The Dutch government can deny there is a “sharia triangle” in The Hague, but the video doesn’t lie

NetherlandsSharia-featuredTwo years ago the newspaper Trouw (Dutch for Loyalty) reported on a “sharia triangle” in Hague Schilderswijk, a district with a majority of Muslims and visible signs of Islamic radicalization. Just take a look at the ISIS flags and the Muslims chanting for jihad in the street and decide for yourself.

An independent government commission investigated the matter and came to a conclusion that the journalist had based his stories on anonymous sources and the people he had named could not be traced. The result is the journalist was fired and the 126 articles he wrote on this issue have been deleted from the newspaper database. So I guess that means, stick your head in the sand and pretend the problem doesn’t exist and maybe it will go away.

Roni Stoker