ever ran cash, you’d know….

  8. The entire presumption in that story is that Westerners are being unreasonable by not accommodating the absurd practices Islam requires. It’s always OUR responsibility to solve the problems THEIR religion causes THEM, isn’t it?!

  9. I really do TRY to control; my language here…but his is so offensive, so un-hygienic, so arrogant, so in-your-face inconsiderate…that I can think of only one proper response:

    What? How fucking DARE you put your filthy, smelly muslim FEET into a wash-basin used by CIVILIZED people to clean their HANDS and FACES! Get ’em out of there, NOW! Or, the next bath you’ll be taking is in that toilet over there…and it won’t be a foot-bath…

    This over-the-top, low-life muslim shit (on top of everything else they defile) is simply unacceptable…

    • Geo…

      It’s hard to stay civil when you’re dealing with these things, ain’t it?

      They tend to suck decent, normal, people down to their level.

      Methinks it’s one thing we’re going to have to get used to if we hope to eradicate these swine…we’ll have to throw all our moral convictions and the high ground out the shit house window, and get down to their rotten level to win this thing…it won’t be easy, but it HAS to be done.

      It’s also very difficult for me to understand just how gutless and cowardly the vast majority of people are in dealing with them.

      • Had, is that supposed to be for me? “Finally got to me?” They “got” to me a long, LONG time ago. That’s why I’m here. And, that’s pretty disappointing if you were in doubt about it…

        • No doubt whatsoever, Geo. I was just being sarcastic in seeing you “lose it”. You’re, normally, reserved, as you said it yourself.
          No worries; I’m 100% with ya!
          In fact, there are many times that I’ve held back on my comments simply because you’ve beaten me to it…lol

  10. Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.'”

    The Pakistani Muslim said, “It’s about being respectful to my religion.”

    Islam gives no respect and shows NO mercy to non-Muslim innocents.

    The Quran is filled with commands to Muslims to commit satanic atrocities, mass barbaric murders and eternal war against non-Muslims. The commands are permanent for all time.

    It is impossible for non-Muslims to respect horrifying, anti-human, anti-God Islam.

    LIBERTY GB: Freedom and the West
    …..’In 2011 Sheik Abu Ishak Al Huweini at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected university in the entire Muslim world) proudly told his brother Muslims that it was their duty to engage in violent jihad and that one day each Muslim would have 3 or 4 white Western slaves.’….

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    Famous John Wesley (1703-91) wrote,

    “Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world, the espousers of it…have been as wolves and tigers to all other nations, rending and tearing all that fell into their merciless paws, and grinding them with their iron teeth; that numberless cities are raised from the foundation, and only their name remaining;

    that many countries, which were once as the garden of God, are now a desolate wilderness; and that so many once numerous and powerful nations are vanished from the earth! Such was, and is at this day, the rage, the fury, the revenge, of these destroyers of human kind”.

  11. Muslim totoiletarianism needs to be banned. Nobody of any other religion needs to do all this extreme stuff to follow their religion.

    As all ex-Muslims know, ISLAM IS NOT A RACE.

  12. Question, again : What are the indicators? If, as we are, one is barred from asking questions during the hiring process, how does an employer know who is and isn’t muslim? If it was race, it would be obvious, but it’s not. Outside of the bump on the forehead, how do employers protect their business from being forced into this claptrap? Schedule interviews during prayer times? How? If it was racist as they continue to whine, it would be easy, but given their propensity towards deceit, how do we outwit them? In the town closest to my home there’s an Egyptian Family that own a Christian Bookstore. They’re definitely NOT muslim! So, how do we ensure that their children are privy to the protections of citizenship without continuing to fall prey to this muslim bs? Anyone? I’d really like to know.

    • Well, since Islam is not a race it’s difficult to tell unless they say something. The family from Egypt that I knew growing up was atheistic and the father went to school in France. None of them were named the usual names that involve Islamic references like Mohammed, anything starting with “abd”, al Kitab (“of the book”, a reference to the Quran). Their family background may have been Coptic for all I know. And you could have people named Mohammed or Abdullah something who have effectively renounced Islam but just not felt compelled to change their name.

  13. Strange they don’t do ablutions when taking up public space outside. Employer should put a hose on a concrete slab outside for his ablutions.

  14. Muslims can pray at home and in the mosque.

    Can these infidel fools and DECEIVERS for Islam explain to the public why they deliberately LIE and call the Muslim religion/cult a race?

    Strata managers of the building, said the cartoon was ‘racist’. Apologise to the public now for your despicable lie. Everyone is sick of lies about Islam.

    Islam has nothing to do with race. Muslims are the cruelest racists on earth. This horrifying fact must be strongly protested by all Western governments, media, human rights organisations, churches, schools, colleges and universities.



    May every slave be free one day!

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

  15. I was just thinking…(P)isslam was created in the desert with not a lot of water around, especially when the creeps where on the run to steal, rape, butcher the innocent infidels and water was a precious commodity. When and how could they wash their stinking feet 5X/day before prayers ?It seems almost impossible. Maybe they do this now amongst the infidels to prove they can do it and to irritate them- and it is allowed…. Just a thought. I read they blow their noses also….pretty gross…
    In the desert they use sand or 3 stones to clean their arses….Ouch!No wonder they are always angry. Recently an iman said it was ok to use toilet paper…Before , it was un islamic.

    • Yes you are right. Where in the desert could have mo and his gang of thieves found water to wash their feet? It just shows that taquiyya is inbuilt in their DNA.

      • Oh, Mohammed has that covered …he supposedly got a revalation saying that if there is no water that can use dirt, or earth!!!!

  16. That is nasty as hell go an wash your feet in the toilet you sorry nasty Moslem,or go back to one of your Shit hole Moslem country’s get the Hell out of our country.

  17. Holy wow, I would like to get copies of that sign and put it up all over the US, especially those towns like Dearborn (home of Ford!) where there are now more mosques than churches. We are letting this happen, letting our very cherished freedoms prevent us from seeing the truth. Why can’t this guy, who after all has a job, go to a major store, and for less than two dollars, buy a plastic foot tub? Fill it at the sink, sit on the commode (more comfortable, too) and wash those smelly toes all he wants? He mentioned the parts he washes… does he also wash his balls and ass in the sink?

  18. Yes, an archaic and outdated practice that needs to be outlawed. Back when muhammad (piss be upon him) his crazy followers had to wash the camel shit off of their feet so as not to soil the inside of their tents so they could have sex with 9 year old girls and not camel shit. muhammad (piss be upon him) also had followers drink female camel piss and camel milk for medicinal purposes, a ritual that is still practiced to this day in moslem countries. That is islam.

  19. They are all about making a big show of everything they do to rub their so-called religion in everyone’s faces. There’s no reason why he couldn’t use the toilet bowl to wash his feet and the stall would offer some privacy. Come to think of it, the toilet bowl is a more fitting place.

  20. I have seen first hand how these stinking muslims live in the stench ridden filthy rodent infested countries they live in, they make a mockery of cleanliness, try visiting Pakistan, morrocco, libya, yemen sudan etc just shitholes…even Turkey is a shitheap of a country, dirt and filth, cockroaches and vermin everywhere..these people are themselves vermin, Its a good job I wasnt in that toilet to see him wash his stinking muslim feet in the bathroom….Also the technical and proper name for the article this scumbag wahse his feet in is called a WASH HAND BASIN…NOT A FUCKING MUSLIM FOOT BATH.
    I would have told him that people wash their hands and faces in these basins, and its not very hygenic for him to be washing his stinky muslim feet.
    I hate and despise these filthy vermin muslims.

  21. These filthy scums have no respect. One can imagine how disgusting the sink, tap and surroundings must be after splash stinky feet water all over. I have seen some of them wash their feet without even taking their socks off! How clean can that be?

  22. I sit here shaking my head thinking…….Is there NO end to the Muzzies filthy practices INTRUDING in other people lives?????

    Dirty feet that could be harboring God knows what fungus’s, plantar warts, ect… swishing all over the sink AND the plumbing fixtures that other people have to handle.

    Isnt this a hygiene issue????? Bring in a small container YOURSELF for your own damn feet you barbaric cretin.

  23. How disgusting. Just shows how far Islam is down the evolutionary ladder. If any Australians, or anyone else thinks this is just lovely hygiene, they are putting themselves lower on the ladder. Hate to think what the headbag women do in the toilets. What race is Islam again? Was Naziism a race,too? Looks like we have a problem here of very low IQ people.

  24. What if, theoretically speeking, there were a religion or cult that requires to wash one’s DICK five times a day? Would that be accepted in a working environment? I sincerely hope not…
    I mean, it goes without saying that are certain borders as to what is allowed on the work floor and in public toilets and what is simply not acceptable. Right? Or are we so politically correct or scared nowadays that we accept ALL the crap that muslims come up with?

  25. Here we go again, it’s racism. It’s always racism, or so they claim. They always sing the racism song, which has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Why don’t these cretins pray at home? WTF you have to pray FIVE times a day for? They have been contracted to WORK, not to pray. So, NEVER hire a muslim. After all the difficulties these morons cause on work floors all over the world, how is it possible anybody in his right mind would hire one? You must be really desperate if you offer a job to one of them religiously messed up people.

  26. 5 foot and head and shoulder washings …. 5 prayer sessions …. regular pee and poo breaks …. 2 coffee breaks …. lunch break …. in a 10 to 4 shift …. when does his “highness” find time to wait on customers ? Raise the sink another foot or two ?

  27. I worked for a company in the UK and was responsible for health and safety. The company has Muslims working for them and one of the most common complaints brought up was people washing their feet in the sinks in the restrooms. It is unhygienic and dangerous and disrespectful to expect non Muslims to wash their hands in the same place. It’s us that should be offended for being expected to accept this behaviour in the workplace!!

  28. Well, how else can you refer to them? It has to be either SAVAGES (proper name) or a race! I don’t like to refer to them as “people” or “nation”. Oh wait, maybe….”SPECIES” yeah!!! NO NO NO, usually species are animals, and the savages ARE WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY BELOW THE ANIMALS!!!

    Washing their filthy body (mouth, face, head, arms, feet…..) in a washbasin???? CRAZY, they may as well carry a portable shower and do it on the street!

    I’d never ever open a business just because you’d HAVE to hire them or they’ll complain to Equal Employment whatever. Then once hired….oh hohoho, they’ll pray 5 times in company’s time! Then, you’ll have to tell your other employees, you know, the normal people, to be careful not to offend them, and a thousand and one other of their disgusting attitudes, and acting as the owners of our country of America and giving us orders!!!!!! ONLY BECAUSE THE AUTHORITIES ARE ALL A BUNCH OF DISGUSTING COWARDS. Sigh…..

  29. I have attended TAFE colleges in Oz on and off for a couple of decades and now for the first time one college has the following notice in the ladies’ toilets – ATTENTION PLEASE DO NOT WIPE MUCOUS OR OTHER BODY FLUIDS ON THE WALLS USE THE PAPER TOWEL PROVIDED! No prizes for guessing who that is aimed at!! 😛

  30. people need to understand that Moslems do not repeat do not need to pray at work or out and about in the western world. They can catch up with they prayers at home. People need to educate others about this as they are always saying its they religion blah blah blah to pray. Yes they can pray at home. So sick of Moslems demanding prayer facilities when they dont need them. Just more Islam in our faces.

  31. What a filthy, inconsiderate thing to do. Go wash your feet somewhere else, preferably in ANOTHER country ya mongrels!

  32. I’m being rather crude here but as they are not supposed to use toilet paper, I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be washing their arses in the sink next or are probably doing that already!

  33. What part of “hand basin” do these fuckwits not understand?
    My hatred towards these people continues to grow exponentially.

  34. Another terror raid in Melbourne. I hope us Aussies wake up before it is too late. The authorities can’t keep catching them. Eventually one will slip through the net. Time to end immigration and crack down on welfare and funding of mosques etc. Before it is too late. Happened in a suburb close to me. Should be charged with treason.

  35. Another question I would ask is Qui Bono? which translated means Who benefits from this? The Muslim probably set up that poster to claim discrimination.

  36. These Muslims are so DESPERATE to live according to the “Dictates” of Islam, Allah, the Qur’an, and Muhammed, and their so called “Religion” (which is a ‘Religion’ NOT), that they WILL Refuse to abide by the Basic Rules of “Sanitation” and “Personal Hygiene”, in a Public Accommodation, much less the Laws of ANY Country.

    Please DO Wash you Stinkin’ Muslim Feet, probably encrusted with “Crud” from your latest act of Bloody “Jihad” Butchery – but in YOUR OWN sink !

  37. What “race” is an inbred Paki muslim who probably has a stack of first cousins in his ancestry ? Is he a race unto himself ?
    No matter, whenever anyone disagrees with the barbaric practices and customs of muslims anywhere, it’s RAAAAAACIST.
    After all the Pakis, and the Syrians and the Libians, and all the rest of the Arabs are , along with the muslims in the Congo, just one race, right ? ?

    • Let me in on a secret…Muslims DO NOT! believe in all that CRAP…meaning Koran…(except may be for new converts)…the reason they are doing what they are doing is THEY ARE WINNING!…which means more of FREE stuff from infidels…plus they get to rape infidel women and inflict pain, thus exercising “control” over infidel bodies…(something they enjoy)…the list goes on…but I repeat again…THEY DO NOT BELIEVE in Kora!n…(Secretly they drink alcohol and eat bacon and on and on and on…it’s only when they are on TV…they make themselves “holy”.