QUICK, CALL THE FBI! “NO MUSLIMS” graffiti found spray-painted on Texas Tech University shield

Is this the so-called “anti-Muslim backlash” Muslims are always whining about every time there’s another Islamic terrorist attack like the one in Garland, Texas?

(Notice the inverted ‘N’ in NO. Looks like the latest attempt by Muslims to make themselves the ‘victims.’ And why is this non-story even in the news?)


KCBD  Crews at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center were busy Thursday morning cleaning graffiti off of the school seal on 4th Street.  Someone spray painted a message on the seal either last night or early this morning. 

Workers had already cleaned most of the paint off by the time our crews arrived, but those who saw it earlier tell us that it read ‘No Muslims’.  The Texas Tech Police Department tells us that the incident is under investigation. 

TTUHSC released the following statement:

“It is a sad day at TTUHSC as we awoke to our beloved seal defaced with “intolerant” language. Such harmful and offensive words truly go against the grain of who we are, as we are here to serve and heal all people. We will not tolerate such acts, and we are working closely with law enforcement. After authorities investigated the scene, our crew swiftly removed the vandalism.”