Just what the Islamic Republic of Michigan needs – MORE MUSLIMS!


As if Michiganistan isn’t already swarming with enough anti-American, anti-Christian, Arab Muslims, plans are in the works to flood Detroit with tens of thousands more Muslim invaders from Syria. (No Syrian Christians allowed)

When US immigration laws were liberalized to allow in a flood of third world immigrants and restrict European immigration in 1965 (thanks to slime ball Ted Kennedy), Muslims from the Arab world and South Asia came to Detroit in large numbers.

While Muslims in Michigan were celebrating
While Muslims in Michigan were celebrating

al-Arabiya The city of Detroit in Michigan was once a city of 1.9 million in 1950. Its population is now 700,000 and is also home to 70,000 abandoned buildings and 90,000 vacant lots. But halfway across the world in Syria, there are millions of Arab Muslims just waiting to turn Detroit into another Islamic hellhole.


Allowing Syrian Muslims to settle in Detroit is a scenario explored by the co-authors of a New York Times article by David D. Laitin and Marc Jahr.

According to the co-authors, a plan to resettle Syrians in the derelict city of Detroit already has the groundwork in the form of Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan’s plan proposed in January 2014 to allow 50,000 immigrants to settle Detroit.

HALAL-ONLY free food banks for Muslims in Michigan
HALAL-ONLY food banks for Muslims in Michigan

The plan to revitalize Detroit was put into place via the creation of a Michigan Office for New MUSLIM Americans.

Free halal food for all paid for by American taxpayers

Laitin and Jahr point out that “refugees resettled from a single war zone have helped revitalize several American communities, notably Hmong in previously neglected neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Bosnians in Utica, N.Y., and Somalis in Lewiston, Me.” (At the same time, driving out thousands of white Christians from those areas)

Christians attacked at Arab American festival in Dearborn
Christians attacked at Arab American festival in Dearborn

Laitin and Jahr say “Syrian refugees would be an ideal community to realize this goal, as Arab Muslims are already an overwhelming presence in the Detroit metropolitan area.”

They also say that “Obama and Congress would have to agree to lift this year’s refugee ceiling by 50,000. The State Department, which handles overseas processing of refugees, would need to open offices at the camps in Jordan and Turkey, determine eligibility and administer a lottery for resettlement.”


They add that, “Homeland Security, which controls the borders, would have to carry out accelerated security checks (virtually impossible). Health and Human Services would need an expansion in the $1.5 billion it budgets for refugee resettlement.”


Critics point to difficulties of assimilation for Muslims in particular, however Detroit already is a mecca for Muslims from all over the world…can sharia law be far behind?


Laitin and Jahr defend their ambitious Syrian refugee resettlement plan by claiming that “resettling Muslim refugees is consistent with America’s moral and ethical commitments; it would send a powerful message to President Bashar al-Assad, the Islamic State and the world about American compassion and ingenuity.”