Woman with Service Dog refused service at Toronto Middle Eastern (MUSLIM) restaurant


pur86bc538028041e73-viKaye Leslie and her guide dog Jordan were on their way to meet family for lunch Sunday when nephew-in-law Steven Lewis called with a surprising message: an employee at Paramount Fine Foods was refusing to seat the group because the golden retriever couldn’t mix with its barbarically slaughtered halal-style food.

The Star  Lewis said he requested a table for four with a “bit of extra space” for the guide dog at the Middle Eastern restaurant and bakery on Yonge St. The unidentified employee told Lewis and his wife Leah, Leslie’s nice, that dogs weren’t allowed in the near-empty restaurant.


“I said, ‘No, it’s a service dog. It’s a guide dog.’ He said, ‘No, this restaurant’s halal, you’re not allowed in here with any dogs,’” said Lewis, a onetime Toronto resident who was in town for the weekend from Muskoka. 

All businesses licensed by the City of Toronto must provide service to people with service dogs, according to the city’s licensing bylaw. After learning about Sunday’s incident from the Star, Paramount Fine Foods CEO Mohamed Fakih said “Probably it’s a single mistake from a junior employee,” he told the Star on Monday. (Yeah, sure it is)

Kaye Leslie and her guide dog Jordan

Kaye Leslie and her guide dog Jordan

Fakih said he was unaware of a link between halal food — which is prepared as prescribed by Muslim law — and a ban on service dogs or dogs in general. 

Leslie said she was shocked to receive the phone call from Lewis on Sunday, though she’s been discriminated against before because of her guide dog. She has previously taken a few Muslim taxi drivers to court after they refused to pick her up.

“It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does I think, ‘What year is this?’ I think, ‘Wow, we’ve really come a long way, but we’re not there yet.’ It never ceases to surprise me.”


How food is prepared doesn’t factor in to the city’s bylaw, said John Decourcy, director of bylaw enforcement at the City of Toronto. “Everybody should have access to all the licensed premises that Toronto has, regardless of what they’re serving,” he said.

If a person with a guide dog is refused service, Decourcy encourages them to call 3-1-1 and lodge a complaint. Every complaint is investigated and, if there is evidence to support a charge, a ticket of up to $500 can be issued. The city will investigate Sunday’s incident, he said.

“Regardless, even if he works there, he should be educated in what the protocols are.”“The reality is, if people don’t want to serve you with your dog, they will find some excuse.”




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  1. Actually the best response is the to kick the Muslims out of the country. Then turn that place into a Dave and Busters.

  2. I am much more ashamed that majority of Indian restaurants in London are run by Muslims.I humblely appeal to all my BNI UK readers please don’t mock Indian Indian foods bcoz they are apparently very tasty and most of the dishes are Veggie.I want to tell all my Londoners that they should at least visit GOVINDA’s VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT at Soho Square.Trust me you will have very good time there.As well,there is no Muslim around,so,no problem.Sikhs do come therethere,but don’t mock them please.Regarding Pets,you cannot have meal with them but they had made some special arrangements inside,with cats,when I went there last time.Lastly,Never visit any Muslim restaurant becoz I have heard from my friend that they had served him with bad food.

    • Actually, Indian food is my favorite but in the places I have lived in the U.S. pretty much every Indian restaurant seems to be Hindu or, more rarely, Buddhist. Almost all of them here have Hindu artwork on the walls.

    • Also, nobody is suggesting that animals should normally be allowed in restaurants. In fact I believe it would be a violation of the health code in most places. Restaurants aren’t allowed to slaughter their own live animals for food in the restaurant either because of risk of contamination with that process.

      There is a special exception for things like seeing eye dogs because they have thousands of dollars of training so they’re extremely well behaved. At restaurants they’re usually trained to hide under the table laying on the floor the whole time so people don’t notice them that much.

  3. Everyone with a service dog, in that city, should try to enter that restaurant, then sue the shit out of the place when they are refused entry.

    • What people should do is what the muslims do, show up at any muslim place with a dog and demand that they should be let in. If not sue them that is the way they operate. Like wearing head scarves going to Wonderland a place where they go on rides. Knowingly the chance a scarf could get caught, just so they can sue if it should happen. Go to their Mosque refuse to take your shoes off. They refuse to let you in cry discriminationl They purposely go out of their way to be the opposite to get their way to change things, and that is how the devil works. To change our country. And of course our politicians BOW to all of their wishes, and thats how they take over. Look at all the mosque going up not just in one country but, all country. They should not be allowed one to go up. Go back to muslim land if this is the way you want to live, either abide by our rules or else leave. This is what the politicians should be saying. But they are such yellow-bellies, and gutless. They should be denied entry into our country instead of being allowed to destroy it.

      • My first and only thought. Do all the halal places with the service dogs and then sue the hell out of them for humiliation, offense, distress, discrimination and the list goes on… just follow their example.

    • I rather go to a Restaurant where dogs are allowed but Not Islamists!
      Beside the only victims in our Western societies, real or imagined are the perennial screamers of Islamophobia (whatever in the Hell that’s supposed to be).

  4. So sick of this shit. Carry a copy of the bylaw, shove it in the face of any restaurant or business that refuses you service, videotape the refusal, post it online, call the press and announce a boycott and protest campaign. Organize a day (al quds is popular) and time when the restaurant is busiest and protest out front with lots and lots of dogs.

    Not that I patronize the halal businesses. I actively boycott the scum.

  5. What do blind Muslims do …. they just wander around the desert …. hoping for some Medjool dates …. to fall on their heads ?

  6. Muslims hate dogs. Muslims murdered a lot of dogs in Europe causing great grief to their non-Muslim owners.

    Wherever there are Muslims, no humans or animals will ever be safe.

  7. The great question: What were they doing eating Middle Eastern food in the first place when the odds are that it will feature tortured to death meat.
    I have stopped eating lamb because it’s really hard to find American lamb in any stores.
    Usually, all you can find is marked “Product of New Zeland.”
    All processed lamb from New Zealand is halal slaughtered. I have not seen any of these products marked to be halal. They can keep it ! The same for any Butterball products. Unless things have changed in the last year or so, A butterball spokesman, a couple of years ago, said that all of their products were halal slaughtered.

  8. Dogs are beautiful animals, mans best friend. Islamic hatred for them demonstrates the satanic nature of the vile false prophet and his cult.

  9. Who would want to step in a filthy potential food poisoning crap hole restaurant owed by a Mohammedan? No thanks.

    • Who indeed!

      Apparently many readers missed the comments here on BNI, accompanied by a link to a newspaper clipping of muslims in England who were selling cakes (I think) over which they had sprinkled human (?) feces.

      Surprised? You shouldn’t be—we are talking muslims here!

  10. I am happy for them to discriminate against me going into their filthy restaurants as long as I can discriminate against them in every other aspect of my life.

  11. Major difference between Canada and California. In Sacto. there are lawyers, disabled themselves, who have a very lucrative practice. They do nothing but troll businesses searching out violations of the ADA and filing lawsuits. Sadly, a number of places that were part of the landscape for decades were forced out of business because the upgrades were too costly. Don’t they have any of those types in Canada? Is it possible that that’s what she was doing? Either way, hope she goes after them for all she can get! If it was the other way around we’d be barraged with this for days, racist islamaphobes, blah, blah, blah! Blind white woman ..just a “mistake “. Yeah, right! I’d never eat anything prepared by them. Something personal about sharing a meal with me. Don’t want anything that their filthy hands have touched. When muslim nursing and med students want to be excused from hand washing, does anyone think that their cooks wash their hands or sanitize work spaces? No thank you! One microbiology class too many for me to want to eat anything that those mutants touch!

    • Emma, even if I had no problem with the ideology (which I do, to the say the least!) I would still never go to one of their restaurants for the reasons you cite. There are just too many stories, not just here on BNI but elsewhere, about the unsanitary and gross habits of some of these … people. Eating food prepared by them? Ewww!

  12. She’s been refused service by Muslims before, and yet she still wants to go to a halal-only restaurant? As vindicated as I am that “diversity is our strength” Toronto is actually taking this seriously, shouldn’t this woman have learned by now that Muslims are not her friend? Pssst, Leslie! It’s not just a few bad apples spoiling the bunch! This is Islam, full stop!

      • I do and I investigate further and ask questions about the business and figure out if im dealing with Muzturds or Christians from the Middle East. And if its the first one bye bye no thanks. The later no problem will support their business.

      • Good point, Bonni. But being physically blind shouldn’t also mean being mentally blind. Some are just doomed to be stupid. But then, of course, maybe I’m assuming too much….lol

          • I’ll give you that, Bonni. You’re right. With the media suppressing anything mozlem-related, I should have considered that but didn’t.

            Where I don’t have cable, and rely heavily on i-net news sources, I’m left in the dark about being “left in the dark”…so to speak.

            Thank you for correcting me.

      • That is the point. Nobody understands Halal and what it means and how it’s barbarically slaughtered. It’s a major problem and kept far too quiet!

      • All great points….just last year I unknowingly ate halal….. I’m still upset over it.

        We were leaving after eating at a Indian Restaurant and I was taking the togo menu and there it was….. “Halal” right on the menu. i thought I was going to be sick.

        Now, every time we are checking out a new Indian restaurant on our travels I check.

      • You will also see alot of restaurants now calling themselves “Mediterranean” rather than “Middle Eastern”. Make no mistake, they are muslim, even if they include Gyro on the menu.

    • Do you think maybe she is doing this for a reason. It gets in the news. I am all for her pushing this issue. Islamists don’t like dogs. She has the right to have the dog with her wherever she goes. I think she is an activist!!

  13. I need to adopt a dog so I can name it Mohammad.

    Only problem is that I’m afraid if I name a dog Mohammad then it might start acting like a rabid murdering rapist dog even if it tests negative for rabies. Then I’d probably have to have it put down.

    So I think that naming a dog Mohammad would actually be animal abuse. At the very least it would be insulting to the dog.

    • Nimrod I wouldn’t wish that on any dog and would definately put that under the category of animal cruelty naming the poor dog Mohamturd opps Mohammed 😉

    • Hopefully this situation will turn into a true public service awareness !!!

      A winner all around – the family was spared from eating vile, gross, disgusting ‘halal’ food AND some other patrons of this ‘fine food establishment’ (ewww) just found out about it and will put it on their own “no go zone’ list.

      Just goes to show all of us, again, how dogs truly are mans best fiends !!!! by sniffing out the dirty Muslims and protecting US from them and their barbaric practices !!! Good doggies !!!

      On a side note, if I lived near that horrid place I would go there with my “fake” service dog….but loveable and faithful half lab/australian cattle dog…. Sascha. I would sit order something, and then leave after taking their garbage food and putting it in a doggie bag.

      Only to throw it out in the nearest trash bin. It’s not fair to give their gross food to even squirrels or birds…..its already tainted and not safe anyway.

  14. A paltry fine of 500 bucks! The muslime outfit would consider it a cost of doing business! We should all actually boycott all muslime owned businesses just based on principle! Who wants to eat at a place whose meat is not only barbarically slaughtered, but also consecrated to a god other than God? If their religion does not allow them to serve us conforming to legally mandated practice, then we too should think of ways to boycott these outfits. It is simply unconscionable on our part to actually subsidize a jihad on ourselves, which is what we are doing consuming food that has been certified halal.

      • I have been boycotting Muslim businesses and all halal marked foods for a couple years now. I would hope most of you are following suit.

  15. WTF were they going to a ME restaurant in the first place for? (just being dhimmis, I suppose) Serves her right! No sympathies here….

    By rights, and with all that’s going to shit around the world, that place should be VACANT!

    • Exactly my thoughts why bother going to the stink haven potential food poisoning filthy restaurant. You are correct the woman is being a dhimmi by patronaging the restaurant. Its pretty obvious when the restaurant is likely run by Mohammedans. The restaurants usually look like dirty unkempt hovels that have an appearance of being run down. But being blind she would not be able to see it but surely she would smell it. Hopefully she has learnt her lesson.

  16. Love Dogs (I’m a “Dog Person”) they’re “Family” to me, but Muslims of course “Hate” them and take “Pleasure” in “Torturing” and “Killing” them, because the Qur’an teaches that they are “dirty, prohibited animals” because “Muslims all over the world are to regard the dog as a dirty animal that when touched would void the wudu (ablution) and infect the one who touched it with “nagasah” (dirty impurity)”.

    Like “Pigs” too, BECAUSE the Muslim’s DON’T, “He has forbidden you only dead animals, and blood, and the swine, and that which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for other than God.” (Quran 2:173)”.

    Of course, all of this becomes B.S. in the Muslims’ “Halal Slughter Houses”, and in the Muslim’s “Halal brutality – The way how muslims torture animals for Allah “, where Muslims laugh as they abuse and torture animals to slow death in evil abattoir”.

  17. The same thing happens in Australia regarding guide dogs and Muslim drivers. And often the person is left without transport because they sight their religion as to the reason why they refused the person the transportation and they seem to get away with it. Its only the Seikhs that seem to do their job because it is an offence Under the Ant-discrimination (I think) to refuse a person transport because they have a dog., Regardless IT IS against the law and furthermore it is meant to be common for taxi-cabs to be displaying a guide dog friendly sticker . In my area of Melbourne the majority of them don’t.

    • Ive read about this before. Imagine if the cab driver was another religion eg: Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon or an Aussie in general that refused to take a passenger with a guide dog. Imagine the outcry of discrimination and that persons head would be on a platter. Shows like Today Tonight would jump on it like flies to shit exposing the taxi driver publicly. But as soon as its a filthy Mohammedan it all gets brushed under the carpet and no squeals of discrimination against a disabled person are heard. All we hear is crickets chirping and nothing else. Makes me sick how these arsewipes are protected and different rules apply to them and different rules apply to the rest of the non Muzturd population.

  18. Time to shut this place down and charge everyone with a hate crime, animal cruelty and religious persecution.

  19. Considering their incredibly keen sense of smell, I’d be surprised if the dog would agree to enter the restaurant anyways. There are lots of fine ethnic restaurants who WANT YOUR BUSINESS and who understand that a service animal has a LEGAL RIGHT to accompany it’s master. WALK AWAY…………. your wallet speaks louder than you might think!

    • And that’s what’s so infuriating. Frothing at the mouth leftists won’t say a word about this blatant act of discrimination. Only Christians/Jews are worthy of their scorn.

  20. City of Toronto should fine the owners of this restaurant. Since when a muslim refusing service to a blind person with a seeing eye dog NO A HUMAN RIGHT ABUSE? Close this terror stop now!

  21. I can’t remember whether it was this lady, but a couple months ago a blind woman and her dog entered a restaurant and she was told to leave because of her dog. In Ontario blind citizens carry a card that says it is discriminatory to refuse them service. She called the police and the cop told her if he doesn’t want you in his establishment he has the right. Cop was wrong. Next thing you know the police are being schooled on blind persons rights. Way to go Leslie!!

  22. Then BOYCOTT all their restaurants, taxi services and any other business they have. When they come to YOUR restaurant tell them you don’t serve Middle Eastern dogs.